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      (Original post by moonlight_freakout)
      no offense, but manchester isn't a top uni...

      Manchester isn't as good as it used to be, in league tables they've continued to fall.. (if u care about league tables?)
      but erm, they're both Russel group uni's, so are highly respected and are both great party uni's so.. u haven't missed out,
      if anything it's probably more of an advantage going to Notts. mate

      (Original post by lawbird)
      Ok i'm at Notts in my first year and i'll try to sum up my experience so far.

      Basically, I had exactly the same dilemma as you. I took a year out and one of my best friends was at Manchester, so in my year out I used to go and visit her all the time, and pretty much thought I was set on Manchester. I applied to Notts on the off chance that I would get an offer because its law school is amazing, and luckily I got a place and had to decide between Manchester (which I had my heart set on) or Notts which was far far better for my course.

      I went to Notts on the open day, and I can honestly say that I fell in love with it there and then. I adored the campus, once you go you will see for yourself it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I got the chance to meet some people who were in their first year and it seemed as though they adored the place. People always told me that as soon as you find the uni for you, you will just "know" and I totally did. Anyway, in the end I decided to go for Notts, and it was the best decision of my life.

      I would definitely recommend going for catered halls, I know everyone says that the food is **** bla bla but it really isn't that bad, and its worth putting up with the food purely for the social side of it. I'm in Derby and we have a mix bar where everyone goes for lunch, so there's always someone around the hall if you're ever just wandering around there are people everywhere. Dinner time is probably the best part of the whole day!! (seriously) it starts at 5.30 and ends at 7 and pretty much the whole hall just sits in the dining hall for 2 hours and wanders around chatting to everyone, if it wasnt for dinner time I wouldn't have met half of the friends I have met.

      Another thing Notts does is "Karnival" (Karni) - it's the biggest student run charity organisation in the UK and basically there are 6 karni reps for each hall who were in the hall last year, so they are 2nd years, and they come to halls every day and sell tickets to things throughout the week and every saturday there is a rag raid. Rag raid is when people in the hall can sign up and we get on a double decker bus and go to a different city every week dressed in fancy dress and collect money for different charities. Then on the way home, we have bins full (actual bins) of alcohol (it's called karni cocktail it consists of vodka, lambrini, cider, blackcurrant and cherryade all mixed together) and everyone just drinks and gets messy and its the most amazing thing. It sounds ridiculous but as long as you're in a hall where lots of people go it is literally the most fun ive ever had. Rag raids have MADE my first term, and once again if i hadnt gone to rag raid there are so many people i would never have met.

      Nottingham is just a really sociable and welcoming university. There are so many different opportunities and things to do, societies are an amazing thing if you join one, and every wednesday is social night so if you're part of hockey society for example, you will go out with all your hockey friends and pre drink at a bar, then meet all your friends from halls in crisis (which is where EVERYONE in notts uni goes on a wednesday). And even if you just want to chill out at halls, every hall has a JCR where you can just watch tv and hang out. I'm never ever lonely when i'm at notts.

      I don't really know what else |I can say other than notts uni is genuinely the best place on earth. I only came home for christmas yesterday, and today I spent the entire day with 2 of my friends from uni (they happen to live down the road from me) and tonight another of my friends had loads of people from halls over to watch the x factor final! Wednesday night another guy has arranged a night out in London and so far about 50 people from notts are all meeting up and going together.

      It's pretty much impossible not to make friends and not to have a good time, and it may sound as though everything i'm saying is just about the social side of things, but clearly by what I have said I have been going out a lot and enjoying myself but it doesnt mean your studies have to suffer. I have been getting high 2.1's on all of my essays and even a few firsts which proves that it's still an amazing uni in academic terms as well.

      I'm sorry that my grammar in this post is so unbelievably appalling but I am super tired but just thought I needed to express my gratitude to notts for truly making me the happiest person alive.

      Choose Notts, you will NOT be disappointed.

      I actually could not have put it better myself. I was in Derby last year and it was definitely the best year of my life. I loved Karni and went to so many rag raids which made my first year! I'm only disappointed this year cuz we don't live in halls anymore but am already looking forward to the Derby Hall reunion dinner in Easter. If you're in Matlock, especially-expect fire alarms going off all night!

      OP notts has the best looking campus ever and each hall has its own bar and common room and library. Plus lets not forget Campus 14s.
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