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Wisdom Teeth :( Watch


    When I was about to leave 6th form (and loose all my free NHS healthcare :awesome:) I went to get a full check up. Anyway I had all four of my wisdom teeth right beneath my gums. That was years ago and they are still there, just under my gums and not causing a problem, so don't worry so much!

    Just be warned that in England dentists tend to rip them out even though they aren't a problem (Not that I am imping that they do it for the money *cough*). I know this because I am an expert on the subject having spent 6 years studying dentistry at Oxford second looking the topic up on Wikipedia.

    Just thought I'd let you all know I've just got back from the dentist and he gave me 400mg metronidazole , and he's referring me to the hospital to hAve the ***** taken out.

    I wish I knew what was happening with my wisdom teeth....
    I moved areas when I was 14 so didn't have a dentist, got put on a waiting list, finally got allocated a dentist at the age of 18, 30 miles from my parents house, and this was three months after I moved to uni even further away...Now my dentist is 60 miles from my house....not exactly practical.
    Last and only time I went there the dentist said I had stunted growth in all my wisdom teeth, so they are all just partly sitting there in my mouth - sometimes they hurt sometimes they don't, but as I don't drive 60 miles is a stupidly long way for me to go to get it checked out....Maybe one day Ill get a new one in my new town :/

    I'm going to tell you my experience, bare in mind it was the worst case scenario, 9 out of 10 people probably have a better experience.

    Didn't really read through the whole thread so dont know if yours are impacted, anywho, here goes.

    I would say that you should definately go for general anasthesia, i have a fear of being knocked out so it wasnt an option for me. Go for GA especially if the taste of blood freaks you out, or the noise of the drill ( this was actually pretty cool, wasnt painful but it felt like your whole skull was vibrating.)

    About 3 months ago i had 2 wisdom teeth taken out, each one seperately in the space of 9 days. The first one removed was my lower right tooth, i had local anasthesia and it only took 15 mins tops to remove the tooth. Honestly the worst part was just the healing, the actual procedure was pretty painless.

    The second was hell though, it took 1 hr 30 mins for just one tooth (the lower rleft). Honestly it got to the point that i was praying that i pass out from the pain midway. In total i had to have about 12 local anasthesia injections cos it kept wearing off. Thats not even the worst part though, the roots of my tooth had been wrapped around my jaw bone (or something like that), so he had to chip away pieces of my jaw bone.

    From what i've learnt is that the more intense the procedure is, the longer the healing time and the more swelling you get.

    Anyways you might wanna ask your dentist for disolvable stitches, i didnt get them cos my dentist said something about the protein in them makes them not dissolve well in the gums. It saves you having to go back and get them removed.

    I'll say one thing though, expect to lose some weight because you might have trouble eating, i lost about 12 pounds in the two weeks. You can barely open your mouth enough to fit a spoon.

    Hope i didn't scare you but like i said, worst case scenario here so chances are it wont happen to you. Don't worry about the actual procedure because it should only last between 15mins- 30mins (normally).

    Make sure you rinse with salt water, because i have heard that getting dry socket is the most excruciating thing.
    1 -Stick to cold foods (ice cream/ yogurt etc)
    2 -Start eating solid food when you feel comfortable doing it ( dentists usually say after 24 hours, but i couldn't do it for like 3-4 days)
    3- Keep an ice pack on hand (to reduce swelling)
    4- Pain meds are a must
    5- Most importantly, even if you get the urger, don't spit. This is because the force with dislodge the blood clot and could lead to dry socket.
    6- Take advantage of people feeling sorry for you

    Once its over you'll be glad, and you wont remember the pain.
    (sorry about the essay of a post i wrote)

    My dentist has said to me that I don't have to get mine removed unless they're causing me pain- which they're not at the moment. But my Dad had his removed and said that while it was a little worse to having other teeth removed, it certainly wasn't unbearable- and he's usually a wimp!
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      Just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out under general anaesthetic yesterday! The op went smoothly, all I can remember is the injecting and gassing, took about 2 hours if that and returned home the same day. Taking a cocktail of painkillers since yesterday and can only eat very soft food like weetabix with warm milk very slowly cos my whole gums and jaw ache like a ***** atm. Surgeon said it'll take roughly a good week before getting back to normal. The reason for my op was because lower left was impacted and it was decided that it would be sensible to take out all four as i was being knocked out!!
      Good luck on deciding what to do

      (Original post by Katie_T)
      Hi, had my regular dental check up yesterday, turns out i have a wisdom tooth coming through on the top row of my teeth

      My dentist said i am likely to need it taken out, cleverly i came home and googled wisdom teeth and have now scared myself about having them taken out
      I'm pretty nervous when it comes to visiting the dentist and now im not sure i'll be able to go through with it!

      Has anyone else got wisdom teeth and kept them /had them taken out?

      if you google "NICE Guidelines for wisdom teeth" you'll find a document that all dentists should be adhering to. Wisdom teeth are only really extracted if they are damaging other teeth, have decay which can't be filled, has an infection or has recurrent bouts of something called pericorontitis (which shouldnt happen if you brush your teeth properly!). otherwise they don't normally get extracted.

      I've got two wisdom teeth coming through at the moment which are due to be taken out in a few months as part of another treatment. Unfortunately one of them has caused me hell over the Christmas period when it decided to get all infected! I've had two types of antibiotics but even now there is a big open wound in my cheek! If your dentist has advised you to have yours removed then go for it, mine has caused me so much pain!
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