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My boyfriends friend likes me?! Watch


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Im so confused! Im totally in love with my boyfriend, been with him just over two years.
    But suddenly his friend comes along, who hes got quite close to, and tells me he really likes me, he told me everything about how he felt about me and it was so sweet. Ive been liking him too though.

    I told his friend I wont tell my boyfriend, because I know it'll ruin their friendship. But I still want to be friends with his friend, because we were friends before.

    So everythings as normal apart from the fact I know my boyfriends friend likes me.

    Anyway, my question is, should I tell my boyfriends friend that I kinda like him too, but I would never leave my boyfriend because I'm in love with him?

    Im stuck, because if I dont say anything, and my boyfriend finds out his friend likes me, he'll ask why I never told him from the start.
    If I tell my boyfriends friend I like him too, then that can turn very bad too, if my boyfriend was ever to find out what I said.

    Sorry about the long question!
    Err....I can't believe people are seriousley asking for advice regading these types of questions.

    If I were to be in this situation I'd stay shut for sure.

    Who cares if your bf friend like you? As long as you don't go cheating on the bf, it's all gravy.

    And whats the point in complicating **** but either a. telling the friend you like him too or b. telling the bf about the situation.
    Way to create more problems for yourself.

    (Original post by riotgrrl)
    Am I the only one that would tell my boyfriend? Yes, it would hurt their friendship but lets be honest, the "friend" who told you he likes you is to blame for that. By telling you, he is acknowleging that he wants something to happen beyond the status quo and therefore basically that he wants to steal his friend's girlfriend. What kind of a friend is that?

    Agree with this completely.

    If he was a true friend he would of never told you.

    You sound like you don't know which one you want. Not gonna end well.

    The fact this guy told his friends gf of two years he liked her is disgusting in my opinion.

    If you want to stay with your bf then don't say anything to him about it and tell your bfs mate you are not interested. Your bfs mate must be a right nob for revealing his feelings, you don't say stuff like that to your mates girlfriend.

    Set him straight and don't tell your boyfriend otherwise it might end up quite the bloody mess. Literally
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    (Original post by Arcanine)
    Why does your UCAS say you've applied for 6 courses? o.O
    Ok so this doesn't relate to the thread at all..
    But following my rejection from Hull-York Medical School they offered to transfer my unsuccessful application to be considered by any department at either uni..
    Hence I'm being considered for biochemistry at york uni and have 6 UCAS choices
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Updated: December 17, 2010
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