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Curry house chef prepared food after wiping his bottom with his bare hands Watch

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    (Original post by CAPTAINSHAZAM)
    So if its "common sense", why are you not using toilet paper to clean yourself instead of a shower...

    I Use both toilet paper and water.

    (Original post by ||TheUnknown||)
    If you dont like spicy stuff, we cant be friends :noway:
    I add hotsauce to pretty much everything

    (Original post by RobML)
    I add hotsauce to pretty much everything
    So you like to make all your food taste the same, and yet felt entitled to be snobbish about other people's preferences earlier ITT :confused:

    (Original post by RobML)
    Anyway, I fail to see how one could genuinely find a whole subcontinent's cuisine "disgusting" unless they had the dietry finickiness of a toddler.

    (Original post by a noble chance)
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    What colour tie am I wearing, Mr Inspector?

    (Original post by moggis)
    As someone who read the Daily Mail for 10 years* I get really annoyed at reading utterly biased views on it on this forum.

    I was going to let your criticism of it go however as I've come to realise that defending the DM is a complete waste of time and that even students or graduates are as biased as anyone else.

    But then you mentioned a specific story.

    So looked it up and while I'm not going to stick my neck out and say it's in fact true,what I can say is that if it's not true then it's not the Daily Mails fault!

    Seeing as they have pictures and quotes of the young woman and even have a picture of her,apparently taken in hospital,with a bloated stomach.

    Maidstone hospital it apparently was.

    According to the DM she wanted to publicise this unfortunate episode as she wanted the effects and symptoms of toxic shock syndrome to become more widely known.

    Which by the way is one of the things the DM does really well.

    Informs people about various illnesses and tells them what they can do to recognise and/or prevent them.

    As I say though,it could all be a hoax -or exaggerated as you say-but not perpetrated by the DM, and if it saves a life.....

    One other thing ,the DM website is aimed at the type of person who watches 30 second adverts regularly just to watch a footballer score a goal or a celeb do something.

    The newspaper itself is aimed primarily at intelligent,older middle class women.

    *no I wasn't a typical DM reader.The main reason I read it was because I wasn't ready for 'broadsheets'and the DM was easily the best value for money with lots of articles about books and history.

    Lol mate you took all that time to write that but no is going to read all of that

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