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AQA GCSE English Literature Exams - 20th and 23rd May 2013 *OFFICAL THREAD* watch


    - Conflict cluster -

    Most probably been posted before recently, sorry if it has, but this is a useful link I got from this thread a few days ago, so you don't have to go searching.


    (Original post by Ryan075)
    CHARACTER & VOICE: Just write a few words for each: Theme, Language devices, structure and form. And which poem it links to within the section (E.g. Singh Song and Checking Out Me History: They explore the same themes).

    First of all you read the poem, probably twice. Then, look at the whole poem and think: "what is the poem about?". This is the small picture. Is there a plot? Is it like a story? If so, then what is that story? If not, then look at the language used? Perhaps consider who it's aimed at.

    Then, think about the BIG picture. What is the poem ACTUALLY about? How does it relate to society? COMMON THEMES: Pride, Women, Economic Depression, Prejudice & Racism, Isolation, Loss and Death. There are loads more.

    Then look at language devices, structural devices and form. Is it a sonnet (suggests love)? Is it a dramatic monologue? How has space been used (indents used?)?

    Then, analyse the language as normal.

    In the write up: Refer to all of your ideas and link them together.

    N.B. You have 30 minutes on the unseen poetry section. That is about 5 minutes to plan (Yes, all of the above!), and 25 minutes to write.

    Hope that helped! Feel free to reply with comments or PM me.

    Thank you soooo much, greatly appreciated

    Hey guys just need some advice what would you pair these poems up with:

    -Sonnet 116?
    -Born Yesterday?
    -To His Coy Mistress?

    (Original post by Ben-jamin)
    Are you doing foundation, because if so then there is a possibility it may come up, but for higher it defiantly won't appear.
    No and to be pedantic, definitely* But on a serious note, cheers

    (Original post by kateyl)
    1:30pm for me anyway.

    And I never realized that there were foundation and higher poems... does anyone know what the foundation poems for the Characters and Voices cluster are (if that's even how it works)?
    The ruined maid
    Brendan gallacher... Well I got told it was these by my teacher

    Does anyone doing the place poems know which ones won't come up in the exam?

    (Original post by DanyalB)
    Does anybody have any predictions of what poem their going to ask about tomorrow from the character and voice section because at the moment I am just going through all the poems but are their any ones that I should focus on particularly?
    Im pretty much convinced that its going to be either les grands seigneurs, on a portrait of a deaf man or river god...

    (Original post by Jennielou123)
    The ruined maid
    Brendan gallacher... Well I got told it was these by my teacher
    Oh great, those are all the best ones with loads to write about but thanks anyway!

    (Original post by kateyl)
    Oh great, those are all the best ones with loads to write about but thanks anyway!
    Oh wait no!!! I thought it said higher on your post... Sorry I don't know the foundation ones :-( x

    what do you guys think is the best poem to compare les grands seigneurs to?

    (Original post by elliec_)
    what do you guys think is the best poem to compare les grands seigneurs to?
    I think river god... They both toy around and play with the people (les grands seigneurs she order the men to entertain her, river god- plays with the people before he drowns them for his own sick entertainment purposes) this is what I've come up with anyway x

    (Original post by Jennielou123)
    Oh wait no!!! I thought it said higher on your post... Sorry I don't know the foundation ones :-( x
    oohhh so those WILL come up for higher? that's okay then hehe, and thanks anyway

    (Original post by Ryan2159)
    No and to be pedantic, definitely* But on a serious note, cheers

    No problem, and yeah I noticed the spelling didn't look right haha

    (Original post by Olympiad)
    What's the chances of Sonnet 116 coming up?

    Posted from TSR Mobile
    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it comes up.

    Anyone revising for Character and Voice?

    (Original post by Xmarksthesh0t)
    Anyone revising for Character and Voice?
    i am.. i have literally just started.. i dont know what to do!! :confused:

    (Original post by randomm1)
    i am.. i have literally just started.. i dont know what to do!! :confused:
    Bro/Sis, want some notes?

    (Original post by Xmarksthesh0t)
    Bro/Sis, want some notes?
    its sis haha... and yess pleasee!!!

    (Original post by randomm1)
    its sis haha... and yess pleasee!!!

    SMILE: Structure

    S: Short Strong Sentences: "Be terrifed".
    S: Question at the end.
    S: Fragemented Last line "Look at me now", dead, graphic, still killing peoples
    S: FPS(First Person)/ Dramatic Monologue
    S: Free verse- free to say what she feels, want to say and what is in her mind

    M: Beauty Lost- Para 2 "Bride's Breath Soured, stank" Oxymorons- She was cursed
    M: Can't control power- first line P1,P2s
    M: Beauty- she was at one point Beautiful
    M: Jealous/Heart-broken- Greek God she loved, lonely-betrayal and leave her
    M: Big idea of Change- Change of her, from beautiful to Ugly. She can change from Living to Stone- she became stone- no-one
    go to her anymore-idea?

    I: Ascending powerful stone images
    I: Beauty- she had
    I: Danger- Snakes for head, Sword for a tongues

    L: Greek God- Alliteration
    L: Unique phrase: Love gone Bad. Yoguhurt, she makes things go bad
    L: Onomoatoppeia: Spattered
    L: Metaphor: Bullet tears- Images- real arrows/bullets or real tears- doule meanings

    E: Effect of action???
    E: Feel of empathy for people
    E: What changes people? "Wasn't I beautiful?" Questions her ownself when she finds the end near and changes attitude
    and reflects.


    S: Clean and tidy Stanazas- Respectful of dad and effort put into it.
    S: Simple Ryhme- Ballad = story? Starts of with dad and ends with fighting with God
    S: Ends with God not starts to make us understand
    S: Nice Descriptions and Shocking Descriptions- Wants us to join him

    M: Memory of his dad- not understanding bird but knows there name
    M: Horror of death/fear- Scared but will have to accept fate. Hand shakes
    while alive and "now his fingers-bones stick through is finger-ends", contrast
    M: Loss of religion- challenging God, Mocking God/Quoting Bible "Save his
    soul and pray"- 2 tones. beleif decayed

    I: Graves "Carrara-covered earth"
    I: Father- proud of his dad/loved him/simple.
    I: Nature-Birds, Maggots- chain of nature-death

    L: Oxymoron- "Discreetly loud" first Oxymoron.
    L: 2nd Person/Voice- about God, blamed him "You" Not nice way of addressing God
    L: Repition- "Liked"Loved him- emotion

    E: Death- will get us
    E: Shock- Long lasting feelings remmebered.
    E: How will we be remembered- What is going to be left behind from us?

    Theme= Not death mainly, but how he deals with it. Setup to shock us, to
    convey his anger and feelings.

    Le Grandes Seigneurs

    S: Stanazas become shorter as he power fades/memory
    S: Contradiction- The Great Lords- Nothing great for her
    S: 3 Stanazas compelete then flips last paragraph first line- life change
    enjambment and speed/pace changes of the poem

    M: Playing Games- Not a queen and when found out by husband she is caught out by husbad
    M: Delusional? "I was their queen"/Sexual Power-he has more control
    M: Who you fall for/ belittlement of marriage- she becomes a toy after marriage"wife"
    "little woman"= "queen"

    I: Men trying to woo her "Peackcocks"
    I: Efforts- "Dolphins, my perfoming seals" upto "Hurdy-gurdy Monkey-men"- not the best but
    try their best to woo her.
    I: Fluff- Nothing/ contrast to her queenliness.

    L: Meaphors "my castelllated towers"
    L: Animals- Carnal desires- trying to get something of her- men want their
    desires of her and try to impress for it
    L: Peach- troubadour- sings for her, Damsel- Untouched beauty, Peach- sex

    E: Her beauty but after marriage it is locked down
    E: Control? He was deluded- thought as the best but nothing special for him
    E: Position of women- Desire- Sexual Object

    Horse whisperer

    S: Enjambment/Caesura
    S: Stanzas irregular- starts long but goes short- his usefulness as a horse
    S: Set over time- different states of mind- change over time
    first para= nicely treated, end he is running away-outlawed

    M: Realtionship with nature- how he dealth with horses
    M: People's reaction to superstition- after technology, call him "scorned as
    a demon and witch"- out with the old
    M: Change- calms horse down from scared, change of the society to techno,
    him moving chaning live going to somewhere not techhy yet

    I: Object used to tame horses
    I: Horses- negative and positive
    I: Memoery of the horses- Last paragraph, Warm memory of loninless

    L: "They"- they are not like him, not nice
    L: Descripition- lots in first stanaza, 2nd stanza- sense to the viewers
    L: Sensory of the smells"Rosemary"
    L: Names of horses- important compared to people "they"

    E: Technology- makes us think about how it changes the jobs.
    E: Depths people sink into- cost effective.
    E: Travel? Economic Migrants- safety and economy

    My last Duchess

    S: one huge rant or confession= 1 big stanza
    S: Ryhmes shows his arrogance-fancy
    S: Dramatac mononglue/Direct- pointing out himself, giving himself away, I...
    S: Starts with himself, ends with himself.
    S: Others speech- controlled by him, he talks for them, his own world-superpower

    M: Arrogance- Happiness= "My of a nine-hundred-years-old name" grand name- he
    is the best because of it
    M: Jealousy- people giving her cherries, being in the sunset- he is the source
    of happiness
    M: Ego driven- Power to changes things, nothing is going to
    stoop and let anyone change but will change it himself with
    complete control- no one else speaks
    M: Lack of Respect of women- He likes her for her looks
    he finally controls her when he opens/closes curtains.
    Also Wanted dowry first then girl.

    I: Beautiful pic on the wall-in his head and shows other
    people in his complete control world
    I: Sunset, simple nice things, half-flush on throat
    I: Smile- That smile she had, imaganation of being alive.

    L: Polite Words, but deadly meaning of his words-
    "As if alive"
    L: Metaphor 'spot of joy'
    L: lots of dashes, controls the poem
    L: Alliteration- Dropping of daylight- scorning- Pissed off way

    E: Being blind to one's own fault- too proud,
    E: he wants to be reason of happiness- common- hero complex fail
    E: Imbalance in realtionship-too complicated, he is too clever
    while she wants to enjoy life incomptabile

    Checking out me History

    S: Perfomance peom- exepceted to be out
    S: No Puncation- against writen word
    S: Indented lines- stand out to the reader, notice what is imporatant to him
    S: Irregular structure/Rhyme- Free verse- what he wants to say

    M: History- control of information
    M: Black history- we don't hear much about.
    M: School System- what they don't teach/ don't want to teach
    M: Defining oneself- finding out his ownhself not figures
    that have nothing to do with him

    I: Lost person searching- not huge but can feel it, hidden like
    his history?
    I: Ridiculous lessons
    I: powerful role-models

    L: Facts and stories- 1066- dates and names
    L: Dem and but repition- his own idenity- wants to get away
    from them
    L: Dialect to show himself/identity- way written shows
    his owner ship of languauge and his ownership of history
    that has to be expressed

    E: Finding one's way- there own self,
    E: Reserach, you can learn what you want/about yourself.
    E: Question out education: Was it true? Creationism not
    Evoultion in america.

    S: Sonnet
    S: Enjabment
    S: More than one character- Traveller, chelley, Ozymandias- short but lots of people

    M: Lessons of History- Peripeteia- "look on my works" becomes "colossal wreck"
    M: Pride of himself
    M: Legacy

    I: Statue- Broken and shattered- powerful, ugly statue
    I: Traveler
    I: Lifelessness of the the statue and "lone and level" only sand, only words alive

    L: Alliteration- "Cold Command"
    L: Excalmation mark- power of ozymandius
    L: Oxymoron- Colossal Wreck

    E: The way people think of powerful people
    E: Travel- what we learn and pickup
    E: Repeated History- Ozymandias think they are all powerful, just die and are repeated again

    Case history: Alison
    S: Title- Setups up tone of poem- medicai- patient
    S: Brackets in title- notes being taken- only first name used, small world
    or to protect privacy- not use full name
    S: starts with acton, then records everything- sad.
    S:3rd and 1st person perspective/ Dramatic Monologue- Different person, talking
    about herself- her past and future
    S: Short stanazas/short-long-short= Memory fadding in, big space, trying to remember

    M: Memory- looking back, sadness of herself
    M: Identity- who she is and who she was- sees picture to see who she is
    M: Regret- "Poor clever girl", had lots of potential but didn't know what was
    instore for her, "my damaged brain".
    M: what she could have been- links with regret

    I: Brain damage the girl has
    I: Knee "autocratic"(complete control over it)- worth looking at
    I: Knee "now lugs" her upstairs- contrast
    I: Picture- the picture her being stuck for 1 second in photo, but she is stuck in life
    doing the same thing again and again.

    L: enmeshed- trapped- she put on weight
    L: "She knows" but now she needs reminding about her dad being dead
    L: consistency matters- regular, her pattern of life.

    E: Voice of people in care- not much are talked about
    E: Unfulfilled lives/Inspiring?- potential not being reached wants us want to feel like not wasting our lives
    E: repitivie loss- wakes up to only know father dying and always being reminded about her old life everyday

    Singh song

    S: Irregular paragraphs- doesn't fit in his family
    S: Indented lines for his wife- she is different
    S: refrain- how people in the area refer to him-
    S: ending coplets- there are even in love
    S: Tone change- @ midnight hour

    M: expectations/sterotypes- punjabi- from inida- lots of expexations of work from inidan family
    M: Marriage/love- lots of sweet things, sex- putny
    M: Culture change/Modernising- she is westernized while is not as much- completely different culture= she disrespects his mom
    M: Pride- being in control of himself- doesn't care about what people say about shop

    I: Share food with his wife- indian food
    I: wife character- teddy and ignoring culture- eyes of guns @ parents
    I: state of the shop
    I: Clock/moon- watching every mintue to wait for her- moon signifaces night but he looks at it but he sees it as miystical

    L: Punjabi word for wife- Putny
    L: Heavy sterotypical dialect/grammar- Look under that because he has a great life?
    L: Alliteration- concrete-cool, clam and still like a mussem, setting for the romance
    L: 'you shopper'- personal address, blazes him lol

    E: Man being himself
    E: Sterotypes going away- wants love, not woking hard- change?
    E: Mocking everyone around him- doesn't care about anyone
    E: Knows/blinded by what is important to him- his life is in his hands

    HunchBack in the Park
    S: Enjambent/rarely used puncation
    S: Different feelings we get from the characters- view of them
    S: Shape- Varied lines with different line size- imagination can do what it wants.

    M: Lonilness/isolation- solitary, lives there- Woman in is dream
    M: Indentifying- labelled him as a hunchback
    M: Imagation- boys think he is a ogor and he imagaines woman
    M: Captive in the park- "running when he had haerd them clearly"
    trapped in the most free place- but his woman imagination still alive
    M: "slept at night in a dog kennel"- up early in the birds, and runs
    from the park keepers so he is like an animal

    Iark fun- shelter/boundless
    I: Sounds- laughing-bell
    I: Dream woman- just not fault- staight and normal

    L: Similes- ties to nature, "like the park birds he came early"- freedom of birds with imgation
    L: Mister- namelessness- isolated
    L: Dodging- mature man moves around, maybe like a child/animal like
    L: Lock and Chain- his life, not enough money

    E: Sitautaion of the disbaled people, how they are to be helped
    E: How we free ourselves- imagation- dream in a bitterworld- does he dream and wake up to the bad world and become bitter?
    E: Peace we have nature- freedom and space and being apperactive- hunchback always goes there because the place is peaceful for him.

    I missed clown punk sorry, it got deleted lol

    thank you soo much! you have actually saved me from failing!
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