how much time do you spend on psychology?


    (Original post by Gemma :)!)
    This is what you get told :-) However, I find that it doesn't take that much work.. it depends what grade you're aiming for I suppose. I have 10 hours of lectures per week, and then do around 5-6 hours of independant study when I don't have assignments due, but then it can get to be much more than this when work is set.

    My first semester I've had between 11-13 hours contact time a week (alternating weeks, guest lecturers etc) but this is spread over five days. Somedays I have 4 hours or 3 hours gaps so although it doesn't seem much time we do alot of walking back and forth to halls or having dinner etc in between lectures. We have weekly stats/research methods/SPSS exams which means alot of reading in your own time aswell as roughly an assignment a week so far. We have mid term exams and end of semester exams. Our research project in our first year seems to take up alot of my time etc so I would say I am easily in lectures/doing assignments/reading etc for about 30 hours a week. I also have a part time job for 12 hours a week.

    (Original post by elvis L)
    when did your semester begin?

    ok so,how much spend on homework a week when you DONT have a deadline,and how much time do you spend on homework a week when you have a deadline?
    and how many deadlines do you have in a year?
    My semester began at the beginning of October.

    When I don't have a deadline it's probably like half an hour a week.. Just the odd thing for lab classes or workshop when I have them. When I do have a deadline it's probably like 5 hours work in the week its due unless it's group work where the hours are spread out over a few weeks.

    I have 14 contact hours a week, and for every lecture I do around four hours of reading, outside of doing assignments. It's a heavy workload, but I'd rather that than not having anything to do.
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Updated: December 14, 2010
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