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Who are your favourite Tsrians? watch


    (Original post by Anon_98)
    Right, if my crown buddy CoolCavy managed to list all those hundreds of people then I suppose I can do it too, even if it will take me ages it will be worth it bc I should probably show my appreciation for my friends. You are one of my favourites too btw bc you are so incredibly cute and cheer everyone up with your love for gp's. ^-^

    Arkasia bc he is my absolute favourite TSR penguin + his posts literally always make me laugh bc they're so funny. :penguinhug: <3 @CoolCavy as already mentioned above.
    Illiberal Liberal bc he is genuinely so amazing + always unimaginably sweet as well as extremelyy understanding. Words honestly cannot describe his kindness, also such a fun person to talk to. :jumphug: <3
    IDukem The most inspirational person I have ever met on TSR, he is so warm-hearted and nice + really fab + incredibly wise. :jumphug: <3
    ironandbeer2 He is so very lovely + hilarious. :rofl: And was so kind to me when I was a newbie on this site which I am so grateful for. :hugs: <3
    K.C Bc I think he is so funny + constantly happy + his posts are literally so silly but hilarious kinda silly which is super great and he is quite possibly the coolest 20year old I know. :cool: <3
    Maria G Agnesi he is such a fantastic person + so funny + lovely + caring, our conversations are literally the best and you always make me smile. :jumphug: <3
    TorpidPhil bc he is honestly the most brilliant person to talk with, like, everr :eek4: and so crazily ...crazy + also speaks in a 'truthful'(?) tone all of the time which is amazing. :hugs: <3
    RainbowKiwi she is so funny, the funniest female on this site tbh. XD i laugh at every single post bc they are so well thought out and she is so awesome and great + I'm not sure what we'd all do without her, you're such fun to be around Kiwi. :hugs: <3
    SassKing13 one of my first TSR friends when I joined this site and he was so so great, i appreciate it so much - just beyond brilliant + truly awesome. :hugs: <3
    somemightsay888 - his posts never fail make to me laugh and he is so endlessly thoughtful and incredibly sweet + supportive 24/7 + great to be around. The nicest skeleton I know. :jumphug: <3
    starlight82 bc she is so caring + lovely + kind + every single synonym of those words ever created which I cannot think of bc its 5am. All without reason and i appreciate her presence so much bc she makes TSR a sweeter + better place + she is also such a helpful person, plus her threads are literally always the best ones bc theyre so creative + fuuuuuuuuun. :hugs: <3

    ASFGHJKLKLL, FINALLY. :yawn: This is my 4th time writing this. :cry2: I lost it thrice bc I kept accidentally clicking elsewhere and tagging takes ages anyway but have now have written it again + it is a little rushed. It is all in alphabetical order btw so the last person can only blame themselves for being last bc they picked the username. I have just realised that I also forgot that T comes after S in the alphabet though so those people who shouldn't be after Phil will have to forgive me.(sms88+sassking) :sigh: I love you all like bread, thank you so much for creating a TSR account bc it would definitely not be the same without you. :lovehug: <3

    P.S. Anon_98 would just like to really totally apologise bc loads of people have probably been forgotten but she's too tired and just wants to send this now + she also ran out of good words to describe you all + got tired of trying to write the same thing like 87 timessssssss + gooddnigghtt. >.< :nutcase:


    Thanks very much for saying that

    Remember the smileys
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