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B882 - Face Coverings Prohibition Bill 2015 watch


    (Original post by James Milibanter)
    Never seen a naked willy dance? Very entertaining. You could say he was off to "entertain" his partner
    I am not exactly convinced. Perhaps you would like to demonstrate to the whole House just how entertaining a "naked willy dance" is? You may even swing some people who support my bill onto your side.
    And when you do so, I will get the police to arrest you for indecent exposure, and possibly public intoxication. That way, I will have fewer MPs in opposition my bill!

    I think this bill would have a better chance of passing if interpretations were added for 2(e).

    (Original post by Kittiara)
    Why should immigrants have to give up their old culture, if said culture does not break the law? How far do you go with that? Should I not be able to set my shoe by the fireplace this Sunday to celebrate St. Nicholas? Should I not be able to do the gifts and poetry thing on the 5th of December? I do confess that the quality of said poetry may be atrocious - it's often meant to be that way - but that does not mean that it poses a threat to British society, nor its culture.

    Similarly, I have never participated in Morris Dancing, cheese rolling or bog snorkeling. I don't even go to the pub, as I do not drink alcohol. Such activities are not mandatory, though. If they were to become so, I think that many Brits would feel just a bit disgruntled.
    There is a difference between not participating in social activities and promoting a culture that punishes people by stoning them, or cutting their hands and head, or crucifixion.

    (Original post by Kittiara)
    As to the Act, I am not an MP, so whatever I say won't matter to the eventual outcome of the vote, but I do not support it. From a women's rights perspective, I do have concerns about there being women who are pressured to wear the veil. However, I do not feel that a ban is the solution to this. Those women who are pressured into wearing it may suddenly find themselves unable to go outside. Does our care for their well-being stop at the door, once we no longer have to look at their outfits? Any assistance towards the ladies finding themselves under pressure should be of a more sensitive and practical nature. Not in potentially limiting their freedom even more. And as for the ladies who choose to wear the veil, why should they not be allowed to do so?

    There is a bit of a trend going on, of wanting to ban or tax anything (some) people don't like. This often gets in the way of looking for genuine solutions. We should be careful with this, because in the process, we might limit people's freedom step by little step, further and further, and I, for one, feel that that is a cause for concern.
    I don't want to ban everything that I dislike. :rolleyes:
    My problems with the full veil:
    1. It promotes Wahhabism, a barbaric belief as despicable as Nazism.
    2. It is a symbol of the oppression of women in several backward countries. Besides, no man wears it, how strange.
    3. It is the denial of life in society. Do you really want to live in a world where everybody hides from each other? Just imagine if everybody wore a full veil, see how terribly sad and frightening it would be...
    4. It implicitly tells all men that they are savage beasts unable to control themselves, and women who don't wear it that they are unchaste.
    5. There is indeed a security threat, but it is just a minor argument for me.

    The burqa is absolutely not necessary for Muslims to practise their religion; therefore a ban would not hinder their freedom of religion.

    No doubt that if the same practice was promoted by a Jewish or a Christian sect, feminists/socialists would fight it with all their might, as they did in the past against the Church when promoting abortion or homosexuality, but as it comes from Islam, they daren't say anything against it and find all the excuses they can to protect the "religious right to dress as they wish" - a right that has never existed.

    I say it again, but if you want the burqa to be banned, you also have to allow people to go around naked, or to wear the KKK costume, or the Nazi uniform, etc. It's their "freedom to wear what they want" after all.

    With feminists like you guys, women would still live in chains.

    (Original post by Nigel Farage MEP)
    Unown Uzer I think this bill would have more chance of passing if interpretations were added for 2(e).
    I thank the right honourable member for the valuable suggestion, and I assure him that I will make amendments to 2(e) for the second reading.

    I've read through most of the posts here and do get the idea of both sides of the argument. One side arguing that face coverings alienate people, a result of failure to assimilate into British culture, misogynistic to women. The other supporting women who wear face coverings for religious and cultural reasons as they have the absolute right to do so.

    I personally believe in freedom of expression for all citizens and such restrictions would go against citizens freedom. Yes, they may refuse to assimilate but who says they have to? Multiculturalism is about getting rid of one culture and replacing it with another. Some cultures just aren't compatible. I could think of what Jews celebrate during hanukkah which is basically resistance to any type of assimilation or intermarriage. This is what this country gets for having a flawed immigration policy, a lot of people with incompatible cultures. The anti muslim bigotry by some right wingers here is rather embarrassing and I would like to apologise on their behalf.

    Banning face coverings isn't going to stop criminals or terrorism in this country which is just used as a poor excuse for outright bigotry. It's a no from me. People should have the right to express themselves and their views as they see fit. I'd rather have policies on immigration which I feel is much more important at addressing cultural incompatibility.
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    This has gone to a second reading.
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