Do I have ADHD?


    (Original post by mikeylfc1989)
    You do know they trial against placebo?
    Do you live in a Utopian society where everyone follows all the rules?

    The pills can work, and not placebo
    I often feel like my mind is a choppy pool full of snappy piranhas unmedicated and my productivity the same. When medicated its more of a clear pool with friendly goldfish and my productivity is much more constructive and systematic.
    On the other hand there is some kind of placebo effect or whatever you want to call it, in terms of motivation to do work, because I know I'm able to accomplish it in a less frustrated or distracted manner.
    Everyone has adhd-like symptoms at some point though, it's part of being human I guess. I suppose when they're intense and consistent enough to really be an impairment is when they indicate adhd. I'm pretty confident it's a real disorder too after the struggles in childhood

    Lots of exercise, good sleep hygiene, healthy diet - lots of veg and multivits . Ask yourself if uni lifestyle itself is having negative effects on your concentration. I'm realising more and more I need these to help keep my moods from going really out of control. Still not sure if that's just a part of adhd or more though.
    Supplement wise I've taken fish oil capsules and l-tyrosine (look up 'l-tyrosine adhd or something..) sporadically. Also lots of caffeine from time to time. Tend to find sugar really bad for me, even though I'm probably addicted to it!
    Also while it doesn't do anything for symptoms directly, have still found counselling beneficial. Good to have someone to just listen sometimes.

    I will give you that ADHD is very much over-diagnosed, but I do believe it is real and linked to low levels of dopamine and norepinephrine.

    I'm prescribed Adderall, which is perhaps the leading medication in the US (where I'm from). However, I take medication holidays on the weekend and supplement with L-Tyrosine, a multivitamin, and fish oil (these help with the crash).

    When I go to Edinburgh for grad school, though, I suspect I'll have to switch to something like Ritalin (which I've been on before and works just as well as Adderall).

    (Original post by makaveli33)
    ADHD is a psychiatric disorder which leads to hyperactivity.

    I have the same issues as you (apart from losing things, sometimes I do). However I do not have ADHD, perhaps you should read more on ADHD, to know what it actually is.

    I think you have a poor concentration and focus span rather than ADHD but that is just me.
    Incorrect. ADHD is just very badly named. There are three types of ADHD, only one of which is entirely about hyperactivity/impulsivity.

    I'm hoping that it will be renamed back to ADD in the DSM-V as the name also made me not consider it. It turns out that lack of focus is exactly what adhd is. There is even a subtype ADHD-Predominately-Inattentive, which is what it sounds like OP and myself have. Misconceptions and a stupid name mean it is probably under-diagnosed (where as straight ADHD is probably over-diagnosed). explains that these things are exactly what adults with ADHD struggle with :
    Poor executive function can result in several academic problems for students including disorganization, prioritizing, getting started and completing work, forgetting homework, difficulty memorizing facts, writing essays or reports, working complex math problems, completing long term projects, being on time, preparing and planning for the future, and even regulating and managing emotions.

    (Original post by makaveli33)
    Hyperactivity is excess in movement and restlessness, excess in movement and restlessness is important to figure out.

    If you think you have these specific issues then you are not directly ADHD full stop, there is still more to ADHD than that.
    Have you considered that you might have ADHD-PI? Its not an illness or a label but a real disorder. Neurons in the brain activate at different levels in an ADHD brain, and studies have shown genetic links. It also exists in other animals like rats, and there are medications which treat it by increasing focus and motivation.

    This screening test is exactly the same as the one my GP unexpectedly gave me when I went in to discuss sleeping problems and dyspraxia.

    (Original post by JustAGoodLAD)
    Do you live in a Utopian society where everyone follows all the rules?
    Do go on... I'm curious to know what point your trying to make.
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