Pakistan vs India


    (Original post by 123teddy)
    both countries sucks bawls .. one is an islamic terrorist country ... india is a hindu terrorist country ...

    i hope both end up in a nuclear war and anihilate each other ...

    (Original post by AlvlVictim)
    I and many other Pakistanis agree that Bakochistanis are treated poorly by the Pakistani administration however balochistan is Pakistan's internal matter while Kashmir is supposed to have a referendum according to the UN resolution passed 60 years ago and that is the concern of both countries
    lol balouchistan is 'pakistans internal matter' but indian kashmir is not an indian internal matter? Shows why you are a perfect example of the 30 years of ISI brainwashing process because paksitan is only interested in land grabbing and creating a satellite state of kashmir under its own control - why else has it tried to invade it 3 times ( unsuccessfully) ? Balouchistan was granted its sovereingty in the orignal Mountbatten, by then Jinnah renaged on his promise and sent his army in to crush any dissent. this opression has been going on from year dot of paksitans existence. If anyone is going to lecture on how to main human rights , its not pakistan, where people are judicially sentenced to death for not being a muslim ( see Asia Bibi case) . so why not make your government have its own referendums? the reason becuase if they did, pakistan would lose balouchistan, as well the waziris/ pashtouns too. inda and pakistan were partitoned and kashmir partioned too, Specifically so that the muslims could choose to go live in an islamic state if they wished. the fact that over 100 million chose to stay in india

    (Original post by ApplyYourself)
    Indias a great nation with a powerful army but I wouldn't sleep on Pakistan if I were you, us Pakis will surprise you and embarrass Indian forces more than the Chinese did 😂😂

    Anyway all big talk aside I truly wish the split never happened, one nation would've been better.
    like pakistan suprised the americans by not doing anything when they flew 3 blackhawk attack choppers into their airspace and blew up the worlds most famous islamists house? very surprising. I terms of 'embarrasments
    ' , pakistan is a world famous laughing stock - it still holds the world record for mass surrender of an army since the nazis in wwii

    (Original post by AlvlVictim)
    All this and still can't suppress Kashmiri's freedom movement and regularly lose many worthless soldiers like at URI. Immense embarrassment for people who are keen to destroy Pakistan
    india had pakistan under its boot after 1971, if it wished pakistan to be wiped of the map at any point it could have done so easily, instead simla agreement actually took pity on you and returned all lands in punjab sindh etc you lost in the war. and what is next generation of pakistanis response to that? try invade kashmir once again, build terrorist training camps and basically become the worlds stain on humanity

    I dont understand why India is so scared of Pakistan. If i am 6 feet tall and you are 2 feet nothing then why would i be scared of you?

    India does not have to go to war to destroy Pakistan . All you have to do is stop their water. Punjab and sindh will become deserts and Pakistan will cease to exist within a few months.

    80% of Pakistan's 21.5 million hectares of farmland is irrigated from this water and all canals built from it

    Preventing this water from flowing to Pak will unleash havoc in Pakistan(specially in punjab and sindh province)

    This is the most cost effective way

    Indian Punjab and Haryana are fighting each other for water yet 50% of the water flows into Pakistan. That's ridiculous

    Just stop worrying about everything for a while and stop their water

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Updated: December 9, 2016
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