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Epilepsy? :( Watch


    (Original post by .Ali.)
    DISCLAIMER: Yes, I know you're not doctors, and any advice you give me isn't approved medical blah blah blah. I don't care, I'm sightly worried and I want some advice or reassurance.

    Right, so, I'm starting to think I might be epileptic. I have 'twitches' all the time, when I'm awake and stuff. They're really violent, and they cause me to drop things and knock into things. They don't affect me in any major way, other than people thinking I'm extremely clumsy lol. As far as I can remember, these have been happening since I was about 12.

    I also often get a weird feeling of distortion with the world, followed by a rush of anxiety, and then I either have a really violent jerk movement, or I just...sort of...space out. I can't really remember what I do when this happens, but I remember it's happened, if that makes sense. :s

    I was tested for epilepsy when I was 11 but it was clear. Is it possible to develop epilepsy later on? Also, does it sound as if I might seriously have it? Or am I just panicking, haha. Thanks.

    Oh, and anyone with epilepsy or who has knowledge of it, your stories are welcome. Does it mean I can never drive if I have it?
    Although I don't have epilepsy, one of my friends does, and he got diagnosed with it at around 14-15 maybe? He blacks out for no apparent reason, however he seems to have "grew out of it" and now hardly ever, if ever in fact, has these, and he's allowed to drive.
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      (Original post by .Ali.)
      Do you still have seizures now?

      From that link you sent, the symptoms I get are:

      stiffness or twitching in part of the body (such as an arm or hand).
      a ‘rising’ feeling in the stomach or deja vu (feeling like you've 'been here before')
      getting an unusual smell or taste
      a sudden intense feeling of fear or joy.
      picking up objects for no reason
      talking 'nonsense' or muttering, or repeating words that don't make sense
      wandering around in a confused way.

      And then the myoclonic seizure things.

      Basically, is this enough to go to the doctors with? Or am I worrying about nothing?
      Go to GP. Sounds like valid concerns, and I'm betting you were tested previously for a reason.

      Tests for epilepsy arent 100% so it is quite possible to have a negative test but still be epileptic.
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