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German Hunter pays £39,000 to kill largest elephant in living memory watch


    Eh why did I even bother... I suggest rereading your post quoted below. And before that, I give you a definition of "Militant".

    1. 1.favouring confrontational or violent methods in support of a political or social cause.

    (Original post by rock_climber86)
    That doesn't make sense. How can a vegan be a militant? You class me as a militant because I am vocal about animal rights. If anyone is a militant here it's you animal abusers, killers and eaters. Vegans are by their very nature anti-militant, because they don't like to see harm come to animals. It is because they care about animal so much that they choose not to eat them or wear any animal products. That's more than can be said about meat-eaters who participate sn an industry that murders and tortures animals just so people like you can eat them. Did you know that an estimated 59 billion animals are killed every year so people like you and others on this thread can eat them and use their products? If that isn't being a militancy on epic proportions I don't know what is. Just to put that into context. That is over 160million animals a day that are killed so you can have your beef burgers, chicken wingers, drink your milk, eat your cheese.

    I argue that since you are actively engaged in such a dreadful industry, it is you and most of society that are the militants, not me.

    Look in the mirror and think about about what you are doing to the planet and other sentient beings. Killing animals is wrong.
    Your poor wording might have made me quote you.

    (Original post by rock_climber86)
    :facepalm: No he wasn't. Read this:http://michaelbluejay.com/veg/hitler.htmlHe was a meat-eater. Guess that makes all meat-eaters genocidal maniacs by your logic?
    Like the majority out there, he started off feasting mutton, chicken, venison etc. Towards the end of his life he wholly subscribed to the idea of not consuming meat in any form.
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