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Roundabouts is holding me back, any advice please?


    I found them difficult aswell, just your time and relax, I used to get so worked up about them. Also look for a huge lorry to take cover behind :P

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    here ^
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    Thanks for all the advice and feedback guys, and thanks for that gif above. very useful.

    Well, i have had a few lessons since this thread and i feel my positioning and decisions have been a lot better then before. I have found that basically, just take your time when approaching roundabouts, approach it slowly and calmly and have a good luck to the right, if there's enough time to go then it's good to go. Just concentrate to the right, as you have the right of way to the cars of the left.

    As i keep driving im sure i will even get better at it and a few months/years down the line, i'll be looking back laughing on how difficult i found big roundabouts! :P

    When approaching a roundabout, don't look for cars on it - try and look for the viable gaps instead.

    (Original post by TrueUnitedFan)
    Any advice when it comes to turning right on roundabouts, going straight, etc,
    Doesn't sound stupid. It's easy once you can do it - but if you haven't been taught well, you can't be blamed.

    To start with, focus on having good lane discipline on the roundabout itself. Get into the correct lane early on approach and follow it right around to your exit.

    On the roundabout, make sure you're making checks all around the vehicle so you know the positions of others and you give them enough space. Signal at the right times.

    On the approach, watch the traffic flow patterns carefully and see what people are doing. Start to identify the gap you want, and adjust your speed to fit into it. If the traffic is heavy, you may need to stop and wait for a gap - absolutely fine. Just keep concentrating so you can take a suitable gap once you see one. Be patient, if there isn't anything, just continue to wait. Wait until there's a gap you're comfortable with.

    But ideally, you want an instructor to talk you through the procedure well. That will be the most helpful thing.

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Updated: March 25, 2012
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