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(Original post by djmarkmclachlan)
AND... you're a sack with no social life. Being cool and having all your rep power and virtual mates on here doesn't make you cool in the real world, you know; it makes you a geek.

Might want to have a go at writing that first paragraph in English. Think you lost your train of thought half way writing the first sentence... Calling me a "dan" and KMTF whatever the hell, you're saying that's standard English now? I must really be missing something then because me and my mates (non-TSRers btw ) don't say them! We must simply not be cool enough though, damn...

:rolleyes: Who said anything about ''having loads of rep power''??? :confused: . . .And I don't have ''virtual friends'' moron - I post on here because I find out some info from other students who are in fact studying the same degree as myself! I know a select few from that - what is wrong with that???? . . .Oh did I tell you I have friends in the real world???? . . . :shock: shocking, I know . . .

LMAO Its Clarts like you who make me laugh . . . I have jus given you the biggest clue as to where this slang originates from. . .but you won't understand, not many people do!


EDIT: On that note - thread is being closed - can't be bothered to listen to such garbage from a kid!
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