Is my friend being spiteful in this email he sent me?? Watch

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(Original post by Profesh)
And don't forget to sign it, 'Jorumally yours, Cooites'.
Don't knock my handwriting; I've been influenced by the most incompatible of written languages. Hebrew, Koine Greek, and Elder Futhark add up to the strangest system when applied to English. :o:

Ah well. Just as long as 'Cooites' isn't corrupted into 'coitus' or whatever else.
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(Original post by Tootles)
Maybe they've tried to contact you before and you never saw the emails, for whatever reason.

Anyway, contact them back and apologize.
I've had contact from one other person in sometime in early August, but I called them back and we spoke for a while, but 'cos of work etc, it'd have to be organised for the week before uni and they were all perfectly fine with it. I've helped in planning the trip, provided resources, given up some time etc, and I'm treated like this?

And nope, it was sent at about 3pm and the sender of this email's a Muslim IIRC. :awesome:

I don't even know if I want to go on this trip anymore tbh....
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Anyone else??

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