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Should Donald Trump ban Muslim from coming to the US? He renews Muslim ban Watch

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    There's two questions here really.
    Should Muslims be banned from America,to which there can only be one answer and that's no of course. I havnt read the posts above but surely 90 % would be no ?

    But the other question is about Donald Trump,not Muslims. And the answer to that question is yes,he should.

    It's one of the reasons some people will have voted for him and he said he would. If he gets elected and he doesn't then he will lose credibility .
    Yes that last sentence was tounge in cheek

    (Original post by Newsout)
    Well newsflash you Emo B*tch, I don't give a F*ck about your faith in humanity at all, the world is literally on fire and all you can think off is your pitiful feelings, Piss off.

    If you actually read our entire Dialogue you would realise that she was the first person to spout Vitriol, I only responded as I rightly should, I made up all my points logically while she didn't and used sheer stupid petty ad hominem to put out hers.

    Are you thick?

    Like seriously are you thick? Are you saying that an article pointing out that 1 in 5 Syrians support ISIS, you're claiming that they are biased? Or an article showing of people of colour joining the KKK is also Biased against muslims?

    It's like you progressive fools don't even read the sh*t you spout, just go on and dribble your little buzzwords like "racist media" "biased media" "islamophobe" etc and people are tired of your crap.

    I never ever said we should ban all muslims.

    Yet another one of your many flawed ad hominem arguments.

    Are you just going to ignore all the other forms of Islamic terrorism happening all over the world? In comparison with other religions, the US isn't the only question infested with the cancer of Radical islam, or the fact that 61% of Egyptians approve of attacks on Americans 32% of Indonesians approve of attacks on Americans 41% of Pakistanis approve of attacks on Americans 38% of Moroccans approve of attacks on Americans 83% of Palestinians approve of some or most groups that attack Americans (only 14% oppose) 62% of Jordanians approve of some or most groups that attack Americans (21% oppose)


    Get your head out the clouds and wake up.

    The word terrorism is thrown around when a muslim commits a terror attack because they do it all over the world and not just in the US, it's like you're blind to the obvious, in only the past 6 months, they've attacked Syria, Lebanon, France, America, Jordan, Iraq, Nigeria and many many many other countries, using the amount of terrorist attacks in the US which has a very little muslim population, and ignoring what happens in countries with larger muslim populations is simply plain stupid and I expect that from the moronic leftists.

    And that whole one terrorist doesn't represent Islam argument is old and outdated, we aren't blaming all muslims here, we are blaming the violent cult they adhere to which teaches them to hate, murder and cause terror.

    I never accused an entire community of being terrorists that is a stupid straw man argument, come back when you have actual points rather than the regular BS you liberals spout.
    The last part of my post wasn't directed at you, which was why I opened a new paragraph with 'On another note...'. So I'm not accusing you of anything there, just stating my views. Also, I made those specific points because this thread is about whether or not Trump should ban all Muslims from entering America. I gave my opinion and evidence relevant to the topic.

    Also, yes, those articles are biased. Writers have opinions and angles, therefore their articles are usually subjective. Even information that appears to be factual has been selected carefully and manipulated in a way that supports the writer's (or often the newspaper's) view. Without knowing the full extent of the research from with the data came, we can't know how reliable or objective it really is. And I wasn't suggesting the articles are biased against Muslims, just that they are biased.

    Your insults just serve to make you appear uneducated and intolerant. The world just doesn't need more of that. I appreciate you are against Islam, as is your right, but be civil enough to try to understand other arguments, or at least pretend to, and don't insult everybody who disagrees with you.

    wow, 26% of TSR users actually support Trump's Muslim ban

    I knew there was something wrong with this site

    (Original post by PrincessBO$$)
    Mate your a bloody biased nationalist *******.
    You included websiutes that a are biased
    American renaissance WOW
    american obsersver *so reliable*
    News observer is prob the only legit and lol what did you type in google?
    Cheers mate, that's one of the nicest compliments anyone could give me!

    You're darn right, I'm a proud native Englishman and a proud nationalist. I'm not a leftist idiot like yourself, I'm a supporter of the secular far right, the people who happen to be the only bunch defending basic human rights.

    Perhaps these sources will suit you better?


    "Relative to the population, the rates of prosecution and sentencing for the Black ethnic group were three times higher than for the White group, while for the Mixed group they were twice as high, mirroring arrests."

    "For example, Black and Asian offenders convicted of supplying drugs or related offences are more likely to be for Class A drugs than for Class B, whereas the opposite is true for all other ethnic groups."


    Facts are facts, whether you like them or not.

    (Original post by sfaraj)
    LMAO when none of that happens here in the bloody 21st century
    Then what do you call all those terrorist attacks? Ordinary homicide?

    Yes. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the time for a moratorium on Muslim world migration was 7/7, if not 9/11

    Our cultures are completely counterposed. Islam does not mean 'peace', it means 'struggle'

    Elements within Muslim communities will 'struggle' on, regardless

    We need to ask some searching questions

    (Original post by nexttimeigetvpn)
    wow, 26% of TSR users actually support Trump's Muslim ban

    I knew there was something wrong with this site
    Incredible isn't it?

    I mean where do these people think these muslims will wind up!?

    I don't know why anyone takes Trump seriously...

    by reading this post, I am like man!

    there are some people who actually support Muslims, however, there are also some who oppose them.
    look guys, Muslims aren't our enemy's they are in fact the victims of the onslaught that is caused by terrorism.
    The fact is that people like Trump use Muslims as excuses for them to win the election. Going back to Hitler, he blamed the

    the fact that remains is that every person in this world has to blame someone, in order for them to gain the support of the
    populace, this is known as placing a Scapegoat. so yeah I really think and believe that Muslims should not be banned from

    Trump is a person who should be taken very seriously!

    (Now he is banning Muslims, God knows who he will ban next! (Chinese, Japanese, Asians, Europeans, Africans -----> Btw Africans were abused a lot in the past, they were taken in as slaves.... I hope that history doesn't repeat itself )
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