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I'm gona lose my girlfriend!! Watch

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      How long have you been together?

      Heh, I'm the other way - tongue-tied when in a relationship. Maybe don't spend any more time on the computer? Read a book or something or go out and play in the snow. Think like it's a holiday - you wouldn't want to go on Facey or MSN on holiday, right? Or text much.

      Hopefully you will then find your horizons broadening outside your relationship, and it'll make her do a bit more chasing and you may find the roles reversed! (Eventually you'll then start feeling guilty and work to go back the other way - we're slaves to cycles, us humans.)
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      I think also you both need your own interests and friends because if you become dependent on each other then that's when things go wrong.

      (Original post by tekkers90)

      I have a problem.....and its my fault.
      I am terribly in love with my girlfriend, (Man up you're gona say, but, I can't help it can I!), and I'm being too clingy, but I just can't stop...

      We're away from each other at the moment. The thing is, when we're together I'm not clingy or anything at all. When, we're together we are almost always with her friends, so, I just accept that, and just love being by her side. But, as soon as I am away from her, and like at the moment I am away from her or 2 more weeks, I start talking complete **** on msn! I send too many facebook messages!! I ask too many stupid questions! "Are you finding it hard us not seeing eachother?" asking too much questions the past, telling her I miss her, far too f*****n much! But, I'm just saying the truth! And I feel like I will lose her......

      Shes the one in the relationship which is the "I can live without you in my life...".....I need to switch it!! I need to be that person in our relationship!

      What do I have to do guys? It hasn't gone far enough where she has brought it up, so, its now that I have to change! Because when we're together its amazing, its just inbetween, I say and act stupidly and pathetic!

      From tomorrow, I'm not gona send messages and crap. I'm going to back off, just be happy that I am in a relationship with someone I like a lot and, let her be the one to initiate future messages/conversations until I see her again in 2 weeks.

      Advice please!
      yes you can

      Don't be a clinker nobody likes it, give her some space, sometime and control your emotions.


      (Original post by SoapyDish)
      Talk to her about it. If you suddenly back off when you've been as keen as you are now, she'll think something's up and that you're no longer interested. It might be that she loves the attention, and just is not as obvious about how she feels.

      I swear 99% of H&R threads can be answered with "talk to them"...
      I always say there's one word which solves the vast majority of threads..hell probably all of them...

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