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Let me get this straight..... Watch


    (Original post by JohnnytheFox)
    3) The fees are going up, yet university funding is being cut drastically. Everyone starting a course from 2012 will be paying three times as much for an education of poorer quality.

    That's hardly true. As you've rightly pointed out, funding is going down but fees are going out. See the logic there? "We won't fund you anymore, but you can get the money out of the students instead." To be fair, though, it won't cover the deficit in funding completely and the Humanities and Social Sciences will be the ones to suffer for that as they are the ones being the worst hit, given they've lost all funding whereas the Sciences haven't.

    I get that students are annoyed over Nick breaking his word, though. I'm ambivalent towards the whole thing, personally. I have no issue with the new system, nor am I really for it. I dislike that Humanities and Social Sciences have been utterly abandoned, though. Makes no sense whatsoever, but there we go. I was lucky and was under the pre-topup fees system and I've emigrated.

    (Original post by Ungeziefer)
    Therefore, the argument that the drastic cuts and the tuition fee hikes are necessitated by the economic climate is a red herring.
    Now that is something I agree with. Where do people honestly think the loans will come from? They come from the government. I reckon, though, that it will save some money as the rise in fees won't cover the deficit caused by loss of funding across the board.

    (Original post by Bosch)
    Your complaining about tuition fee rises, yet you dont have to pay them up front?
    You get to take out a taxpayer funded loan, for higher education, and only pay it back once your earning £21,000 (This is on the new scheme thier bringing in chaps)
    also, you do realise it's barely a debt? After 30 years it gets written off, and earning a minimum of 21,000 a year (remember thats the minumum for giving back!) you really won't be giving much back each year.
    I think it's quite fair to complain about massive fees being charged for a public service. If people weren't educated, society would soon revert back to the middle ages.

    Universities are a similar public service to colleges, secondary schools and primary schools. Would you be fine with children stocking up loans of £6k/year for their primary education?

    The fact that you don't pay anything upfront doesn't negate the fact that you still have to pay for it, and what has happened is that now you end up paying significantly more than you used to.

    Think of it this way. You can take out money to buy a Smart car or an Aston Martin. You have to pay back for both, but with the Aston you end up paying far more. That on it's own is not a bad thing, but you need to consider with less support from the government for universities, they lose a significant part of their ability to control what happens with the money and enforce standards and requirements. With less regulations, universities start thinking like businesses, and of making profit and the way they do that is empower the bits that gain them most money, and weaken the parts that don't. When this happens, there's a serious compromise on the quality of education. Less inclination for research, less inclination to hire better professors, make the cirriculum stronger, etc. So what ends up happening is that you end up paying the price of an Aston Martin on a Smart car. Kentucky Fried Education.

    Some degrees are affected more so than others. Keep an eye on the number of universities that stop or considerably lower resources for things like Philosophy next year.
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