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Who has guinea pigs?


    I've had 3 in the past. One of them called Jerry lived with a Rabbit (I know they shouldn't have been together now!) he was lovely, multicoloured and not sure on breed.. He passed away from cancer about 4yrs ago.

    We had two move called Whizzy and Shivers, Whizzy was brown/black and felt like a brillo pad whereas Shivers was long haired, ginger with a white dot on her forehead. Not sure on breeds again, sorry. When Shivers passed away, a couple of days later we found that Whizzy had passed away too - companionship? I don't know Guinea Pigs are the best!

    I have 3 - I bought 2 of them together, bought a 3rd one, tried to introduce them, but the first 2 aren't having any of it! Pretty disappointing. We have a ginger & white one, white gray & brown one (which has different coloured eyes, one is brown and the other is blue!) her fur permanently sticks up as well which is really cute,, and a brown and blonde agouti one.
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    (Original post by Jabberwox)
    I had a guinea pig called Dusty who was white and brown, and she was soo sweet and intelligent she'd squeak noisily if she heard the back door open because she knew someone was going out there to get grass for her
    Mine do that lol. And they squeak if I'm cutting vegetables or crinkling a plastic bag because they think they're going to get fed.

    (Original post by m4nurul3)
    Tell me what breed of guinea pigs you have, what their names are, what they're like etc. I'm interested to see how many people actually have them.
    I have two, ones long haired and one's shorthaired, and they're called Coffee and Biscuit. Biscuit is quite shy but Coffee is always out and about
    We've got two boys, a ginger called Chewy (Chewbacca) and a white/brown/ginger mix called Patch. Chewy came first, and the kids said he looked lonely and needed a friend...he wasn't lonely, he is infact, and antisocial little grouch. Needless to say, them sharing a cage lasted all of a day.

    I now have two massive cages side by side in my house, with them flinging turds at each other through the bars and generally glaring at each other.

    I wouldn't change them for the world though, they make me laugh. If you dare to go in the fridge, the wheep wheep wheeping starts, and you better give them something to eat or face the teeth grinding from hell!

    Here's one proud guinea pig owner
    I got my first guinea pig at the age of 7 and have had them ever since. Atm I have two guinea pigs, Esther and Milo. Esther is soon 1 ½ years old and she is a mixed breed with longish, upright hair. Milo is three years old and he is a silver agouti.

    Guinea pigs always bright up my day and it's going to be really painful when I move as I won't be able to take them with me to the UK
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Updated: March 20, 2012
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