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Now, nobody's arguing that Adebayor's stamp was unprofessional, banworthy and downright scrotish. Behaviour of that manner is intolerable in the modern game, and while I really do like Mark Hughes his defense of it was foolish to say the least. I'd like to think it's only a small minority of City fans who agree with what he said, but that's neither here nor there.

But the celebration nobody seems to be agreed on. Reactions have varied wildly- was it justified, unjustified, hilarious, stupid or a crowning moment of awesome revenge?


I figure that given the ceaseless abuse he received before and during the game, his celebration was (if not a little foolhardy) understandable. In my mind, the overreaction of the Arsenal fans is something Arsenal should be held accountable for. I remember Sylvain Distin's badge-kissing antics on his return to Eastlands a while back, and while we were infuriated with him we didn't batter stewards and chuck bananas. You could say that the stick was deserved given his comments about Milan and whatnot, but considering the continuing adulation of Cesc Fabregas despite his flirtations with Barcelona, it's a bit of a hollow argument really.

Anyway, enough of my opinion. What do you lot think? Cut the gloaters some slack or throw the book at 'em?

(Try and curtail the hostility, please )
It depends on the goal, if it is a beautiful goal that is something not expected, then let them celebrate, otherwise Why are the celebrating?

Be sporting and grab the ball out of the net and take it back for a kick off.

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