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"There is a plenty of evidence about torture carried out in Uzbekistan and I know that foreign minister Jack Straw officially approved using the information obtained through torture,"

The German secret service was also cooperating very closely with its Uzbek counterpart, he added, while Britain and the US had taken a policy decision to obtain intelligence under torture in other countries as well.

"I say this with great pain but with absolute certainty," the ex-ambassador stated.

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(Original post by Lawz-)
Ok... lets try this:

You arrest John.

You suspect John has planted a nuclear bomb so large, that it will cause nuclear holocaust around the glob, and kill ALL living organisms on the planet, leaving it a desolate wasteland and thus ending billions of years of evolution.

John tells you openly that he DID plant the bomb. However he refuses to tell you where.

John however has a very low threshold for pain.

You have two choices:

A: Jail john and await the destruction of all mankind
B: Cause John physial pain in order to extract the necessary information, and in true 007 style, save the planet.

You would choose A?
I know this is late, but this person would have no regard for his life. There is only so long that you could torture him before the world blew up.
You can rest assured that this guy would not tell you where the bomb was.

Also, how the hell would an individual acquire a nuclear bomb of this size? He would have to be very rich and extremely well-connected! Somebody would dob him in!

Your evidence would likely be very strong or non-existence. Who is to say he is not just crazy!

I understand that you are quickly trying to create a scenario whereby torture might be used, but there are too many practical barriers to this.

Still, the question might be raised, "Should we torture him on the off chance that he cracks".

Do you have a realistic scenario in which torture might be an option..?!

Edit: The House of Lords has explicitly attacked torture on many grounds, including that it is in breach of International law, and has therefore implicitly attacked the US.

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