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Stay at home mums have the hardest job and here's why. Watch


    (Original post by snowyowl)
    I was obsessed with Harry Potter as a child (and still am)

    Is that a picture of hedwig :rofl:

    (Original post by ChickenMadness)
    Red one is the only one trying to rank things, while everyone else is pretty much repeating what you've said.
    Generally though, TSR's all 'which uni has the higher ranking?' 'which subjects are the hardest'.

    (Original post by elpistolero7)
    Is that a picture of hedwig :rofl:
    No, it's a snowy owl. Owls are my favourite animal.

    (Original post by Ripper-Roo)
    People underestimate what stay at home mums do. They need to look after themselves (where they usually come last), their husband and their children. Then if they need to work to supplement the household income, they have to work, on top of the housework and running around after children. Hardly anytime to themselves.
    If they have to work, then they're not a stay at home mum.

    (Original post by Tyrion_Lannister)
    And that's okay. But it's also okay to be a stay at home mum
    Of course it's OK. I think working mums have a harder time of it though.

    OP, I think you have missed the entire point of why people were ridiculing you in your last thread. It wasn't because you want to be a stay-at-home mum, there's nothing wrong with that if it can be afforded. It was because you said you wanted to finish your last year of university then not get a job in the meantime, even though you currently have no boyfriend, no husband, and no children.

    Your indefinable logic seemed to be:
    a) If you got a job, you might enjoy it too much (yeah right?); and
    b) You would be able to spend your days looking for 'the one' if you aren't busy working at a job (though you didn't explain how you were going to meet this man given that presumably he will be busy working at his job while you are swanning around looking for him.)

    Hence the ridicule.

    I saw it and when your baby is very young or sick, you have no breaks. Toddlers have to be watched all the time and wake you in the night.You are always responsible. I think it is a good video.

    A mum (stay at home, and working, at various times in her life)
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