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Should people be allowed to wear full face veils in hospitals? watch

  • View Poll Results: would you want to be treated by someone wearing a full face veil?
    yes - I don't care
    No - I would like to see their face


    (Original post by Dima-Blackburn)
    1) Just because these attacks are carried out by Muslims, it does not necessarily follow that Islam itself is responsible. It's more likely a result of Western intervention which led to the destabilisation of some of the Muslim-majority countries.
    I really hate that response I see put out all the time. It's simply not true and is just regurgitated rubbish that it is western intervention soley. Say the west had done nothing, the situation in the majority of the Middle East would be similar still.
    History should be taught properly and thoroughly in school... Like most other religions, Islam has had it's conquests too. It's no more a religion of peace than the others really, is it.

    Honestly I wouldn't want to deal with someone in such sensitive and important situations, possibly having my life in their hands, who are likely to think of me as a lower class being or of not somewhat equal worth to others. I would see the veil as an indication of the likelihood of them having these feelings.
    Covering your face, is just at least, rude to the majority of people in this country, whether it be under the caveat or excuse of religion, or not. You can't even walk into a petrol station with a motorbike helmet on. Go out to the town center on a cold day wearing a balaclava, the Police will turn up. This just shows what the attitude is to covering your face in the UK.

    If someone really want's to wear a veil, why not live in a country where it is the norm, so that you can live without issue and in total peace. I just don't understand why some don't have just a little bit of respect for this country and the people that create it. Seen as they have come to benefit from it. This veil thing should not be an issue.
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