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Is a motorcyclist allowed to do this? watch

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. Not that it'll do much good for my health - I'll be more likely to call their bluff now and hence more likely to get hit, but as long as I'm in the right that's ok :p:

    (Original post by BandManDan)
    Don't you just love microsoft paint!
    Yes, indeed I do Thanks for the compliments on that too everyone

    (Original post by Hopple)
    Hopefully the drawing and my explanation will make the situation clear. There is a road with 2 lanes in each direction leading up to a traffic light junction. The light is red, hence the double queue in the top half of the picture. There is a traffic island about 15m away from the traffic lights, which I am crossing to. I only looked to my right as that is the only place I thought traffic might come from, and crossed because it was clear.

    Halfway to the island I hear tooting from my left, and I turn to see the motorcycle heading towards me on the wrong side of the road (it was overtaking all the stationary traffic). It then nips back to the correct side with the rider shaking their fist at me.

    Who had right of way there? If I had been a vehicle travelling on the road then I would have, but as a pedestrian crossing the road? What if it had been a (non-motor-) cyclist aiming to turn right at the lights?

    Here is the picture: http://i28.tinypic.com/2yuacs0.png
    Consider a normal road. Assuming that the line is unbroken, an overtaking manoeuvre may be performed. As long as the rider stops or pulls in before he reaches you, this is legal, and he is still giving you right of way, if being a little alarming.

    However, since there was a traffic island, there must have been a bollard and arrows indicating overtakers to complete their manoeuvres beforehand. It was illegal, but nothing to do with you as a pedestrian. The motorcyclist would also obviously not have been allowed to continue past the crossing and skip the red light by going on the wrong side of the road.
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