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POLL: Do you get along with your own gender? Watch

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    I am a girl and yes I get on with girls
    I am a girl and no, I prefer boys or mixed groups
    I am a boy and yes I get on with boys
    I am a boy and no, I prefer girls or mixed groups


    I couldn't vote in your poll because the options aren't mutually exclusive. I do get along with girls and I do prefer mixed groups.

    (Original post by Nomes89)
    From other posts though I've gathered you got a good education and you've ended up with a job related to your field, you have a boyfriend (?) and now some good female friends. Putting things into perspective you're doing well and there's no rational reason you should hate yourself or be anxious (although I know it's something you can't help). I see 'ruin' as permanent damage and although they did cause you a huge amount of grief, to put it lightly, you seem to have recovered your life for the most part.

    And you if you have good female friends I imagine they weren't too different when they were girls growing up But fair enough if you prefer guy friends.
    Yeah it made me a lot more driven so that worked out well education wise, but I struggled to cope when a got a 2:1 at undergraduate, its things like that that set me off. My female friends all got on better with boys other than one, who was a target for bullies at uni due to her very extroverted nature! Were more the kind of people that got bullied rather than did the bullying

    To be honest most of my closest friends come in couples now.

    I went to an all-girls school for the first half of my secondary school years, so I had girl friends. However, when I moved country and went to a mixed school, I had a hard time making friends with guys, so I only stuck with people of my gender.

    Although I have more girl friends, I have a few guy friends, not a lot though. I like to get on with both genders and I make sure that I'm friends with the right person, e.g. I tend to stay away from those that like to ***** about other people. Sometimes I do wish I had more guy friends, just to keep the balance.

    (Original post by Mr Smurf)
    I don't prefer either gender for friends. But there are some subjects which I tend to talk about more with guys and vice versa. For example most girls I know are not interested that much in football so I wouldn't talk about that nearly as much as I would with male friends.

    I feel as if some girls jump on the "girls are *****es so I prefer hanging out with guys" brigade because they think it makes them special or something.
    Spot on, precisely this. I'm exactly the same and think that some girls are hung up on the "girls are *****y" view. The girls who say this may need to broaden their horizons. My split is 50/50 and I have really good girl mates who get along really with each other and with me. There's little to no *****ing and though we sometimes argue, it never ends up in slating or mocking anyone.

    Personally, all the girls I know are really nice. I get on better with them and I can connect with them. A lot of boys I know are very mean and disrespectful.
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Updated: September 25, 2017
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