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Little sister...big problem?Where do I draw the line on being a big sis,a friend... watch

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    Tell my parents
    Tell her how I feel
    Do not tell her but be there for her
    Do nothing,its just a phase?


    (Original post by lionheartedgirl)
    Im at uni...and Ive had plently off sex and enough experiance with drugs thanks...shes my little sister though and 15 years old is too young to be doing these things for the wrong reasons.We have some mental illness in our family aswell so you know Id like to discourage her from smoking weed...
    I think this is the difference between you being her friend and you being her mother sister.

    You're trying to make her decisions for her, rather then allowing her autonomy.

    Let her live her life, if she needs some help or guidance she can come to you. The only time your level of action is necessary is in very serious stuff. You got through drugs, sex and self harm just like her, why can't she do it on her own?

    I hope this isn't out of order, but it seems like its your mother you need to talk to. Its not fair of her to put so much pressure on your sister and it's probably what caused her to start drinking and smoking dope.
    You should try to get her to understand she should Back Off. But I wouldn't tell her about your sister smoking etc it will just end up with all the blame on her and you
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    Really interesting looking back at this a year later.So much has changed!We have a really good relationship,where i'm some sort of go between her and my mum.She can tell me stuff that she can't tell her mum and I try and help and deal with things how my mum would,but also with my own mind set of what its like being a 15 year old girl.
    She is happy with the set up and we trust each other alot.

    Get her off the drugs - they don't make the situation any better. Ask her why she is so depressed and do whatever you can to sort out whatever the problem is that is causing her to self-harm.
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