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Neverending headache watch


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    For a while now - perhaps weeks or months - I've had on and off headaches ranging from mild to quite bad, around the same area.

    I thought the headaches had stopped but they seem to have come back the last few days/week and are worse than before. Pain seems focused behind my right eye, the back of my head on the right side and gets worse if I move my head around too much. Usually it's not unbearable but it's certainly distracting and puts me in a bad mood/stresses me out. Sometimes it's more or less gone completely, other times it's bad enough that I need to take painkillers.

    It goes away with paracetamol but comes back again later/the next day. When I'm sleeping - I sleep on my side - it gets worse if I'm lying on my right side.

    I haven't been to a doctor - partially because I thought it was gone for good, partially because I've been before about headaches (admittedly, years ago) and was just told it was anxiety or whatever. I'm worrying about what it could be this time. It's worth mentioning that my sleeping pattern is entirely messed up; I've been going to bed at 6-7 and waking up at 4-5. I have a skylight above my bed so I sleep in daylight. I also use the computer for most of my waking time.

    When I woke up today, my right eye was watering a lot. It's stopped now and feels kind of dry. Another thing worth mentioning is that I've been taking more paracetamol recently - over the past few months - sometimes most days for a week or two, although usually only once a day and I never exceed the dosage.
    I have had constant headaches pretty much all day every day for the past nine months. After numerous visits to my local Hospital / GP, X-rays, huge numbers of physical checks and the opinions of about a five different Doctors, the overall conclusion was that it was a stress band. Brought on by some event and only made worse by Exams and other factors during my past three quarters of a year.

    I was genuinly sure I had developed a blood clot or a brain tumour was about to squish my brain to one side.

    Its important to go to a Doctor and have this clarified. Especially so if it remains in one place. Mine was formed in a band around my head and sort of moved to different parts at different times. Yours has been focused more, and considering its behind your eye, it could very well be sight-related.

    Book an appointment and see what s/he thinks. If anything, it should hopefully put your mind at ease. It could well be down to lack of daily hydration, stress related too, a pressure build up or, as I said, sight-related. In any case, they'll tell you what the issue is.

    I feel your pain! During my teens I had a headache that lasted none stop for 10 months.
    I had brain scans, i was on every tablet possible for headache and migranes. Then one day it just wasnt there.
    The doctors put it down to stress, but they couldnt actually tell me what was going on. But definitely go to the doctors!
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