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I've never used Facebook Chat...what sort of things do you talk about? Watch


    - Hi
    - Hi
    - How are you?
    - Good, you?
    - Good
    - Cool
    - Yeah
    - ok bye
    - bye

    (Original post by HannahW91)

    3. What sort of things do you talk about?

    Hot wenches like yourself! :sexface:

    1. How many converations do you normally have going at once? Whats the most you've ever had going at once? I'll normally have about 1 or 2. There seem to be a few people who pop up to me as soon as I come online (which is why I appear offline most of the time anyway).

    2. How often do you start conversations and how often do you just wait for others to talk to you? I only start them if I have something important to say to someone, I don't really have 'chatty' conversations on there unless it's with a good friend that I haven't seen in a while.

    3. What sort of things do you talk about? Is it serious or just chatty/jokey? It can be serious. There's no etiquette about the topics you can discuss as far as I know, just talk in a way that is appropriate for you to talk to that particular person. I'm quite paranoid about having 'private' conversations on there because I remember there was once a bug which allowed people to see other peoples fb chat conversations :eek:. So normally I use it for light gossip and catching up.

    4. How long do the conversations last? There's something about facebook chat that can make it quite difficult to hold a good conversation. I think it's because you have to keep the fb window open to keep it flowing so if you're browsing the net you soon forget about your conversations. I'd say about 20mins until I get bored.

    5. How do you start/end conversations? 'Hi, you ok?' and 'I'm going to <insert place> now, bye xxx'

    I rarely use it, it's **** and freezes.

    Julian (05:23):
    Hey, pooface.
    You never replied to my text.
    About the fun fun guns.
    I'm going to bed now.
    You'll be up before me. As usual.
    So I think you should reply to my text.
    Then I can read it when I wake up.
    And I'll be happy.

    Alex (07:45):
    LOL replied.
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