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(Original post by daiana)
A*A*AAAAABBBB - is that good enough?
Yes, they're fine
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(Original post by Mr C Back)
hmm depends, allthough one may be fully capible of acheiving highly, the extent to which they reach this can be somewhat dependent on the the enviroment they are in and private schools really just are a more inspirering and motivational academic enviroment to be in. Or at least this is what i have found being in both state and private schools.
I do agree with this actually. Even though you can put the work in yourself and study, the attitude of the people around you can be quite significant. For example, there are some complete wasters at my sixth-form which seem to drag the people around them down.
(Original post by daiana)
Maybe... but my problem is that let's say I thought I worked hard enough... and now I'm not sure where I've gone wrong or how to improve: here is where I think private school teachers could help.
Yeah, I can see where you are coming from. Also, a fresh start might be veryb appealing.
(Original post by Kayak)
In some cases yes- in others not so much! At my state high school the ICT teacher quit at the beginning of term and a replacement couldn't be found, so a class of 30 A/A* predicted students were given a maths teacher as a substitute, but pretty much left to our own devices because our new teacher didn't actually teach us anything. The whole class failed, minus myself and one other student- I got a B, they got a D. So I'm going to say that one's kind of the schools fault...! I went to ICT catchup every week after school to try and get my coursework sorted with a proper teacher, and even that wasn't enough.
Ok. In the ICT case yes, a private school probably wouldn't of let it happen but I don't think it's fair to say that all state schools are like that. It sounds like an isolated incident.

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