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You post. Me ask. Simples Watch


    (Original post by IdeasForLife)
    Thats more like it

    If you could be any creature from Harry Potter, what would you be? And why?

    Lol he might lie

    A penguin,wearing a cowboy hat, walks through your nearest situated door . What does he say and why is he here?

    Yep. Had to make it hard for you! Lol

    Heres a fun one. So you're invisible for a day - what would you do?

    Ooooo Back to the Future style! I would totally do that too but I don't gamble!

    Lets say you have a live anywhere in the past for 1 month, where would you live? And why?

    Yh I guess it did lol. I have tonnes of stories from school!

    Epic! Like the footballer :cool:

    What matters to you and why?

    Hey there!

    Whats your favourite word and why?

    I would change quite a bit! I would say some things here but they'd most likely turn into a debate

    Look outside through your nearest window. What do you see?

    Lool nice!
    Story told

    What things send you into a rage?

    Hey there!

    Whats the first thing which comes into your mind when you think about the word 'future'?

    Looool, looks like you fooled them

    What do you think I look like?

    Hey there!

    What is your favorite thing to spend money on?

    Thats quite generous of you! Such a nice person!

    What dead person would you least want to be haunted by?

    I am fun! Atleast I like to think I am

    I've never watched that one! I'd say, I would go into Game of Thrones. Ofcourse its blood and gore but its awesome! Never a dull moment

    Ah. I feel you. Girls needa l2fence!

    Which cartoon character do you resemble the most?

    Epicness! I'd be a lion tamer guy thing, whatever they call it lol

    What keys on a keyboard do you not use?

    Lol damn, thats lols. Maybe one day we'll make up lool
    New anonymous in training! I'd hack TSR and ban a few people... amongst some other things

    What was the last lie you have said? Did you get caught?

    Hi there! When there is any mention of the word 'future' i start to have a mental breakdown in my head because at this moment right now in my life, my future is too unclear and hefuehgkhgjrhilerghiogrhioghiore ghireegjio

    Thanks for the question!

    (Original post by IdeasForLife)
    Become a doctor, marry a cool girl, have some kiddies, maybe start a business on the side one day too! And the list goes on :cool:

    Do you want kids? If yes, how many?
    Ah cool

    Yeah I want 3 or 4 maybe.
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    (Original post by IdeasForLife)
    Only one or two? :cry2: Know you from like page 2! Though we were bros

    I wonder what that Alt Gr button does, I've just noticed its existence right now lol.

    Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?
    One Gold Good Delivery Bar weighs 400 troy ounces, and by current prices, would cost like £342k. You'd have two.

    Who says I don't?

    In a forest somewhere.

    (Original post by IdeasForLife)

    Nice, did you have a nice time? How old is your friend?
    Yeah! I was very hungover the next day though -_-

    23 (the best age)

    (Original post by IdeasForLife)
    I shall

    What do you think the best thing would be about being the opposite sex?
    Being able to use make up to cover up parts of your facce

    (Original post by IdeasForLife)

    He got stabbed to death by a group of elite Russians I think?

    What story does your family always tell about you?
    He was shot ,apparently, by prince Yusupov.
    they don't telly me stories

    (Original post by IdeasForLife)
    Would you eat stuff that is alive? For example raw newborn rats?

    There is a dish in China called Three Squeaks
    Oh god that sounds horrible
    I'd try and eat live bugs, but live baby rats? *shudders* I probably would throw up.

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