Rejected without looking at my grades?


    You could email the universities that rejected you and request feedback? Even if they can't provide it you have nothing to lose by asking. Good luck with your other choices
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    Thanks for all your feedback. It was much appreciated.

    I called UCAS - she looked through my form and said that there was no additional information that I could have put on my application that is not there already. My GPA was something the universities were supposed to ask me about but haven't.

    I did call the admissions office at both universities. The one at LSE was not very helpful, they told me to send them a "request form" and they would get back to me next week. I do not see anything coming out of it, but I am giving it a shot!

    But the one at QM was very helpful. She told me that it sounds like they misread my application. That the reason I was rejected was based on my high school grades, and that I should have received an email (which I did not) asking for my university grades. She told me to send my transcripts to them today, and she would likely submit my application for reconsideration. However, she told me that all the spots at QM are pretty much filled by now, but to try anyways.
    I have a feeling the case was the same for LSE, but I will not know that for sure now until I hear back from them via their undergraduate request form.

    I feel much more relieved, because as I said, it was not the rejections that hurt (I am very used to rejections!), but it was the fact that it felt like my grades didn't mean anything. I do not actually expect to get into either university even if my application is reconsidered since these are highly competitive schools to begin with
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    (Original post by MDS3)
    It was required to enter in all of your grades on UCAS, including your university grades. I've applied from a NA University to law in the UK as well. I entered my grades in the A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, etc format, and named the qualifications "Non-UK bachelor degree" or something. If they want to see a transcript they will ask you for it, usually via email. They do their own research to see what your grades mean, and you don't have to put in your GPA for this reason. Plus, they can calculate GPA themselves.

    Maybe contact them to say there was a misunderstanding, and your Uni grades weren't sent through UCAS... because it seems to me that they didn't know you went to university... or your personal statement was inconsistent with the grades you submitted (if you mentioned your uni degree).

    Good luck.
    I'm sorry I did not see your reply earlier (I got so many responses at the same time!).
    Yeah, I filled in Non-Uk bach degree, but did not enter in all my classes under qualifications. It was not a required field, and at the time I did not think that it was relevant to put in every single one of the classes I have taken (because that would be about 40 different grades to put in!). My thinking was that the GPA was all that counts, and as I emphasized, there was no blank for it.
    Both LSE and QM actually have GPAs that they are looking for, and it makes no sense for them to calculate 40 different marks and come up with a GPA by themselves when they could just ask me for a transcript.
    The UCAS woman made a similar remark on the phone as well. In hindsight, what you did was much wiser and I definitely should have done the same.

    Anywho, it looks like I've got the answers I came for. Thanks so much for your reply. Its helpful to get advice from someone that was in the same position.

    (Original post by ariannaka)

    my situation is somewhat unique from the majority of you. Basically I am applying to law in the UK from a North American university. I am set to acquire a degree in a few months, and I would be pursuing a second bachelors in the UK in law.
    That means I have applied through UCAS as an individual.

    I recently recieved two rejections, one from LSE and the other from Queen Marys. I am very familiar with what its like to be rejected so unlike many high school students I don't feel like its the end of the world

    Still, I do feel quite disappointed. I have a very good GPA (higher than what LSE and QM asked for), and I am coming from a pretty prestigious university in North America. I was rejected and these universities dont even know my grades because the UCAS application did not have a place to put my GPA. They never asked for my transcripts, and I was just rejected like that. The only grades they had were my high school grades. Much has changed since then!

    I also thought my personal statement was pretty good (but perhaps not good enough!) - I have a pretty good academic background in law, since ive taken about 3 law courses already and written several papers on the topic.

    That means I was rejected on the basis of my high school grades four years ago and my personal statement. I dont know, it just feels quite unfair. Is anyone else in the same situation?

    You should call them up and appeal and let them know about your situation. If oyu knew that UCAS didn't do your grades you definitely should have mentioned it in your personal statement!

    Just as a side note: many very high quality students (I'm talking A*A*A*A* type students) get rejected from Oxbridge. Law is a highly competitive subject at 2 very competitive universities.

    As I said, call and appeal! Probably your best bet as to finding out why they rejected you & trying to make them change their mind.

    Good luck!
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