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Is Libya better off under Gadaffi or the Rebels? watch

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    (Original post by GwrxVurfer)

    The head of Tripoli's military council, Abdul Hakim Belhadj said:

    "We want to spare bloodletting, therefore negotiation and surrender is preferable," Belhadj said. "If this [the surrender] does not happen there is no other way except a military solution".

    So this guy is saying he doesn't want bloodletting, but says there is "no other way" if what there is not a surrender. He didn't say that civilians would be spared from his "solution" either.
    You've completely missed the context They're talking about ending the fighting and killing or capturing one of Gaddafi's sons. The military solution is not one of recrimination, killing former regime supporters after the war is over, it's referring to the problem of one of the sons when the civil war was still going on. And not mentioning civilians doesn't automatically mean the dude wants to kill civilians

    Its not so simple. It depends on who you ask in Libya. From most human rights perspective, human rights in Libya have deteriorated. Some Libyans do not support the extremely bloody NATO intervention. Some do not support the rampant torture, thuggery and abuse. Some do not support the attacks on Sufi's minorities (some minorities not all), women, and people with ties to the Libyan Jamahiriya. The issue was taking a resolution designed for peace and turning it into a resolution for total (aerial) war, with several thousand foreign special forces on the ground, bearing in mind that the Libyans actually had a miniscule military, thousands of special forces is nearly enough to knock out their defenses alone. Its not whether Gadaffi fell, but the manner in which their sovereign state was shattered by foreign intervention. And those anti Gadaffi trolls out there - you sold out your country to the very colonial powers that Omar Mukhtar resisted. Shame on you! And shame on us. Libya will be parted out and sold off. It may get back on its feet, and it may not. But the abuse of UN 1973 was the nail in the coffin of Western "Democracy" we were no better than the worst tyrants. Churchill often spoke of small weak neutrals trampled by iron armies of great powers, "liberated" from the misery of self rule. And the Western authorities, saying with a straight faith enormous casualty numbers that any credible analyst would know are simply propagandist. The whole thing stinks. Gadaffi was somewhat like the Fidel Castro of Africa. The savagery that has ensued is enormously depressing. Libya had one of the lowest violent crime rates in the world. Now I bet every 90 seconds some one is roughed up robbed or worse! Good Luck Libya! God Save Libya!
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