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Im annoyed at my disabilities... watch


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    How bloody condescending of you, what makes you think i am not doing anything?

    Don't judge a person till you've walked 8 miles in their shoes.
    i thought the problem was that you cant walk 8 miles in your own shoes :holmes: not the best analogy to have gone with

    i like the house suggestions, maybe get a cane with some flames on it and get a vicadin addiction?

    on a serious note, if as you've said you're doing everything you can, then what more is there for us to suggest? i cant help but think this is more a cry for sympathy than for actual assistance

    (Original post by Studentus-anonymous)
    I don't think I'd manage 8 miles in your shoes. Since your apparently the most afflicted poor soul in existence.

    That's right, lash out at someone giving you realistic advice. What did you expect?

    I told you what you can do, see every medical expert/specialist until all options are exhausted, and then either enjoy a pain free life or knowing you've done everything you could, try and learn to come to terms with it.

    Get over yourself, really. There are people who are paralysed yet they carry on, people who suffer some really painful chronic diseases/disabilities and they try and come to terms with it and carry on.

    I'm done with you though, if all you want to do is whinge about it then fine but don't expect sympathy either.:nopity:

    Edit: *looks up*

    Lol wut?

    Two separate anon quotes of my post, two distinct attitudes. Oh lawd...
    As in the video I posted. Guys with paralysed legs (as in no mobility whatsoever outside a wheelchair) doing bigger jumps down montainsides than most people can do with fully functioning limbs. This seems to have gone over OP's head though..
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