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    WHAT???? I should be disgusted at mine. You were depressed because of your CRUSH AND YOUR FRIENDS???

    And such a petty excuse makes up for the grades. I should be given a better chance than you. And here I am with 2 bereavements during my exam time and i have to put up with "preparing for disappointment" Are you joking

    Getting into Medicine is competitive because a lot of people who are going into it are getting at least 10 A* in their GCSEs. My advice would be to pick the scientific subjects you want to study at AS-level and ask your college to enter you for a resit. If that's not possible then pay for it yourself. It may be a bit expensive but if you're going to apply for Medicine at top universities, then your C grades won't do you much justice, even if you do ace your A-levels.
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    back to thread again...peopleeeeeeee
    do ANY of you know WHERE i can retake Chemistry&Biology in London?
    I've been resear hing constantly but i cant find anywhere

    You got 5 A's overall and also A's in the only subjects that really matter in the long run (Maths and English).

    Answer = STOP WORRYING.

    first of all i'd reccomend you sit down and stop thinking negatively, your not going anywhere so whats the point in rushing and mucking things up?

    i'd start with an actual thought as to what you want to do, it sounds like you either:

    1. really want to do medicine, and kind of assumed you'd get there, but had a few bumps along the way.
    2. just like the idea of medicine, they way it would sound when you say you were a med student/doctor, and maybe you'd get to cut up a few people here or there.
    3. don't actually know what you want to do so you just listed careers that you'd heard of hence the 'i want to be a operator (surgeon), psychiatrist, vet, engineer, journalist etc etc.

    after you've done that, research different universities that offer your chosen course (be realistic here - it may seem harsh but your not really giving yourself a good chance of success if you only apply to places like oxbridge, imperial, ucl etc) and then look at their entry requirements, what kind of subjects they want and at what grades.

    after that, you should phone up local colleges/go on their websites as to what GCSEs they want for the courses you need, and then find out if they offer GCSE resits, or the nearist private examination centre.

    PM me if you want any help i may only be the same age as you, but i like to think i can be a good ear for somebody going through a bad patch.

    OP: one thing worth noting is that you are predicted higher in lit then in lang, very unusual.

    (Original post by Lawlet)
    OP: one thing worth noting is that you are predicted higher in lit then in lang, very unusual.
    At my school, more students do better in Lit than in Lang, though it does seem unusual to have two different grades predicted for them. From my experience, the people who did better at Lang than Lit often couldn't be bothered to read the books or poems properly, which is a shame.
Do you agree with the PM's proposal to cut tuition fees for some courses?
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