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Completely dead then I think, sounds like the motor's failed. Hard drives are such delicate things, and they were never ever designed to be shoved in tiny metal cases and sit on your desk, just begging to fall off the side. External HDDs are one of the least reliable forms of storage.
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(Original post by museobsessed)
Hey guys
So.. my laptop got all full up, so I had to buy an external hard drive. Got it, put everything I had on it, documents, photos, music, everything. Then I dropped it (i'd had it about 8 months by this time). This wasn't the first time i'd dropped it but this time it suddenly went wrong. I took it to the computer shop and the guy there said something about the hard drive not spinning, so I had lost everything. Can anyone explain that? is there any other way I could get my data off the hard drive (I still have it)
If not, is it a good idea to get my laptop and restore it futher and further back until the files appear again? my laptops pretty crap and I want a new one so i'm not too bothered about doing that if it will get me my files back (obviously i'd lose any changes i'd made since i put them on the laptop)
finally: yes I know i'm a retard for not backing up. I thought it would be enough to have them separate from the computer :sigh:
Same thing happened to me. Was so angry about it. I tried everything I could do. Took it outta the enclosure and bought a new one but nope nothing works. I still have it like 8 months on taunting me with data I can't access

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