Cats and hunting


    (Original post by thunder_chunky)
    Do you know why that is? I just assumed all cats were awesome hunters.
    I think we just kept them in for too long when we first got them so they became too domesticated. They now refuse to go outside in the winter or when it's raining :teehee: However, it does have the disadvantage of them refusing to go to the toilet outside, so they stink out the house instead :sad:

    My cats use to catch birds and bats (I have two and they would work together in catching their prey- even though they do not get on otherwise..)-they would just play with them (dead or alive)- though nothing was left gory behind (apart from one case)

    But then we told them off when they would bring them into the house so they have stopped doing it They are lovely really

    It is in their nature to act as predators (gives them a thrill) and they bring it home to you usually as a present (apparently sign of gratitude)..

    We had three pigeons that lived in our garden - two adults and a baby. The baby had only just started coming out with the parents when we saw our cat attacking it. It was a bit too big for her to manage so she just left it there. There were fluffy white feathers all over the garden - such a mess and I was really upset for the parent pigeons. I was so angry with her for doing it that I wouldn't stroke her all day.

    Edit: We also have birds that live in the shed and when the door is slightly open she would stand at the door so they couldn't go out and the birds would be going mental. She didn't even give them a chance!

    We live behind a field and our cat is a brilliant hunter, but we've fortunately managed to train her to never bring her prey inside any more. She's caught all sorts (a HUGE bird once, and she can carry birds without injuring them as well, so that she can 'play' with them later, ughhh) and eats mice etc in pretty much their entirety, only ever leaving behind the skulls. It's gross, but I really have to admire her stealth!

    My bf's cat is a house cat really but when he was living back at his Mum's he used to get outside sometimes. One day he was sitting staring at the drawer of a dressing unit and wouldn't move for ages. Turned out he'd brought in a rabbit but had been playing with it and it had escaped from him, and hidden in the drawer by crawling in the back of it. Marc managed to get it out so it escaped, only damage done was some pee on the clothes in the drawer

    Cat also brought back mice fairly regularly. I was heading to the toilet one morning and stopped to stroke the cat who was sitting in a doorway. He moved round and there was a half dead mouse underneath him.... boke!

    My moggie will catch just about anything.

    My Siamese on the other hand seems to wait for my moggie to catch something and then claim it as his own
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Updated: March 18, 2012
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