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    (Original post by hypocriticaljap)
    What a ********!
    So only vocational degrees are worth anything now!
    Only degrees that have good employment chances should be worth anything and only those worth anything should be funded. Mickey Mouse degrees should require payment up front from all those who want to waste their time and taxpayers money.

    To have degrees in

    • Surfboarding
    • Embroidery
    • Aromatherapy
    • Hairdressing
    • Golf management
    • Football & Celebrity Journalism
    • Dance with equine studies
    • Spa Management
    • Waste management with dance

    is a joke and will not give you as good job prospects as the following

    • Law
    • Medicine
    • Computer Science
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Architecture
    • Computer Engineering
    • Accounting
    • Biological Sciences
    • Geography
    • Physics
    • Maths
    • + More

    Those who take degrees that in the long term can benefit the economy should be rewarded whereas those that take Mickey Mouse degrees shouldn't - those who take Mickey Mouse degrees are a burden on the economy as they waste taxpayers money learning something that is not in any way going to get them a decent job where they'll pay back into the system.

    Whereas a Law student could be earning £30,000 + and paying tax into the system its a worthwhile investment by the taxpayer.

    A Mickey Mouse degree student won't be earning that and will pay probably the same amount of tax as they would have even if they hadn't gone to university.

    Education is an investment and some of the courses being offered are a joke and a waste of time to be perfectly honest.
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    (Original post by hypocriticaljap)
    You're a cretin who seems to think the utilitarian approach is the only reason for a higher education.
    I read crap like this from people like you and despair for the future of the UK.
    If you're going to post, at least back up your points. What exactly is the purpose of higher education, if not to improve the economy with a higher skilled workforce? If people are doing degrees that won't benefit the economy, why should those that will benefit the economy, have to pay them to have a free ride?

    (Original post by IFondledAGibbon)
    The government keeps saying it's a fairer system, with the minimum wage needed to start paying back the debt increased from £15,000 a year to £21,000. However, with the new system (and possibly the old one) people who do a 'Worthwhile' degree and get a well paid job are paying for those who do 'Mickey Mouse' degrees or simply don’t work hard enough. Those who go to uni for the experience and don't expect a good job from it are getting a free ride; as those who do work hard and get decent jobs after graduation have to pay the full whack.

    Am I missing something of does this seem unfair. However, I would like to say that although I don't like the new system I haven't seen many better alternatives…
    I completetly agree with this! People always say that university was created for the top 10% who are doing 'real' subjects (whatever they are) and so we should pay more tuition fees because no one does this any more.
    However, I'm in the top 10% and am doing a 'real' degree (maths)!! Therefore, I am technically funding people to do 'lesser' degrees, which is bloody annoying because I am who university was created for. Grr - I'm sure many people on TSR feel the same.

    (Original post by jb9191)
    How is it more?

    Some students graduate now with £30,000 worth of debt due to overdrafts and what not.

    Its a lot easier to just impose an equal graduate tax that all graduates have to pay.

    Even if they set it at £25,000 over 25 years then they would still get more money than they would now because even those on low incomes (most of which took Mickey Mouse or **** degrees) have to pay.

    £25000 over 25 years equates to £19 per week which is very reasonable to be fair.

    It would also put every single graduate on an equal financial footing straight out of university and every student would know what they would have to pay. As it would also be tax taken through the HMRC it would also cut out the over payment bull**** that the SLC are responsible for.

    Student A

    Comes out of university with a degree in Surfboarding and gets a job on £300 per week. £19 is deducted through graduate tax.

    Student B

    Comes out of university with a degree in Law and gets a job on £800 per week. £19 is deducted through graduate tax.

    How is that unfair?

    Student B clearly should be entitled to have money because they have

    1. Chosen a better degree with more prospects
    2. Are likely to pay more normal tax making them a bigger contributor to the economy
    3. Are more likely to have worked harder during university years so are now getting the rewards for it

    It will also mean less applying for Mickey Mouse courses and more applying for better courses with more lucrative prospects in the future and eventually Mickey Mouse degrees will be phased out through this.
    ?...and what about people who chose "real" degree but are working in low-paying jobs?

    (Original post by jakemittle)
    ?...and what about people who chose "real" degree but are working in low-paying jobs?
    They just pay the same as everyone else so they are not discriminated against. Everyone is equal and everyone pays the same amount.

    (Original post by jb9191)
    They just pay the same as everyone else so they are not discriminated against. Everyone is equal and everyone pays the same amount.
    That'll just encourage people to leave the country :P..also..starting from £25k and ending it after 25 years..how'll the Unis get enough money?
    And then, some people might end up paying more for their degree whilst others pay less as there is no link between what you pay back and the cost of ones degree..

    And then what about International Students?

    More importantly, what about people who do the exact same course at the same university but with different amounts of effort? Person A does sod all during his 3 years at uni except socialise, comes out with a 3rd and ends up in a <21k job and thus pays nothing back for his education. Person B works his *******s off during those same 3 years to get a 1st, gets a well paid job and then gets slammed by income tax/university loans. In what way is it fair that person B has to pay for the education of person A, despite the fact that they both had they both received the exact same amount of investment from the government?
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