Recomend me a jacket please


    (Original post by LETSJaM)
    It will last you for life.

    <3 x
    Correct yes. But I think you have to be fairly stout to suit one otherwise it may just hang off.

    You might want to look for a used version as they look much cooler a bit worn!

    (Original post by Generic Student)
    I'm totally clueless about fashion and would like some jacket suggestions. I'm 19 and slim and 5'9. I been looking around asos and town but as I'm totally hopeless with fashion and have never owned a jacket I would appreciate if someone pointed me in the right direction or at least gave me an idea of what brands to go for or avoid. I basically want something casual and not chavvy in between 50-150pounds, don't mind the material, would prefer if it wasn't hooded but don't really mind too much.

    Also long should jackets be for my height - how far down should they go and would it be different for different materials?
    It really depends on what you want it for, and what you're going to wear it with.
    A wool coat, and peacoat, a leather jacket, a duffel coat, a cord jacket, a sports jacket, there are lots of different options. Casual and not chavvy - I would suggest a leather or cord jacket or maybe a duffel coat.

    Pick something good quality in a suitable colour that doesn't have visible branding on it. Generally for well known brands you will be paying £20-50 extra for the name, and hence you will get lower quality for your money.

    (Original post by Fields)

    Is that Alan Partridge's jacket? I thought I recognised it from somewhere.

    You people make me sick!...haha joke

    (Original post by Generic Student)
    ...have never owned a jacket...
    (Original post by samueljing)
    ...tbh i don't own a jacket either...
    Sorry for being so late to the party, but I was wondering - what do you wear on top of your sweater/jumper/shirt when it's cold outside then?!
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Updated: February 29, 2012
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