loosing weight on stomach area?


    (Original post by beth24xx)
    i have a really big belly and 'muffin tops'
    what exercises get rid of them?
    no specific exercises get rid of body fat on a specific part of your body

    the key is eating about 200-300 calories less than your 'maintenance value' - there's a few calculators that give you a rough idea of what this value (the amount you need to eat every day to just maintain your weight) is, and you can experiment with trial and error (and weekly weigh-ins) to figure it out more precisely.

    combine that with doing exercise

    Doing sit-ups tones your belly, you hardly lose fat doing sit-ups! You need to do afterburn exercises where you burn calories even after you've exercised e.g. strong cardio like running.

    Don't waste your time doing endless amounts of sit-ups because you will get little/no results, you will just get better abs but you won't be able to see them! Only do sit-ups and stuff if you have hardly any fat left on the belly.

    Eating a calorie deficit diet will also greatly help, try eating 5 times a day instead of 3, it increases your metabolism so you will burn the calories faster.

    All of the above should help you and you should get noticeable results in a matter of weeks. How do I know? Because it worked for me.

    (Original post by beth24xx)
    i have a really big belly and 'muffin tops'
    what exercises get rid of them?
    Just low body fat.
    It is the hardest area to lose fat from, and you can never lose fat from just one area, so get a healthy diet going and hit that cardio hard.

    calorific deficit, cardio, ta da, no more fat.
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Updated: March 28, 2012
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