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Olympic Games - Security Officer Job Watch


    your wrong you actually do get paid for the sia course . you only recive the pay after you have done 5 shifts for the olympic games then you will get it. ive done the interview and the sia course and on the agreement it says you do get paid for it.

    (Original post by Jordyy)
    I know the guy running the whole security operation. He's retiring straight after paralympics. It's the most secure olympics in history. Multiple military fighter jets on standby for it all. They have military boats of standby. Will be quite an experience for you whatever happens. Best of luck
    Click on this thread, see this post. Must post now just for lulz. :lol:

    Excellent post - says it all. What a shambles. And shameful to let down so many people who applied in good time.

    (Original post by greasymonkey93)
    I was watching the news recently to see that G4S has been unable to deliver the pledge 10000 guards it contracted to provide for the Olympics. Who am I you might be asking, well, I am one of the hopefuls that g4s intends to recruit to provide security in the Olympics and I am not at all surprised that g4s failed to deliver and could see from a mile away (or should I say months before it was reported by the media) that it was a disaster just waiting to happen did I suspect g4s would fail to deliver, all will be explained.

    I’m just a young teenage student, 19, who was finishing my last year in A-levels and was told that g4s was recruiting workers for the Olympics. I thought what a perfect opportunity, to get a job in the long 8 weeks holidays that me awaits after my exams until university and a perfect chance to earn a bit of extra money, personally the Olympics does not excite me at all, only benefit I could see from it was economically, jobs created, GDP increase and all the improvements that were occurring in east London.

    So I applied, the usual application form etc. and I had an interview and passed successfully, to be honest it was really easy that the random layman could pass it. The interview process was the worst I have ever experienced, lacking organisation and structure. The fact it was so poorly organised and easy to pass was frightening; here is the largest security firm contracting one of the biggest event in London’s history and you had people coming in casual clothing, not even smart, and successfully passing, delays were ridiculous ( my time appointed was 10am...actual interview was at 11.30am) it just looked as if though groups of people were just queuing up to get lunch or something and once they received it (congratulations letter) they went about their casual day to day business.

    My interview occurred in early March, I’m guessing now around the 7th and I received a letter in the day stating something along the line congratulations we will be contacting you shortly.

    A month passed and I was getting anxious about my application, I had friends around me who I passed on the message about the job prospect and others who already applied telling me they are at the next stage. I was at stage 2 and I called g4s recruitment line; it took me 1hr and 32 minutes to get from position 22 to 9 on hold and after that I just gave up and hang up preferring to email them instead. I emailed them numerous times on a special online form that can be found on the g4s website; after emailing them about 7 times in the space of a month I got one email from them stating that they are processing 1000s of applicants and cannot investigate individual applications, instead I should be patient and I will be contacted shortly - this was the trending excuse I received every time I contacted g4s in the times to come. I emailed G4s several times between this email and the next time I called them which was in mid June.

    Break down of what happens in the recruitment stage:

    1.Interview 2. Security checks and vetting 3. Training and confirmation letters 4. work schedule

    I was at stage 2.

    So I waited and waited and waited and waited some more, until I decided to call them again. Meanwhile I had friends who applied months after me but already have been through each stage and were just finishing training. Whilst I had many friends and people I know in similar positions as myself. The fact I had received the ‘congratulations’ letter prevented me from job hunting because i thought i had the job in the bag- how can i be so naive. On calling them, this was around June 20th, they gave the same recurring response - they are processing 1000s of applicants and cannot investigate individual applications, instead I should be patient and I will be contacted shortly- at that point I had enough and emailed every possible contact relating to g4s that’s including things like services @ g4s etc. which had nothing to do with recruitment but was worth a try to find out what was going on!! They replied stating it’s the wrong department to email and I should notify recruitment instead; little did they know I had already done so about 13 times with no corresponding email at all.

    I called again in early July raising my concern about the fact the Olympics was so close yet I was so far from working. From that call, they took my details and tracked my application, they said that after 5 months on painstakingly waiting i was still at stage 2!!. I inquired about what’s going on and they responded by saying it’s out of their control and I have to contact screening at g4s only via email as they did not have a contact number. So I emailed them and to my surprise they replied swiftly with a vague email that work schedules will be going out commencing July 7th Monday I believe. I emailed them again letting them know about my situation was and that I have not even done training to even work they responded with the same answer; they are processing 1000s of applicants and cannot investigate individual applications, instead I should be patient and I will be contacted shortly.
    It was funny that on Wednesday evening July 11th I saw g4s in the news, immediately after I got calls from several of my friends telling me what they had seen to.

    I only tell you this to expose g4s for the poor security company they really are, they had more than enough applicants which they are not taking advantage of to deploy and more than enough time to train them and have them ready. I am not the only who suffered from the horrible recruitment process as friends have told me about their torrid time.

    and by the way they didnt even email me as they promised in an earlier email- its not a surpirse- g4s continuosly saying things which they cannot live up to

    Which Brand would you like to be?
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Updated: July 16, 2012
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