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    (Original post by IlexBlue)
    Who the hell just comes out and says this?
    "Man, I sure am stressed about that test!"
    "You should have an orgasm, it will help!"

    I agree with this!
    What the hell are you talking about, OP??
    If a close friend is feeling nervous about a test, you don't recommend they have an orgasm! What on earth were you thinking?

    Whether she masturbates or not is her business, not yours.

    What I want to know is why it matters so much to you, OP :lolwut:

    I mean, do you have to know?
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    A lot of you are saying it's none of my business and all that...maybe its not but surely when you feel sexually attracted to a girl and you have known eachother years, shouldnt you be open about such things and make things interesting?...i for one cannot stand boring conversation and i thought this would spice it up...it was 2am after all

    She is not a random girl...and yes i am aware its not a normal thing to come out with but when its 2am..bored..and all that, why not? she didnt take any offence to it, i even said after it was hard for me to say such a thing and she said "don't worry about it, it's fine "

    Surely guys know what im on about, i have liked her for many years just she lives kinda far away from me so its not practical and she has admitted liking me a few times in the past.
    We have talked on the phone before about intimate things in the past..not so much now but have done

    Basically it was 2 in the morning i was bored out my mind, she came online...conversation went a more interesting route than a usual boring convo would ("hey, hows you, fine thanks, bye")

    If she hated it she would block me, but she didnt..i am even texting her as we speak and she is texting back...so girls whats the problem with questions like that? if you have known eachother for many years you should be comfortable, if she asked me anything i would tell her...no big deal, were all adults here.

    i know its not a social convention but i break convention all the time ( i am autistic though so maybe that is why i do lol) but im glad im not being a boring predictable person.

    If she hated it she would of blocked me, told me to get lost...not be texting me back as i speak right now.

    So girls you seem disgusted by it, why?

    (Original post by OrangeSocks)
    "Not saying" generally means they do but they're just too embarrassed/shy to admit it.
    I also think this

    Some of us don't care about talking about stuff like that, but some of us do.. she's obviously just a bit embarassed about it!
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