For anyone who is worried about going to the GP about depression... Watch

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(Original post by matt10101)
I don't know if I should go to the doctors, because i seem to have a weird version of depression, basically I only get depressed every 2 or 3 months for about a week at a time.

Anyone know if this is acctually a type of depression, or is it just me being weird?
I think that may be a form of Cyclothemia but I'm not too sure. Have a look on wikipedia.
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I had been contemplating it for months. Suffering potentially for years but I always argued with myself that I couldn't have depression since I was so happy really, I was just lazy.
But over the last year I have realised there is definitely something deeply uncontrollably wrong, beneath the conscious happy optimistic and highly rational layer.

So finally I just went for it. Sitting in the waiting room my heart was beating crazily hard and I was shaking a little, but also very easily amused. I was looking at a poster which said: "Hey Girls! Don't ignore your invitation for cervical screening. Be cervix aware" but it had the most random picture of some really pedestrian middle aged man who had nothing to do with anything. I wondered to myself why this man? Did they just find him on Google images? Does he even know he is the face of cervical screening?
Then I sat there laughing to myself, trying desperately not to with everyone staring at me...

Anyway, what did you doctor recommend exactly? Mine looked pretty concerned (I suppose especially because he knows my father's mental health history) and because I had expressed a desire not to take any drugs he just gave me some numbers to call for counseling and a website address to do my own CBT at home. He said I shouldn't rule out drugs though and should get back to him if I have any problems.
I am not that hopeful about the talking therapies anymore though, I thought trained professionals would recognise what they were dealing with in me and know how to fix it. So far they all act like they've never heard anything like it when I try to explain. Just my first impressions, I'll keep at it and see...
Which website was this?

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