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FBI WATCH Making cruelty visible Watch

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    Puerto Rico: FBI Cover Up Murder of Carlos Muñiz Varela
    see link for full story

    San Juan, Jun 4 (Prensa Latina) The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) hid the murder of Cuban-origin Carlos Muñiz Varela in Puerto Rico, in which already deceased terrorist Julio Labatut took part, denounced the National Hostosiano Independentist Movement (MINH) here Monday.

    MINH vice president, Héctor L.Pesquera, said that the political police of the United States also contributed to the concealment of the crime occurred on April 28, 1979.

    "The FBI has become an accomplice of Muñiz Varela´s assassins when it cover up informationof the participation of terrorist Julio Labatut and the names of the suspects of having perpetrated that and other political murders in Puerto Rico, such as that of Santiago Mari Pesquera," said the Puerto Rican independentist leader.

    With the murder of Mari Pesquera on March 24, 1976, when he was 23 years old, the ultra-right wing protected by the US security organizations looked for an overwhelming blow to his father, the socialist leader Juan Mari Bras, in a peak moment of the Puerto Rican revolutionary movement.

    "We summon FBI director Robert Mueller, to desist of obstructing justice and to make immediate delivery of all the information related to these murders to the Puerto Rican Department of Justice," said Pesquera.

    2nd read
    When FBI Director Mueller covered up the BCCI Banking scandal
    The White House self-inquiry, as predicted here a week ago, was a sham; its avid embrace by Criminal Division chief Robert Mueller is typical of Justice's inexplicable ineptness in the face of a vast criminal conspiracy. Dick Thornburgh bobbled his Pennsylvania race partly because of his BCCI failure.
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    Victory Against Repression: Carlos Montes Court Case Ends in Victory!
    By Committee to Stop FBI Repression |
    June 5, 2012
    see link for full story

    Los Angeles, CA - On June 5, 2012 Carlos Montes’ criminal court prosecution ended in a victory for Carlos and the movement.

    Carlos Montes’ home was raided on May 17, 2011, by the combined forces of the LA County Sheriff’s Swat Team and the FBI, by crashing his door down at 5:00 a.m., with automatic assault rifles drawn, almost killing him. He was charged with 6 serious felonies with a possible jail time of up to 18 years.

    With local and national support, via solidarity protests, call-in campaigns to President Obama and U.S. Attorney General Holder, local rallies and protests, and an offensive legal strategy, two felonies were dropped - this was a first partial victory. However the District Attorney still stated that they wanted Montes to do at least 5 years in state prison for the 4 felony charges remaining.

    The local and national Committees to Stop FBI Repression launched a petition drive and a “Call the D.A.” campaign, with phone banking and a robo call by Carlos to over 4 000 supporters, urging folks to call District Attorney Steve Cooley. The D.A.’s office was flooded with calls and letters.

    Montes’ attorney made several motions to get charges dropped on various grounds, but the Los Angeles Superior Court judge rejected them. Preparations were made for a trial, knowing well the state judicial system is not ‘fair and impartial.’ Montes and his attorney Jorge Gonzalez got widespread support and media coverage including in the Democracy Now TV show, La Opinion and the Guardian UK newspaper.

    The local D.A. on the case then sought for a resolution and proposed to drop three additional felonies, if Carlos pled “no contest” to one count of perjury. This proposal included no jail time, three years of probation and community service. Under advice from supporters, friends and his attorney Montes moved forward with this proposal.

    This is a victory for Carlos Montes and the movement against police political repression. A trial had the danger of him being convicted of four felonies with jail time and the additional old felony - a total of 5 felonies. At this point Carlos is out of jail, will continue to organize against repression, for public education, against U.S.-led wars and for immigrant rights. He is already planning to attend the protest at the Republican National Convention on August 27, 2012 in Tampa, Florida.

    Next steps: The local committee with supporters and rank-and-file members of SEIU 721 will hold a victory party to thank everyone who worked on this campaign and to help pay off legal expenses. It is set for Saturday, June 23, 7:00 p.m. Details will follow.

    Carlos wants to thank all the people, organizations, unions and community people who worked and supported him in this struggle against police/political repression.

    The struggle continues to defend the 23 other anti-war and international solidarity activists who are STILL under an FBI investigation for showing solidarity with the oppressed people of the world, especially the Palestinian and Colombian people. Stay updated via:!
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    Couple of reads about the taxpayer funded terrorists
    creating terrorism to get legislation passed so they can spy on you.

    Why is it allowed to happen?

    Well sparky the voter and taxpayer is not the brightest species
    on the block eh? That is why KY Jelly was invented.
    couple of reads about your bodyguards. Feel any safer?No?
    Suck it up and keep paying your taxes.

    see video first

    1st read
    Jun 05, 2012
    Judge estimates 30K secret spying orders approved yearly
    see link for full story

    By Michael Winter, USA TODAY

    By Greg Mathieson, Time Life Pictures, via Getty Images
    Federal judges approve about 30,000 secret warrants to spy on people in the USA every year, and the innocent probably will never know they were watched, says a U.S. jurist involved in issuing the orders.

    Magistrate Judge Stephen Smith writes in a new paper, highlighted by Ars Technica, that the 2006 total outstripped the entire output of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court since it was created in 1979, and the number is probably growing.

    The secret orders are authorized by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, known as ECPA. Smith writes that the volume of such cases "is greater than the combined yearly total of all antitrust, employment discrimination, environmental, copyright, patent, trademark and securities cases filed in federal court."

    2nd read
    Attorney: Ashcroft Gagged Nichols From Exposing McVeigh's OKC Bombing Conspirators
    Trentadue drops new bombshell on Alex Jones Show

    Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
    Prison Planet
    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    3rd read

    A Noble Lie McVeigh spotted in Army 1/2

    4th read
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    Why is lead FBI agent in botched Ted Stevens case still employed?
    Amanda Coyne, Tony Hopfinger | Jun 06, 2012

    In late spring 2008, FBI agent Mary Beth Kepner was in the throes of building a case against the late Ted Stevens, then one of the nation's most powerful senators.

    The case hinged on whether Stevens lied on his Senate disclosure forms about work he'd gotten done to his cabin in Girdwood, a ski town south of Anchorage, Alaska's largest city. Some of that work had been done by his friend Bill Allen, the head of VECO Corp., then the largest oilfield services company in the state.

    Kepner speculated Allen bribed Stevens by remodeling the senator's house when talking to a reporter in spring 2008. But "What was the quid pro quo?" she asked.

    In the end, federal prosecutors wouldn't find one. Rather, they'd allude to special favors Stevens did for Allen and VECO in return for the company's remodeling of his cabin when they successfully prosecuted him in fall 2008 for failing to disclose the renovations on his Senate forms.

    Yet Kepner's insistence in making a case against Stevens, even if the facts didn't all line up in her favor, coupled with federal prosecutors cutting corners, ultimately led to the judge in the case tossing the guilty verdicts against "Uncle Ted," as Alaskans called him before he died in a 2010 plane crash.

    Now, for the first time, Alaskans have a better idea of just what Kepner and her prosecutor cohorts were up to when they conducted their case against Stevens.

    An internal report released publicly by the Justice Department in late May outlines transgressions on Kepner's part, ranging from not documenting interviews to hiding evidence from Stevens' legal team.

    2nd read

    Only an FBI agent can make a collar. eh"

    To bad you don't know who Cyril Wecht MD, JD is.
    FBI agent Orsini went after him after he detailed FBI agents helped assassinate President Kennedy.
    It's ok, your tax dime was used to target him.
    google cyril wecht jfk assassination

    By the way your tax dime was used to remove this story from the internet
    by the FBI crime family.
    Sort of like FBI intellectual cleansing.
    keep paying those taxes.
    boo, did I scare you?

    Team 4: Lead FBI Agent In Wecht Case Promoted

    July 27, 2007

    It was two weeks ago that Orsini's checkered personnel file at the FBI
    was unsealed at federal court, revealing a five-day suspension in 1998
    for signing other agents' names on evidence reports involving seized
    drugs and money.In 2001, the FBI demoted Orsini, suspended him for 30
    days without pay, placed him on 12 months probation and ordered him to
    undergo mandatory sensitivity training.

    In that discipline report, the FBI found that Orsini, over the years,
    had failed to follow search guidelines, falsified official documents,
    engaged in an improper relationship with a female subordinate FBI agent
    whom he gave a pet collar as a gag Christmas gift, threatened physical
    assault of a subordinate and damaged government property by punching
    holes in walls and throwing chairs.

    The discipline report also said Orsini "made unprofessional and
    insensitive remarks on numerous occasions concerning sexual
    orientation," including once with a bullhorn when he called on all
    homosexuals to come out of their offices.Aas a supervisory agent, Orsini
    can make up to $117,000 a year.
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    see link for full story

    U.S. Citizen Put on No-Fly List to Pressure Him Into Becoming FBI Informant
    Posted: 06/07/2012 7:50 pm

    It didn't seem terribly strange to Kevin Iraniha when an FBI agent showed up at his door in August 2011 just after he returned from a whirlwind trip through India, Egypt and Iran.

    The 27-year-old Iranian American says the agent was "very friendly" and just kept repeating that, "You have been to a lot more places than we have and our job is to build relationships so if you see anything out of the ordinary and since you're involved in certain things that we're not involved in, and have expertise in, feel free to come to us without hesitation." He even met with the FBI agent once more after that.

    It didn't strike him as being a problem until this week.

    Iraniha, a U.S. citizen, born in the naval hospital in San Diego, California where his mother works in the Navy (she's an American born in Michigan) was bred in San Diego and is a known pro-Palestinian and anti-war activist. He just graduated with a masters degree in International Law with a focus on the peaceful settlement of disputes from the United Nations-accredited University for Peace in Costa Rica and was boarding a flight home to San Diego on Frontier Airlines this Tuesday, June 5, with his two brothers and father when he was informed that he is on a no-fly list.
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    Having to kill women,babies and children for American Oil companies ,
    has consequences , eh?

    couple reads about how your tax dime is spent for American Big Oil,
    you know the people who funded the President Kennedy assassination.

    1st read
    AP IMPACT: Suicides are surging among US troops
    June 8 2012

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Suicides are surging among America's troops, averaging nearly one a day this year — the fastest pace in the nation's decade of war.

    The 154 suicides for active-duty troops in the first 155 days of the year far outdistance the U.S. forces killed in action in Afghanistan — about 50 percent more — according to Pentagon statistics

    2nd read

    for the uneducated and the uneducable

    high school dropout can't find work so he joins the Marines to Semper Fi
    and collect some money.
    High school dropout is sent to Paris Island to be all he can be. He is trained to kill women and children and a occasional freedom fighter trying to protect his wife from being raped by Mr Semper Fi.
    High school dropout ships out to invade Iraq for USEmpire and US oil companies.
    American oil companies are struggling with the problem of Peak Oil.
    Peak oil means we no longer have a infinite supply of oil.Maybe you saw the documentary film END OF SUBURBIA see

    high school drop out didn't because his high school teachers were too busy DUMBING him down

    High School dropout manages to kill a couple hundred women and children while throwing in a occasional rape. Mr Sempi Fi has now been transformed into Mr serial killer.
    Mr high school dropout/serial killer now begins to experience extreme depression from his actions. Mental Wealth workers call it Post Traumatic
    Stress Syndrome. But the only people who experience traumatic stress in Iraq are the Iraqi women being raped by Semper Fi's before they shot and killed them.
    Good thing serial killer/high school dropout has never read the research
    of Ian Stevenson MD whose groundbreaking study of 3,000 children who remember previous lives provides the science for the existence of reincarnation. see

    What this means for high school dropout is that he will be coming back
    again for another life . Of course so will the people he murdered , so for practical purposes he has another couple hundred lives he has to live getting "wacked" by the life forms he semper fi'd.

    The difference this time is the raped and murdered have had some time to ponder while they wait for him to pass over, how they will "do" Mr Semper Fi- the high school drop out serial killer.

    Mr high school dropout comes back from Iraq out of work unless he re-enlists. There are not to many job openings for serial killers until he lands a job working with his be all you can be buddies at the local police department or the FBI.

    3rd read
    Deep Politics and the Death of JFK by Peter Dale Scott

    Book review by Jodey Bateman

    This is the best book so far on the assassination of President John Kennedy. Peter Dale Scott, the author, is a former Canadian diplomat and professor of English at the University of California, which published this book. Scott makes clear why after over 40 years, the Kennedy assassination still affects our lives.

    Scott says that at this point it is not possible to say what specific individuals plotted to kill Kennedy. However, there is publicly available information, easy to obtain, on why a much larger group of individuals was willing to stage an official cover-up to make it appear that the Kennedy assassination was simply a horrible accident without political significance.

    Scott is not accusing any of the people involved in the cover-up of being part of the assassination plot. but he does say if we understand why they were so unwilling to do a serious public investigation of the facts around the assassination, we will understand why Kennedy was killed and what social forces the assassination came from.

    To start with, J. Edgar Hoover, the director of the FBI, was in charge of investigations for the commission his friend President Lyndon Johnson set up, supposedly to find the facts about Kennedy's death. The commission was headed by Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The Warren Commission's report asks – was Jack Ruby, who killed Kennedy's alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, connected with organized crime? The Commission says no. Its investigation, conducted by Hoover's FBI, asked Ruby's long-time friend Dave Yaras if Ruby was connected with the mob. Yaras said no. That was enough for the commission.

    The commission's report does not mention that in 1949 this same Dave Yaras was on trial for an important mob hit when the main witness against him was murdered and Yaras went free.

    Yet the word of such a person was enough to keep the commission from investigating the possible role of organized crime in the Kennedy assassination.

    To Peter Dale Scott, the question is not what the role of organized crime was. What he asks is why did the director of the FBI and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court take the word of someone like Dave Yaras seriously? Or pretend to take it seriously?

    For 20 years, up until shortly before John F. Kennedy became president, FBI Director Hoover denied that there was any such thing as organized crime. Although the FBI kept major Mafia figures under surveillance, they were seldom prosecuted at all, usually not by the FBI.

    In return for not being prosecuted, the executives of organized crime, as we may call them, gave the FBI tips that led to the capture of small-time crooks who had displeased them. Jack Ruby was a low level organized crime bureaucrat. According to Ruby's FBI file, which was not released until 15 years after the Kennedy assassination, he was the one who gave permission for a shipment of heroin to pass through Dallas. Yet the FBI had him down as a potential criminal informant, one who was willing to give them information about illegal activity in Dallas. Ruby was never prosecuted for his role in the heroin deal.

    It is not only law enforcement agencies who developed such relationships of mutual benefit with organized crime. During World War II, the Office of Special Services, which became the CIA, got powerful Mafia figures in prison in the US to send messages to Mafia leaders in Sicily asking them to prepare the way for landings by Allied troops. In return these Mafia figures were released from prison and deported to Italy after the war.

    The end of the war did not end friendly Mafia contacts with the US government. After Mafia don Vito Genovese was deported to Italy he became an interpreter for the US occupying army and obtained American military trucks which he used for his black marketing activities.

    Relationships between organized crime and American intelligence went on into the Kennedy administration. Mobsters such as Meyer Lansky and Santos Trafficante lost millions when the Cuban revolution confiscated their gambling casinos in 1959. After Kennedy became president in 1961 organized crime supplied money and personnel to help the anti-Castro movement which the CIA organized.

    Organized crime's contributions to the CIA were summed up as helping a project to assassinate Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. Actually, as Castro never seemed to get killed, the assassination plot seems to have been simply a big “get out of jail free card” for the organized crime figures involved. As long as they could say they were involved in a top-secret plot against Castro for national security, the CIA would try to keep them from being prosecuted for criminal acts.

    Peter Dale Scott calls long-term relationships which cannot be officially acknowledge (such as the CIA's relationship with organized crime) “deep politics.” So-called legitimate business also benefits from deep politics. Business executives can use contacts with organized crime to get things done quickly that would take too long by legal channels.

    A perfect example of deep politics between business, government and organized crime is the career of Dallas oil millionaire Clint Murchison whose money was important in building the career of Lyndon Johnson first as Senator and then as Kennedy's vice-president.

    One of the main investors in Murchison's oil company was Mafia figure Gerardo Catena. Murchison was also a close friend of Lyndon Johnson's next door neighbor, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Murchison let Hoover take free vacations at Rancho del Charro, a resort which he owned. While such blatant Mafia figures as Gerardo Catena did not take their holidays at Rancho del Charro, others with strong but less obvious organized crime ties such as Sid Levison did.

    One of the humorous oil men who vacationed at Rancho del Charro said that Murchison exhibited Hoover to his friends at the resort to show them that Murchison “had the sheriff on his side.”

    This meant that any deals they wanted to make with Murchison and his organized crime contacts would not be prosecuted.

    Murchinson was the co-owner of the Dallas Cowboys with Gordon McLendon, the owner of radio and TV station KRLD in Dallas. Jack Ruby said that McLendon was one of his six best friends in Dallas. Ruby arranged for illegal gambling games for McLendon and his associates.

    Twelve years after the Kennedy assassination McLendon started the Association of former Intelligence Agents with Clare Booth Luce, widow of Henry Luce, publisher of Time and Life. McLendon and Luce and the former intelligence agents who joined them were trying to stop the investigations chaired by Senator Frank Church, Democrat of Idaho, which exposed the CIA plots with the Mafia against the life of Fidel Castro.

    While none of these powerful and wealthy people such as McLendon and Murchison may have been involved in the Kennedy assassination, they were involved in deep political relationships which were threatened by President Kennedy.

    The Kennedy administration doubled the number of prosecutions of organized crime. After the missile crisis of 1962, in return for the Soviet Union withdrawing missiles from Cuba, Kennedy shut down the air strips and boat docks in Florida from which Cuban exiles – and American mobsters – raided Cuba. Mafia figures could no longer claim immunity from prosecution for being part of a plot to kill Castro.

    Kennedy's murder removed the threat to a host of deep political relationships. But any honest investigation of his death would have exposed these relationships to the embarrassment of many very powerful people.

    So a real investigation never occurred. The beneficiaries of deep politics – who were also beneficiaries of the Kennedy assassination, whether they took part or not – passed their wealth and power on to heirs who are wealthy and powerful today.

    4th read
    The History Channel made a 9 part series about the Assassination of President Kennedy.
    The last show in the series was called THE GUILTY MEN.
    It details the evidence for President Kennedy being assassinated by the FBI.
    After becoming the most popular show in the series the History Channel pulled it off the air and refuse to sell it.
    Google the guilty men jfk youtube
    and watch the 45 minute version or click here to watch it
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    Did you ever wonder how your grandparents tax dime was spent?
    Whooaa! Looks like things haven't changed since then.
    You still fund the crime family, eh?
    couple reads about the pedophiles in black funded by your taxes
    attorney Roy Cohn died of AIDS
    He was the right hand man for the infamous Senator Joe McCarthy

    1st read

    see link for full story
    Kirk Douglas on the blacklist: Why Hollywood showed so little courage
    June 5, 2012

    For all his achievements, Kirk Douglas brags about only one thing — his age. In the middle of an interview the other day, the fabled star, who’s 95, suddenly waved away one of my questions to ask one of his own. “So tell me,” he said with a mischievous grin, seated in the living room of his Beverly Hills home in front of a magnificent Toulouse-Lautrec. “Am I the oldest actor you’ve ever interviewed?”

    I fumbled for an answer, caught off guard by his directness. “That’s OK,” he said. “You probably haven’t talked to a 95-year-old author either, have you?”

    Hollywood’s white-maned lion king had me there. Douglas has written a lively new memoir about one of his greatest triumphs. Titled “I Am Spartacus!” it recounts how Douglas helped break the midcentury anti-communist blacklist by secretly hiring Dalton Trumbo to write “Spartacus,” the historical epic that was directed by Stanley Kubrick and produced by Douglas and came out in October 1960.

    BigpictureIn most history books, Otto Preminger gets the credit for breaking the blacklist, since he was the first to announce, in early 1960, that he’d hired Trumbo to write “Exodus” under his own name; the film was released in December that year. But Douglas makes a persuasive case that he was actually out in front, having agreed to give Trumbo screen credit for “Spartacus” in the fall of 1959, long before “Exodus” started filming.

    Staring back into history from our time, when actors and filmmakers are free to express all sorts of spectacularly preposterous political viewpoints, it’s hard to imagine there was a time when your political beliefs could destroy your career. But that’s what happened in Hollywood in the late 1940s and early 1950s after the nation was swept up in an intense anti-communist fervor.

    Looking for headlines, the House Committee on Un-American Activities called a host of showbiz talent to testify about their associations, real or otherwise, with the Communist Party. Trumbo, in fact, was a member of the Communist Party from 1943 to 1948. When a group of writers and directors who became known as the Hollywood 10 refused to cooperate, the men, who included Trumbo, were cited for contempt of Congress and eventually sent to prison. In November 1947, just days after the 10 were cited, the Motion Picture Assn. of America announced that everyone who’d refused to cooperate would lose their job — the studios feared that the public would shy away from cinemas if suspected or admitted communists were involved with the productions.

    That was the beginning of the blacklist, which effectively ended the careers of a host of notable writers, actors and filmmakers. Douglas admits that even he was silenced by fear. When MGM offered him a plum leading role in the 1956 film “Lust for Life,” based on the life of Vincent Van Gogh, he was forced by MGM to sign a loyalty oath to get the part. “It was terrible,” he told me. “It was vanity that made me do it. Oh boy, did I want to play that part. It was really insulting, but I did it. It’s what everyone had to do.”

    By the late 1950s, the climate in the country had changed. Sen. Joe McCarthy, who had been the most visible anti-communist crusader, had been censured by the Senate in late 1954. Still, Hollywood studios continued to enforce the blacklist, even though many of the top blacklisted writers found a way to make a living by either using pseudonyms or hiring other writers as “fronts” who put their names on the original writers’ scripts.

    Trumbo, for example, using the pseudonym Robert Rich, won a screenwriting Oscar in 1957 for his script for “The Brave One,” causing a stir when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences couldn’t locate the mysterious Mr. Rich to present him with the award.

    By the time Douglas had acquired the rights to the novel “Spartacus” by Howard Fast — also a blacklisted writer — the actor had no trouble finding Trumbo. He was busily cranking out scripts, even though he was being paid a fraction of what he’d made before he went to prison.

    “Dalton loved to write and talk while he was in the bathtub, so I’d go to see him and he’d be in the tub, with a parrot on his shoulder,” Douglas recalled. “He was unbelievably talented and, boy, was he fast. If he wrote something that didn’t work, he’d throw it away and write something even better.”

    The top executives at Universal didn’t find out about Trumbo (who’d written the script under the pseudonym of Sam Jackson) until Douglas went public with the news. By then, it was too late to stop him, especially since Douglas’ agent, Lew Wasserman — who did know — was already in negotiations to purchase the Universal lot.

    Keeping Dalton’s identity under wraps was just one of the challenges Douglas was facing on “Spartacus.” He had to deal with many of the same business realities producers deal with today. “Spartacus” was sped into production, for example, because a rival studio was moving ahead with a similar historical epic called “Gladiators.”

    After 11 days of shooting, Douglas fired the original director, Anthony Mann, because Universal, the studio releasing the film, was upset that the picture was behind schedule and over budget. When the studio announced Mann’s departure, it used the same language we hear from today’s studios: creative differences.

    After the film was completed, Douglas even had to battle the censors at the Production Code Administration (PCA), the forerunner of today’s MPAA ratings board. The code was just as arbitrary as is today’s ratings system. Douglas says he was ordered to eliminate the use of the word “damn” and provide the film’s slave characters with less revealing loincloths. The PCA also insisted that Douglas cut any dialogue suggesting that Crassus, played by Laurence Olivier, is attracted — gasp! — to both men and women, saying “any implication that Crassus is a sex pervert is unacceptable.”

    2nd read
    The Ghost of Roy Cohn
    - by Paul David Collins May 7th, 2007
    see link for full story

    Her name is Deborah Jeane Palfrey and she has Washington circles worried. Why are powerful and important people breaking into a sweat when they hear Palfrey's name? Deborah Jeane Palfrey's former company, Pamela Martin and Associates, was a prostitution service that was patronized by people high up on the American political totem pole (Montes, no pagination). Furthermore, Palfrey is in a position to ruin a lot of political careers. Her lawyer, Montgomery Blair Sibley, claims he has:

    been contacted by five lawyers recently, asking whether their clients' names are on Palfrey's list of 10,000 to 15,000 phone numbers. Some, Sibley said, have inquired about whether accommodations could be made to keep their identities private. (No pagination)

    The Palfrey scandal has already cost one person his job. Randall L. Tobias resigned from his position as deputy secretary of state after admitting to ABC's Brian Ross that he was a client of Pamela Martin and Associates (no pagination). Deborah Jeane Palfrey is definitely in a position to blackmail the powerful and influential. This begs a question: Is Palfrey's outfit part of an operation connected to the intelligence community that keeps politicians in line with the Establishment agenda through a system of sexual rewards and punishments?

    In an interview with former NYPD detective James Rothstein, this author discovered that such operations do exist and go far back into America's secret history. Rothstein is no conspiracy theorist. He is a legend in American law enforcement and speaks from experience. Furthermore, he gave me two notable examples from his time as a detective. Rothstein had an opportunity to have a sit-down with infamous McCarthy committee counsel Roy Cohn. During this sit-down, Cohn admitted to Rothstein that he was part of a rather elaborate sexual blackmail operation that compromised politicians with child prostitutes (Rothstein, no pagination). Cohn told Rothstein that this operation was being carried out as part of the anticommunist crusade of the time (no pagination).

    Rothstein also had an opportunity to speak to infamous Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis. During this conversation, Sturgis revealed one of the reasons for breaking into the Watergate. According to Sturgis, there was a "Pedophile Book" hidden away at the Democratic National Committee headquarters (no pagination). The book was supposed to have a list of pedophiles on the American political scene (no pagination). One can only imagine the power G. Gordon Liddy would have held over the government if he had such a book in his possession.

    3rd read
    see link for full story
    Saturday, March 20, 2010

    In 1973, Archbishop Daniel Sheehan got Monsignor Robert P. Hupp to replace Monsignor Wegner as the boss of Boys Town, in Omaha. (Msgr. Robert P. Hupp, Obituary.)

    In 1978, James Kelly was a priest working in Boys Town, in Omaha. (Priest Abuse Charge)

    Reportedly he was involved in child abuse.

    Allegedly, Catholic orphanages have provided many of the children reportedly subjected to mind control and sexual abuse by the CIA.

    Cardinal Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII) signs the Concordat between Nazi Germany and the Vatican in 1933. Nazi Vice-Chancellor von Papen sits at the left, Pacelli in the middle.

    The Vatican and the CIA reportedly worked together on Operation Paperclip, which brought many Nazi scientists into the CIA.

    The Knights of Malta are a Catholic order, reportedly linked to freemasonry (Cached/Knights of Malta and 911).

    The Knights appear to link top fascists and top Catholics

    Reportedly, the following have been members of the Knights of Malta or have been awarded high honours by the Knights of Malta:

    David Rockefeller, Reinhard Gehlen (Nazi), Heinrich Himmler, Franz von Papen (Hitler enabler)Fritz Thyssen (Hitler’s financier), George W. Bush, George Tenet (CIA chief at the time of 9 11)Henry Kissinger, Michael Chertoff, Rupert Murdoch, Tony Blair, Precott Bush, Licio Gelli, J. Edgar Hoover, Joseph Kennedy, Ronald E. Reagan, Giscard d’Estaing, Allen Dulles, Oliver North, George H.W Bush and William Casey.

    Cardinal Spellman, also known as Franny, was reportedly gay and a friend of the CIA. (Cardinal Spellman)

    In 1988, a top Republican called Larry King was investigated in connection with a major child abuse ring.

    Reportedly, Larry King got children for the child abuse ring from Boys Town, Omaha.

    Thus, the Catholic Arch diocese of Omaha and priests at Boys Town Omaha have been linked to the Franklin case (Boy's Town Abuse!)

    According to an article entitled George Bush, The CIA, Mind Control & Child Abuse, "the CIA's first widespread use of sex came from a program to blackmail United States politicians conducted by Edwin Wilson.

    "The political targets were enticed to live out their sexual fantasies in the flesh. With hidden cameras ready the unsuspecting politician would be filmed, which would later be used to blackmail him into supporting the agency’s projects and views.

    "Wilson's skill in these matters dated back to the early 1950s, when he took over a network of homosexual and pedophile rings from CIA asset and McCarthy Committee counsel Roy Cohn"

    shermsays.blogspot./ has written about An Early Brownstone Operation -Sex and Blackmail Ring

    Reportedly, Roy Marcus Cohn operated a sex ring in New York, beginning in the 1950s, and in the Washington DC area in the 1970s.

    According to shermsays:

    Cohn may have sometimes obtained boys from a satanic sect that was known to send young males to the homes of the wealthy in the Greater New York area.

    According to Anthony Summers, Cohn procured boys for FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in 1958.

    Detective James Rothestein, a respected former New York City vice officer said of Cohen:
    Cohn's job was to run the little boys. Say you had an admiral, a general, a congressman, who did not want to go along with the program. Cohn's job was to set them up, then they would go along. Cohn told me that himself.

    As an attorney, Roy Cohn represented John Gotti, Carmine Gambino, and Fat Tony Salerno, all of whom could have helped him in his criminal activities.
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    see link for full story

    Expert Panel Reports False Accounts of US Political and Military Leaders on 9/11
    Massive National War Games on September 11th Raise Further Questions

    Consensus 911 - 2012-07-05

    NEW YORK, June 5, 2012 -- New evidence shows that the September 11th activities of former President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld were falsely reported by official sources.

    The 20-member 9/11 Consensus Panel analyzed evidence from press reports, FOIA requests, and archived 9/11 Commission file documents to produce eight new studies, released today.

    The international Panel also discovered that four massive aerial practice exercises traditionally held in October were in full operation on 9/11. The largest, Global Guardian, held annually by NORAD and the US Strategic and Space Commands, had originally been scheduled for October 22-31 but was moved, along with Vigilant Guardian, to early September.

    Although senior officials claimed no one could have predicted using hijacked planes as weapons, the military had been practicing similar exercises on 9/11 itself -- and for years before it.

    The Panel, discovering widespread reports of confusion and delays in the defense response, looked into who was overseeing the air defenses after the second Tower was hit at 9:03 AM.

    Official sources claimed neither Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Joint Chiefs of Staff Acting Chairman General Richard Myers (filling in for General Hugh Shelton), nor war-room chief General Montague Winfield were available to take command until well after the Pentagon was struck about 9:37.

    Yet emerging documents and memoirs show that top leaders were engaged earlier -- and later discussed a shootdown of the “let's roll” Flight 93 before debris was scattered widely around its alleged Shanksville, Pennsylvania crash site.

    Most intriguing is the mystery of who was running the Pentagon's war-room during the critical early hours.

    These findings follow hard on the Kuala Lumpur Tribunal's May 15th verdict that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were guilty of torture and war crimes.

    The Consensus Panel has completed 25 educational studies (using a medical consensus model) offering the "best evidence" regarding specific official claims about 9/11.

    Its goal is to “provide a ready source of evidence-based research to any investigation that may be undertaken by the public, the media, academia, or any other investigative body or institution.”

    The website is being translated into French, Spanish, and other languages.

    Contact: E. Woodworth, 250-383-2417

    Media contacts for US, Canada, Europe:
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    The best evidence for FBI agents helping to create 911
    coming to your neighborhood soon.
    You do know what to do?
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    I have been in touch with Angela by phone over the last 3 years.
    She needs a liver transplant or will die.
    If you can help let me know, eh?
    see link for full story

    G-mom’s new target: mob rats who killed while on the FBI payroll
    Mob fighter rips ‘see no evil’ feds in report to Congress


    June 10, 2012

    These mob hit men killed while on the taxpayers’ dime.

    Bloodthirsty informants in the Colombo family pocketed six-figure sums for snitching to the feds — and got away with murder when FBI agents looked the other way, a shocking report to Congress claims.

    The explosive allegation comes from crusading researcher Angela Clemente, a New Jersey soccer mom dubbed “G-mom” who has been probing the FBI’s handling of informants — and nearly got rubbed out herself.

    Clemente became a paid forensic investigator after a man who attacked her daughter was found not guilty on a technicality. She was recruited to work for the House Government Reform Committee in 2002 and has been helping on mob cases ever since.
    CRUSADE: Angela Clemente is pursuing FBI handling of mob informants even after she was choked in retribution.

    In 2006, Clemente, 47, was choked and left for dead after an assailant lured her to a meeting at a mall in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, with the promise of a tip.

    She recovered but is now suffering from a life-threatening liver disease that has reduced her to a mere 100 pounds. “I absolutely need a liver now, but I’m low on the transplant list,” said Clemente.

    But her investigative work helps, she said. “It keeps my brain functioning, and my heart goes out to the victims who died. I want to help their families.”

    Clemente’s new information involves a host of wiseguys and their secret, lucrative deals with the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn.

    The allegations show “a culture of corruption,” said Clemente, who is pushing ahead with her research for Congress despite her disease.

    They were told “these guys [were committing] murders and rewarding them in payment and reduced sentences — with absolutely no regard for the victims and their families.”

    Clemente, whose digging led to the indictment of allegedly corrupt former FBI supervisor Lindley DeVecchio, sent her findings last week to lawmakers, including Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee. The information is being “reviewed and considered,” his spokesperson said.

    She blasts the FBI for what amounted to an unholy alliance that left a trail of bodies, including goodfellas and innocent victims.

    Clemente claims Colombo wiseguys Gregory “Grim Reaper” Scarpa, Phillip “Philly Boy” Paradiso and Frankie “Blue Eyes” Sparaco got government checks while whacking foes in the 1980s and 1990s.

    “We have proof [FBI agents] were allowing these guys to commit murder,” Clemente said. “They can’t say they didn’t know.”

    Current and former law-enforcement sources detailed some of the crimes. Scarpa, who claimed he murdered more than 50 people before his death in 1994, delivered a close-range kill shot in the 1984 slaying of mob moll Mary Bari, a stunner who dated Colombo underboss Alphonse “Allie Boy” Persico.

    Persico, then on the lam, worried that Bari was going to rat on him, so he ordered the hit and Scarpa did the job, sources said.

    Two of Sparaco’s victims in 1992 “definitely were not mobsters,” said a former investigator.

    Michael Devine, who co-owned a Staten Island restaurant, was killed for making the mistake of dating Persico’s estranged wife.

    A successful candy-store owner in Bay Ridge, who was friendly with Scarpa, got rubbed out because he refused to help fund the Persico faction’s internal war with their Colombo rivals, one source said.

    Sparaco was implicated by other turncoats in both homicides, which remain unsolved. He had pointed the finger at others.

    Last year, the feds acknowledged in court papers that Sparaco lied and misled them during his years of cooperation, which Clemente says began in the mid-1980s.
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    4 reads about how your taxes paid FBI salaries \when they wacked President Kennedy.

    1st read
    Wednesday, June 13, 2012
    6:00 PM
    Selected By: jonathan mark

    Frances P. Crowe community room

    60 Masonic Street, Northampton, MA (map)

    In back of the Woodstar Cafe building on first floor
    Selected By: jonathan mark

    November 22, 2013 will mark the 50th anniversary since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. For those not afraid to research this issue, it is quite evident that this assassination was a coup d'etat of the US government. The cover-up continues to this day. There are many similarities to that operation nearly a half Century ago with the events regarding September 11, 2001. John Hankey, filmmaker of Dark Legacy: George Bush and the Murder of John F. Kennedy, had listed a few a few of these:

    Both JFK and 9-11 involved The Big Lie -

    1: The crime is unspeakable, for the mainstream media and ALL politicians who want to live. Our job is to speak the unspeakable. the Big Lie -

    2: Even when spoken by the likes of us, the crime is too terrible to be believed. The average human being is incapable of conceiving that anyone could be so horrible, that they could kill their own people, or their own president. This is the main defense of 9-11 perpetrators. The true conspiracy theory is unbelievable. However, JFK's murder is a chink in this armor of people's incredulity: 80% believe Warren Report is a lie. They know there is more out there than what they have been told.

    The video, Dark Legacy, has the potential to teach the common citizen valuable lessons regarding 9-11

    1) Both crimes were committed by the same perpetrators: the military industrial complex; the CFR; with Bushes heading the attack. JFK was murdered in order to carry out Vietnam; but the only discernible goal there was to increase the defense budget: they knew they couldn't win. All the best evidence said so. They didn't care about winning. Just about keeping money from going for education and medicare.

    2) In both crimes, the media and politicians are worse than useless; these crimes are unspeakable. The truth must be denied emphatically whenever the topic comes up; and those who raise the questions must be viciously attacked by every politician in the spotlight.

    3) Don't get lost in details; The names of the knoll shooters doesn't matter. It doesn't matter whether Oswald or a double went to Mexico. Was there a plane, or not, at Pentagon? It doesn't matter. What matters is that, with all the cold-war defenses in place, not a shot was fired in defense. "We don't know" is a good answer to all detailed questions. The broad outlines are clear.

    Relying exclusively on government documents, statements from the best witnesses available, and the words from the mouths of the killers themselves, Dark Legacy produces a thoroughly substantiated criminal indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt his guilt as a CIA supervisor in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy. If we could present this evidence to a jury in Texas, he would pay with his life.


    Valley 9/11 will be only screening the prologue and part one, which present the overwhelming mountain of evidence that President Kennedy was hit by bullets from the front and rear. Every witness in the Dallas emergency room attests, on camera, to the fact that a bullet from the right front blew a fist-sized whole in the back of the President's head. The New York Times carried these statements on the day of the murder; and has covered them up ever since. (John Hankey has given us copies of the film available to share on community access television and for individuals to purchase for only $5.)

    Following Part 1 Jonathan Mark will facilitate discussions on how these and other events are inter-related, and why it is critical to connect the dots to show the real perpetrators of the big lies of our lifetime. Other film clips will be shown that clearly show the intense deceptions and infiltration into our lives and mind by the Military Industrial Complex and what we can do about it.

    Dark Legacy

    George Bush and the Murder of John Kennedy

    Provocative to say the least. Using materials familiar to researchers,
    Dark Legacy makes a series of tantalizing connections between the rich
    and powerful to suggest that Kennedy was brought down by a vast web of
    powerful conservatives and that George H.W.Bush was close to all of them.
    Hankey invites viewers not only to draw their own conclusions but also
    to check out his sources." -- Kevin Thomas Los Angeles Times

    2nd read
    Black Op Radio in Hawaii 2011 Part 1 of 4

    3rd read

    4th read
    The History Channel made a 9 part series about the Assassination of President Kennedy.
    The last show in the series was called THE GUILTY MEN.
    It details the evidence for President Kennedy being assassinated by the FBI.
    After becoming the most popular show in the series the History Channel pulled it off the air and refuse to sell it.
    Google the guilty men jfk youtube
    and watch the 45 minute version or click here to watch it

    In 1999 the Martin Luther King family sued one of the assassins of Martin Luther King in civil court. They did this because the department of justice would not reopen the investigation after the Martin Luther King family uncovered evidence that the FBI, CIA, and Memphis police had assassinated Dr King. The King family also wanted to enter their evidence into a public record so it could be accessed.The jury returned a verdict in favor of the King family and juror members held a press conference saying it was a clear cut case of the FBI assassinating Dr King. There was a media blackout of the trial. Details of the trial can be viewed here or by reading the book called ACT OF STATE THE EXECUTION OF Martin Luther King
    written by the trial attorney William Pepper.
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    couple of reads about serial killers with guns funded by your tax dime.
    boo, did I scare you?

    1st read
    Fatal Police Shootings In Los Angeles County Rise By 70 Percent


    LOS ANGELES -- The number of suspects killed by police in Los Angeles County has risen nearly 70 percent in 2011 over the previous year.

    2nd read
    see link for full story

    Cost of drug war too high, former DEA official tells Libertarians
    Saturday, Jun. 09, 2012
    By Gene Trainor

    Special to the Star-Telegram

    FORT WORTH -- Calling America's war on drugs a campaign that has spread violence worldwide, created distrust in law enforcement and wasted billions of tax dollars, a former federal investigator called for the legalization of drugs.

    Sean Dunagan said Saturday that because drugs are illegal, people involved in dealing drugs turn to violence to settle disputes.

    "There are no arbiters, there are no courts, there are no contracts, so necessarily all disputes get settled by violence," said Dunagan, who worked for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

    Dunagan said he turned against the drug war while working in Miami when a mother with a 5-year-old son on her lap and her drug-dealing boyfriend were traveling into an apartment complex.

    Drug rivals shot up their vehicle, killing all three people.

    Read more here:

    3rd read


    4th read

    5th read

    for the uneducated and the uneducable

    high school dropout can't find work so he joins the Marines to Semper Fi
    and collect some money.
    High school dropout is sent to Paris Island to be all he can be. He is trained to kill women and children and a occasional freedom fighter trying to protect his wife from being raped by Mr Semper Fi.
    High school dropout ships out to invade Iraq for USEmpire and US oil companies.
    American oil companies are struggling with the problem of Peak Oil.
    Peak oil means we no longer have a infinite supply of oil.Maybe you saw the documentary film END OF SUBURBIA see

    high school drop out didn't because his high school teachers were too busy DUMBING him down

    High School dropout manages to kill a couple hundred women and children while throwing in a occasional rape. Mr Sempi Fi has now been transformed into Mr serial killer.
    Mr high school dropout/serial killer now begins to experience extreme depression from his actions. Mental Wealth workers call it Post Traumatic
    Stress Syndrome. But the only people who experience traumatic stress in Iraq are the Iraqi women being raped by Semper Fi's before they shot and killed them.
    Good thing serial killer/high school dropout has never read the research
    of Ian Stevenson MD whose groundbreaking study of 3,000 children who remember previous lives provides the science for the existence of reincarnation. see

    What this means for high school dropout is that he will be coming back
    again for another life . Of course so will the people he murdered , so for practical purposes he has another couple hundred lives he has to live getting "wacked" by the life forms he semper fi'd.

    The difference this time is the raped and murdered have had some time to ponder while they wait for him to pass over, how they will "do" Mr Semper Fi- the high school drop out serial killer.

    Mr high school dropout comes back from Iraq out of work unless he re-enlists. There are not to many job openings for serial killers until he lands a job working with his be all you can be buddies at the local police department or the FBI.
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    Any questions why India refuses to turn over their evidence to the FBI from the Mumbai terrorist attacks?

    see link for full story

    FBI awaits access to evidence, police want completion of court proceedings
    Sagnik Chowdhury
    Jun 12, 2012

    The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has made repeated requests to the Mumbai Police Crime Branch to share physical evidence recovered from the 26/11 Mumbai attack sites but the latter has refused to co-operate until all court proceedings in the case are completed.

    1993 1st World Trade center bombing created by Ahmed Salem an FBI employee who was paid $1 milliondollars of your tax dime to create the bombing by his FBI supervisors Anticev and Floyd and other FBI agents
    February 26, 1993: WTC Is Bombed but Does Not Collapse, as Bombers Had Hoped

    Bomb damage in underground levels of the WTC in 1993.Bomb damage in underground levels of the WTC in 1993. [Source: Najlah Feanny/ Corbis]An attempt to topple the World Trade Center fails, but six people are killed and over 1000 are injured in the misfired blast. An FBI explosives expert later states that, “If they had found the exact architectural Achilles’ heel or if the bomb had been a little bit bigger, not much more, 500 pounds more, I think it would have brought her down.” Ramzi Yousef, who has close ties to bin Laden, organizes the attempt. [Village Voice, 3/30/1993; US Congress, 2/24/1998] The New York Times later reports on Emad Salem, an undercover agent who will be the key government witness in the trial against Yousef. Salem testifies that the FBI knew about the attack beforehand and told him they would thwart it by substituting a harmless powder for the explosives. However, an FBI supervisor called off this plan, and the bombing was not stopped. [New York Times, 10/28/1993] Other suspects were ineptly investigated before the bombing as early as 1990. Several of the bombers were trained by the CIA to fight in the Afghan war, and the CIA later concludes, in internal documents, that it was “partly culpable” for this bombing (see January 24, 1994). [Independent, 11/1/1998] 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is an uncle of Yousef and also has a role in the WTC bombing (see March 20, 1993). [Independent, 6/6/2002; Los Angeles Times, 9/1/2002] One of the attackers even leaves a message which will later be found by investigators, stating, “Next time, it will be very precise.” [Associated Press, 9/30/2001]


    Ahmed Yousif Mohamed was a participant or observer in the following events:
    April 23, 1993: FBI Discovers Follow-up Plot to WTC Bombing; Sudanese Diplomats Are Reportedly Involved
    Edit event

    In the wake of the 1993 WTC bombing (see February 26, 1993), Emad Salem is rehired as an FBI informant. Because Salem has the confidence of the group around the “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdul-Rahman connected to the bombing, the FBI is so desperate to hire him back that they pay him over $1 million to return. It takes time for Salem to fully regain confidences, but on April 23, 1993, Siddig Siddig Ali approaches Salem and asks him to participate in a series of bombings that he is planning. Siddig Ali explains that he wants to simultaneously bomb four landmarks in New York City: the Lincoln and Holland tunnel, the United Nations headquarters, and the New York FBI office. This will later be known as the “Landmarks” plot. Siddig Ali later tells Salem that he has friends in the Sudanese Embassy who had approved the plan and are willing to help with diplomatic license plates and credentials. Wearing a wire, over the next weeks Salem meets and records others participating in the plot. Many of them, including Siddig Ali, attended a training camp the FBI briefly monitored back in January 1993 (see January 16-17, 1993). [Miller, Stone, and Mitchell, 2002, pp. 113-114] The FBI will expand its surveillance of the plotters and roll up the plot a couple of months later (see June 24, 1993).

    1995 Oklahoma City bombing where convicted truck bomb driver Timothy McVeigh was taking orders from his FBI handler Larry Potts.

    Nichols says bombing was FBI op

    Detailed confession filed in S.L. about Oklahoma City plot

    By Geoffrey Fattah, Deseret News

    Feb. 22 2007

    The only surviving convicted criminal in the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City is saying his co-conspirator, Timothy McVeigh, told him he was taking orders from a top FBI official in orchestrating the bombing.

    The only surviving convicted criminal in the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City is saying his co-conspirator, Timothy McVeigh, told him he was taking orders from a top FBI official in orchestrating the bombing.

    A declaration from Terry Lynn Nichols, filed in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City, has proven to be one of the most detailed confessions by Nichols to date about his involvement in the bombing as well as the involvement of others.

    The declaration was filed as part of Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue's pending wrongful death suit against the government for the death of his brother in a federal corrections facility in Oklahoma City. Trentadue claims his brother was killed during an interrogation by FBI agents when agents mistook his brother for a suspect in the Oklahoma City bombing investigation.

    The most shocking allegation in the 19-page signed declaration is Nichols' assertion that the whole bombing plot was an FBI operation and that McVeigh let slip during a bout of anger that he was taking instruction from former FBI official Larry Potts.

    David Headley: American Terrorist or FBI Informant …. or Both?
    FBI Was Warned Years in Advance of Mumbai Attacker’s Terror Ties

    NBC news reports that US officials were warned not once but twice about a US businessman who was planning to launch terrorist attacks against targets in Mumbai. But unlike the first warning, the second was never passed on to the FBI.

    The second warning, which came from David Coleman Headley’s second wife, came less than a year before the Mumbai attacks of November, 2008. Those attacks involved a series of coordinated bombings of at least 10 locations over three days and resulted in 166 deaths injuries in India’s largest city. The first warning came two years earlier, from Headley’s ex-wife.

    The FBI arrested Headley in Chicago last year and accused him of running reconnaissance missions for the Mumbai attacks. He pleaded guilty to terrorism charges.

    Three years before Pakistani terrorists struck Mumbai in 2008, federal agents in New York City investigated a tip that an American businessman was training in Pakistan with the group that later executed the attack.

    The previously undisclosed allegations against David Coleman Headley, who became a key figure in the plot that killed 166 people, came from his wife after a domestic dispute that resulted in his arrest in 2005.

    In three interviews with federal agents, Headley’s wife said that he was an active militant in the terrorist group Lashkar-i-Taiba, had trained extensively in its Pakistani camps, and had shopped for night vision goggles and other equipment, according to officials and sources close to the case. The wife, whom ProPublica is not identifying to protect her safety, also told agents that Headley had bragged of working as a paid U.S. informant while he trained with the terrorists in Pakistan, according to a person close to the case.

    Court records and interviews show that Headley served as an informant for the Drug Enforcement Administration starting in the late 1990s. But a former senior U.S. law enforcement official said Headley’s work as an informant ended before the Mumbai attacks were launched in 2008. He could not say whether Headley was working for the drug agency during the years when he was helping to plan the attack.

    “Headley was closed as an informant because he wasn’t producing anything,” the former senior official said. He said he believed Headley’s relationship with the DEA ended “years” before Mumbai, but did not have more precise information.

    Federal officials refused to discuss the 2005 tip other than to confirm that the FBI conducted an inquiry into the allegations by Headley’s wife.
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    see link for full story

    SpexSec hack was retaliation for ignoring security warnings, targeted FBI agent
    By Carlton Purvis June 12, 2012
    A new hacking group claims to have stolen more than 100,000 records containing names, Social Security numbers, and birthdates from a Tennessee city and has leaked thousands of them online. In an exclusive hour-long interview, Spex Security explained its motives and what to expect from the group in the future.

    SpexSec, as it is calls itself, appeared on the scene less than 24 hours ago, taking the cyberfight to the front door of a Tennessee military community, by releasing 14,500 of 110,000 identities it says were stolen from residents of Clarksville and the Clarksville-Montgomery County (CMCSS) School System. The group also posted employee and school-wide email passwords.

    Clarksville is the fifth-largest city in the state of Tennessee and home of the Army post Fort Campbell, which straddles the border of Tennessee and Kentucky. 2010 Census Bureau data estimates the population at 132,929. The 101st Airborne Division and the 5th Special Forces Group, both units that have seen extensive time in Iraq and Afghanistan, are based at Fort Campbell.

    The Clarksville-Montgomery School System serves more than 24,000 students according to its website. The CMCSS website was voluntarily taken offline Monday after the breach was discovered, officials said.

    SpexSec released a statement saying, “Our primary suspects include the U.S government for torturous and deceptive acts on our own soil, the educational system for exuberantly being blown-over and belligerently not patching the holes in their system, and anybody else who partook a role in the murder of America.”

    CMCSS was targeted because of its failure to comply with basic network security standards. SpexSec says it had “a couple people call them up” and warn them about vulnerabilities in the past. Nothing was fixed, so SpexSec took matters into its own hands. The school system says it was never before contacted by the group.

    SpexSec says the breached CMCSS information was accessed sometime last week. “Originally, the plan was to not release the information as we approximated the damage cost and it was increasingly high. It happened though,” one of the SpexSec hackers said via instant messenger Monday afternoon. SpexSec says it was doing Clarksville residents a favor by only releasing 14,000 records.

    “It took days to gather all the information and pile it all together. Funny thing is, we could have went far more overboard with this.” SpexSec says it currently still has access to a dispatcher’s database, a Clarksville-based bus company, and surveillance cameras.

    The hacker wouldn’t elaborate on what specific vulnerability provided it access to the data but said, “Think of it like this: I start up a new website, it has thousands and thousands of consumers, only to find out that every piece of information is unencrypted and can be accessed by anybody who has the balls to. You know?

    “Tennessee wasn’t targeted to take shots at innocent citizens. It was more of an awakening to the public. Plus, Scott Augenbaum is a citizen in Tennessee and we had people begging to pick him apart,” the SpexSec member said.

    If the hackers see themselves as Robin Hoods, Augenbaum is the Sheriff of Nottingham – rounding up hackers across the state while working as the head of the FBI’s cybercrime task force.

    The FBI wouldn’t comment on SpexSec naming Augenbaum, who is based in Nashville, as a target. I wasn’t able to find out if Augenbaum has any children or family members in the school system.

    “We have no comment in regard to the ongoing investigating. The Joint Cybercrime Task Force with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are actively looking into the matter,” FBI spokesperson Joel E. Siskovic said by phone Monday evening.

    Augenbaum told local media that the task force has taken the Clarksville case.

    The Clarksville Police Department first learned of the hack after a phone tip from a caller in New York, the Leaf Chronicle, Clarksville’s local newspaper, reported. The school system was alerted and also began its own investigation. The CMCSS website has been down since.

    A CMCSS teacher says she received an automated call from the school system around 10 a.m. Monday notifying her of the breach. Another call went out in the evening to affected CMCSS employees.

    “It was the weirdest call I’ve ever gotten,” she said by phone. She wishes to remain anonymous because she is not authorized to speak to the media. “It said that our passwords, Social Security numbers, names, birthdates, all of it had been accessed. And then it ended by saying to contact our financial institutions.” She immediately called her banks and an identity theft protection company.

    The second call came through during my interview with her Monday evening. A recording by Elise Shelton, chief communications officer for CMCSS, said CMCSS is unsure what information the hackers accessed, but confirmed that both current and former employees and students were potential victims of the breach. It also said that the CMCSS could not recommend what action to take for legal reasons. Shelton said all questions should be referred to the U.S. Attorney’s office, the teacher said.

    The teacher says she wasn’t surprised that the school system was hacked, because she’s witnessed students and school system employees routinely bypass network security to access prohibited websites.

    “Every call I get, I get a little bit more nervous,” she said.

    SpexSec is currently a two-member team, remnants of the hacker group TeaMp0isoN, regrouped. It may possibly have a third. A statement accompanying the release was signed, “c0mrade,” “reckz0r” and ”Makaveli.”

    TeaMp0isoN is the hacker collective known most notably for a hack on the United Nations last year.

    “I worked independently by myself. Reckz0r approached me asking if I was interested in forming a team and I agreed,” one member said.

    “We’re on an alias switch, though, for our own safety. We will have some big names in the group soon though, there’s just a time zone issue,” he said.

    TeaMp0isoN teamed with Anonymous in the past on Operation Robin Hood and the Clarksville leak earned it attention from a branch of Anonymous based in Sweden. But SpexSec said for now it plans to maintain its independence.

    “We support Anonymous, but we aren’t branched together at all. Maybe in the future, but for now, we’re working alone. We do support Cyber Zeist (a well-known hacker) of @UG, though. One of our close, close friends,” the hacker said.

    Scotland Yard said it arrested two suspected members of the original TeaMp0isoN in April, but the group denied the two were members. SpexSec has no plans to get caught either.

    The group says its next leak will be even better than the last. “Just because we ridicule the government doesn’t mean we don’t want to be on their good side sometimes. I’m sure a lot of people will love this one.

    “We’re planning to leak hundreds of passports and visas of suspected terrorists, Cons, criminals, and civilians. We also plan to leak some textbook terrorist attacks that are planned for the future,” the group said. The hackers wouldn’t identify the source(s) of the upcoming leaks, which were posted early Tuesday morning.

    “Although the Government is blatant, mutant, deceptive and beneath the burden, we’ve decided to cut some slack to our buddies over at the Bureaus. *WINKS*, Scott Augenbaum. We hope this helps you close down on some investigations,” said an accompanying statement.

    Unfortunately, some residents of Clarksville may not sleep at all tonight.

    The SpexSec leak contained 8,919 unique social security numbers — 4,942 appear to belong to employees, and 3,977 appear to belong to students, according to an analysis of the data by Identity Finder, an identity theft protection company. Identity Finder found the full names and student IDs of 3,988 unique Clarksville students, the names and employee IDs of 4,943 district employees, and 248 employee usernames and passwords.
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    The difference between Americans and Russians is Americans are happy with FBI rule and the FBI is not as obvious as the KGB/Putin, eh?
    2 reads

    1st read
    see link for full story
    Anti-Putin protesters flood Moscow streets
    By Alexander Winning | 8:53 a.m.
    In the first major protest since Putin began a new six-year term, Muscovites stream into the city center, chanting "Russia without Putin" and "Enough of KGB rule

    2nd read
    see link for full story

    Judge orders release of additional Reagan FBI documents
    Rachel Bunn | Freedom of Information | Feature | March 9, 2012

    A U.S. District Court ruled that the FBI must release unredacted documents about Ronald Reagan to a journalist who has legally sought the information for the last 27 years in an attempt to prove that the former president was not only a bureau informant, but that the FBI assisted in his political career in return.

    Judge Edward Chen ruled that the FBI incorrectly redacted information from a three-page document under two exemptions to the federal Freedom of Information Act that protect individuals' privacy. The documents relate to traffic violations and arrests of a third party who is associated with Reagan, and were released by the FBI to former San Francisco Chronicle reporter Seth Rosenfeld with the person's name redacted.

    Rosenfeld filed his first FOIA request for documents relating to the FBI’s activities at the University of California as a journalism student in 1981. He filed his first lawsuit for the documents in 1985.

    The judge ruled Exemption 7(c) — which applies to records, compiled for law enforcement purposes, whose release would result in an invasion of personal privacy — does not apply to the document because the files were not maintained for a law enforcement purpose.

    The FBI said the 1975 document was related to an investigation of Reagan’s ties to the Communist party.

    However, the court noted that in 1957, the U.S. Supreme Court held that only active Communist party members who intended to advocate for the overthrow of the United States government may be prosecuted, and an investigation of a person's mere associations with the Communist party occurring after this case did not serve a law enforcement purpose. Chen upheld this distinction, ruling that the bureau could not withhold the records based on Exemption 7(c).

    Chen also said the FBI's argument that the document was related to Reagan's connections to the Communist party was “wholly unbelievable.”

    “Defendants’ claim that there was a legitimate law enforcement purpose in investigating Ronald Reagan for ties to Communists is belied by the fact that Ronald Reagan was an informant for the FBI starting in the late 1940s, identifying suspected communists in the Screen Actors Guild,” the opinion said. “Given Ronald Reagan’s status as an informant for the FBI, the FBI would have no reason to investigate Ronald Reagan for his involvement in the Communist party . . .”

    The document also fails to fall under Exemption 6, which protects the privacy interests of private citizens in the release of personnel-type records unless they are outweighed by the public interest in disclosure, the court ruled.

    Because the third party, whose name was redacted, is a public figure who has “written numerous memoirs, was the host of a live radio show for over two decades, and is described on his own website as ‘a popular national speaker on issues related to conservative politics, adoption, and the life lessons,’” he has a lower privacy interest, according to the opinion. The court said the fact that the document contained 40-year-old traffic violations further diminished the party's privacy interest, because the release would not carry a high stigma, unlike the disclosure of criminal prosecutions. The subject is only referred to in legal documents as someone closely associated with Reagan, but the language that the court quoted is identical to language from the short biography used by Reagan's eldest son, Michael.

    The public, however, has a high interest in the document's release, because it may reveal information about the FBI's investigation practices, the opinion said.

    “While Defendant argues that the redacted information merely identifies the individual that was under investigation, rather than how they were investigated, Plaintiff persuasively argues that the investigation of the subject’s old traffic violations had no conceivable purpose other than to aid Ronald Reagan’s political career by providing advance notice of any issues of potential embarrassment that might affect any future political campaign,” the opinion said. “The disclosure of this document thus enhances the public’s understanding of whether then [sic] FBI used public resources to benefit a private citizen for non-law enforcement purposes.”

    In 2002, Rosenfeld wrote a series of investigative pieces called “The Campus Files: Reagan, Hoover and the UC Red Scare” using some of the documents he received from previous suits and settlements. He reported the FBI spent over $1 million trying to withhold the records.

    Rosenfeld told The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press in a 2003 article he was still waiting for thousands of documents the court ordered the FBI to release in the 1990s.

    He is currently involved in other pending litigation relating to his FOIA requests.

    “When an issue arises about the nation's most powerful police agencies and one of its largest universities, the public has a right to know,” Rosenfeld told the Reporters Committee in 2003.
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    Congressman Traficant enters these remarks into the Congressional Record based on his experience working as the former Sheriff of Yougnstown Ohio.

    The following reflects the truthful and reliable investigation by Congressman JAMES TRAFICANT into the association between the FBI and organized crime (mafia) in Youngstown, Ohio and surrounding areas.

    MOB OWNS FBI IN YOUNGSTOWN -- HON. JAMES A. TRAFICANT, JR. (Extensions of Remarks - July 11, 2002)

    [Page: E1236]

    Thursday, July 11, 2002

    Mr. TRAFICANT. Mr. Speaker, the following reflects the truthful and reliable investigation by Congressman JAMES TRAFICANT into the association between the FBI and organized crime (mafia) in Youngstown, Ohio and surrounding areas.

    In addition, FBI agent, Anthony Speranza did rape one of my constituents. The matter was adjudicated in the Northern District of Ohio Court of Judge O'Malley, where Speranza admitted to ``digital penetration'' of a woman who had suffered problems of mental instability, which under Ohio law is felony one rape.

    The following facts and sources speak for themselves, making FBI-mob connections in Boston, Massachusetts look like a Rotary meeting.


    1. Fact: Joseph Naples issued a contract to kill one Paul Calautti; Source: FBI Affidavit; Result: Paul Calautti murdered October 11, 1968; Finding: Joseph Naples never brought to trial.

    2. Fact: Joseph Naples issued a contract to kill one Joseph DeRose; Source: FBI Affidavit; Result: Joseph DeRose suffered two bullet wounds May 13/14 1980. Joseph DeRose missing-murdered or in protective custody; Finding: Joseph Naples never brought to trial.

    3. Fact: Joseph Naples issued a contract to kill one Robert Furey; Source: FBI Affidavit; Result: Robert Furey murdered April 12, 1979; Finding: Joseph Naples never brought to trial.

    4. Fact: Joseph Naples and James Prato issued a contract to kill Charles Carrabbi; Source: La Cosa Nostra underboss Angelo Lonardo's testimony under oath during a U.S. Senate hearing on organized crime (1988); Result: Charles Carrabbia missing-presumed murdered; Finding: Joseph Naples and James Prato never brought to trial.

    5. Fact: Joseph Naples ordered the burning of a car belonging to a Youngstown City Councilman one Robert Spencer; Source: FBI Affidavit and Robert Spencer's Affidavit presented during a U.S. Senate hearing on organized crime (1984); Result: Robert Spencer's car fire bombed and totally destroyed. (1978/1979); Finding: Joseph Naples never brought to trial.

    6. Fact: Joseph Naples ordered the burning of the Desert Inn; Source: FBI Affidavit; Result: Desert Inn bar burned; Finding: Joseph Naples never brought to trial.

    7. Fact: Joseph Naples ordered numerous other arsons and bombings; source: FBI Affidavit; Result: Numerous other arsons and bombings occurred; Finding: Joseph Naples never brought to trial.

    8. Fact: Joseph Naples and James Prato had influence with Sheriff Yarash and associates around Sheriff Tablack; Source: FBI Affidavits. Affidavit and Testimony submitted during U.S. Senate hearing on organized crime (1984); Result: Organized crime activities continued; Finding: Joseph Naples and James Prato never brought to trial.

    9. Fact: James Prato gave an attempted campaign contribution to Sheriff candidate James Traficant; Source: FBI Affidavit--James Traficant Trial. Testimony submitted during U.S. Senate hearing on Organized Crime (1984); Result: James Traficant acquitted; Finding: James Prato never brought to trial.

    10. Fact: James Prato gave an $80,000 campaign contribution to Sheriff candidate Terrence Sheidel; Source: Michael Terlecky Affidavit. Affidavit of Congressional Lead Staff Investigator Frederick V. Hudach; Result: Terrence Sheidel advertised aggressively during his campaign for Sheriff; Finding: James Prato never brought to trial due to no grand jury being assembled.

    11 Fact: Informant who wished to stay anonymous for now revealed the following: (1) On or about 1979 and 1980 Terry Sheidel, a faculty member at Youngstown State University who taught Criminal Justice courses, was running for Mahoning County, Ohio Sheriff at the same time James A. Traficant was seeking the same position; (2) Informant advised Terry Sheidel that he did not have enough money to forge an effective campaign against James A. Traficant and that he (informant) could ask Lenny Strollo for campaign money for him (Sheidel). Terry Sheidel agreed to informant's recommendation to ask Lenny Strollo for campaign money; (3) Informant met with Lenny Strollo and he (Strollo) gave him (informant) $80,000 in cash for Terry Sheidel's campaign for Mahoning County Sheriff. Strollo also told informant that if Terry Sheidel needed more money he would give him another $80,000; (4) Informant felt that James A. Traficant had to take the money from whoever gave him the money to keep it off the streets or it would have certainly been used against him to keep him from becoming the Mahoning County, Ohio Sheriff; (5) As far as informant knows, Terry Sheidel never received the second $80,000 from Lenny Strollo. James A. Traficant won the election.

    Source: Michael Terlecky Affidavit. Affidavit of Congressional Lead Staff Investigator, Frederick V. Hudach; Result: Terry Sheidel never investigated by FBI; James Traficant investigated by FBI; Finding: Incident never thoroughly investigated by FBI Agents before bringing James Trafficant to trial.

    1. Fact: Isabella Callard witnessed her husband Joe Ezzo giving money to FBI Agent Stanley Peterson so that he would permit gambling and other illegal activity to continue; Source: Isabella Callard Affidavit; Result: Illegal activity continued; Finding: Stanley Peterson retired from the FBI and subsequently became the Chief of Police of Youngstown, Ohio.

    1. Fact: The FBI was informed that a candidate for Mayor of Younstown, Emanuel Catsoules stated that in 1978 a friend of organized crime wanted Stanley Peterson to be his Chief of Police.

    2. Fact: The FBI was informed that a candidate for Mayor of Youngstown, Thomas A. Shipka, was contacted by a friend of the mob who would support his campaign based on

    [Page: E1237]
    certain conditions, one of which that he would appoint Stanley Peterson as his Chief of Police.
    3. Fact: Thomas A. Shipka turned over his information to the FBI and actually brought 13-14 police officers who had first-hand knowledge of gambling joints, prostitution, and other activities that they alleged Mr. Peterson was protecting.

    4. Fact: Allegation of Mr. Peterson being involved in an illegal wiretap of a rival mob group was given to the strike force.

    5. Fact: The FBI was informed that in 1969, Jack Hunter, a candidate for Mayor of Youngstown, was contacted by an intermediator representing organized crime figures who were well known. They wanted veto powers over Chief of Police in exchange for campaign funds. A high ranking official in the Sheriff's Department was to act as the bagman.

    6. Fact: The FBI was informed that in 1971 an intermediary for organized crime contacted Mayor of Youngstown, Jack Hunter, expressing a desire for him to name Stanley Peterson as Chief of Police.

    7. Fact: On two separate occasions during the period that Stanely Peterson was Chief of Police of Youngstown, concerned citizens took substantial evidence to the local FBI office implicating Peterson in promoting or protecting organized criminal activity in the City of Youngstown. The Youngstown Police Department took evidence to the FBI identifying over 30 specific sites where organized criminal activity was being permitted to operate within the city.

    8. Fact: Evidence was presented to the FBI that Chief of Police, Stanley Peterson was disciplining certain members of the Youngstown Police Department to discourage them from taking action against operations being conducted by LCN figures within the city.

    Source: Affidavits and testimony submitted during U.S. Senate hearings on Organized Crime (1984); Result: The FBI said they were aware of the information about Stanley Peterson and that they investigated same, however, the nature of the information lacked specificity; Finding: The evidence against Stanley Peterson was never brought before a Grand Jury.

    1. Fact: Joseph Naples and James Prato who were aligned with the Sebastian John LaRocca Mafia Family located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ran the organized crime faction in the Mahoning County, Ohio area which included: conspiracy to commit murder, murder for hire, aggravated murder, arson, bombings, burglary-criminal trespass, extortion, illegal gambling, numerous illegal campaign contributions, promoted the hiring of certain police officers, ``signed off'' on key elected officials, sheriffs, prosecutors and mayors.

    Source: FBI Affidavits. Testimony, written statements and affidavits submitted to the U.S. Senate hearings on Organized Crime (1984 and 1988).

    2. Fact: An informant who wished to stay anonymous for now, revealed the following: (1) Informant was a Youngstown, Ohio police officer during 1977 and 1978; (2) Informant during 1977 and 1978 worked for six months on Phillip Richley's campaign for Mayor of Youngstown, Ohio. Informant felt that his campaign work for Philip Richley would bring him a patrolman to white shirt and tie promotion with the Youngstown, Ohio Police Department. After Phillip Richley won the election and became the Mayor of Youngstown, Ohio, retired FBI Agent Stanley Peterson became the Youngstown, Ohio Chief of Police. Informant became angry when he was made aware that he was not going to get his expected promotion. Informant then contacted Lenny Strollo, who at the time along with Vic Calautti and Joey Naples reported to James Prato. Immediately after informant told Strollo of what happened to him, Strollo made a telephone call. Immediately following Strollo's telephone call, Strollo told informant he was promoted to a white shirt and tie promotion. Informant did not hear Strollo's telephone conversation, however, he strongly feels that Strollo talked to Youngstown, Ohio Chief of Police, Stanley Peterson, the retired FBI Agent; (3) Informant revealed that when Stanley Peterson was an FBI Agent he was often seen at Standard Motors, 901 Andrews Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio where mafia affiliated often met. Informant said that FBI Agent Stanley Peterson ``had a key to the place.'' Informant also stated that Stanley Peterson was Joey Naples' man.

    Source: Affidavit of Congressional Lead Staff Investigator, Frederick V. Hudach; Result: The evidence against Stanley Peterson never brought before a Grand Jury; Finding: Stanley Peterson, friend of the mob.

    Fact: Lenine Strollo told Frank Fasline during a November 23, 1996 telephone conversation: that FBI Agent Robert Kroner was on Joseph Naples payroll; that FBI Agent Robert Kroner said in essence that he has lots of friends, that they can do whatever they want to do in this valley as long as they cooperate with him; that the FBI got away with illegal activity in the Mahoning Valley and the FBI was planning to get away with illegal activity again; that the FBI got involved in illegal activity and that the FBI wanted to make him (Strollo) a scapegoat again.

    Source: FBI transcript of telephone wiretap titled Government Exhibit #4; Result: Lenine Strollo recanted above statements. Lenine Strollo in a plea bargain kept over $10 million in assets; Finding: Lenine Strollo traded the truth in exchange for his assets.

    Fact: (1) He caught Youngstown Police following him in Campbell and he heard that the FBI was across the road, in the mill with binoculars. Paulie told him not to worry about it because they had an ``inside guy'' in FBI. (Page 4); (2) Lenny Strollo told him about Biondillo running stags in the City of Youngstown and they wondered how he was able to do it. Lenny Strollo told him he heard that money went from Biondillo through Vic Calautti to the Randall Wellington campaign and that Biondillo had to have the okay from Wellington to be able to hold stags inside the city of Youngstown. (Page 45). He said that he heard that Biondillo paid $25,000 to Vic Calautti to donate to Wellington's campaign. (Page 49); (3) Lenny Strollo and he thought that the guys at the Center (Youngstown United Music) were doing business with FBI Agent Kroner as they were operating without any pressure and therefore must have had the FBI's okay. Lenny or Danny Strollo told him that Biondillo was talking to and dealing with the FBI. (Page 58); (4) Lenny Strollo told him that an agent told someone who told Strollo that FBI Agent Kroner and those guys were on the Naples payroll for years. He heard from Strollo that someone went to Kroner's father to see if he could control Kroner. That person found out that his father had no control over what he did. The reason for this was to see if Lenny Strollo could have control over Kroner like Naples did.

    Source: The Proffer of a Lenine Strollo Associate given at the Euclid City Jail, Euclid, Ohio on 5-28, 6-4, 6-9, 6-30, 9-1, 11-13, 1998 in the presence of Assistant U.S. Attorneys, FBI Special Agents and a Special Agent of the IRS; Result: Information within Proffer suppressed; Finding: Obstruction of Justice-Misprision by Assistant U.S. Attorneys, Special Agent FBI and Special Agent IRS.

    Fact: Informant, who wished to stay anonymous because of fear for himself and family revealed the following: during the early fall of 1997, Lenny Strollo, reputed leader of Youngstown, Ohio Organized Crime, told me at his now closed restaurant, at the northwest corner of Calla Road near Market Street, North Lima, Ohio that Joey Naples had told him the following: (a) he (Joey Naples) owned the FBI; and (b) he (Joey Naples) made payoffs to the FBI through Special Agent Lynch.

    Source: Affidavit of Congressional Lead Staff Investigator Frederick V. Hudach; Result: FBI cover-up; Finding: FBI Agents on Joey Naples' payroll.

    Fact: Five separate crimes reported to the Youngstown office of the FBI and the Department of Justice, and three separate crimes reported to the Youngstown office of the FBI and IRS who used their authority in aid of and in furtherance to conceal the reported crimes by refusing to investigate and prosecute members of the bench and bar in both Mahoning and Trumbull Counties, Ohio; Source: Robert A. Frank Affidavits; Result: FBI and Office of the U.S. Attorney refused to totally investigate and prosecute; Finding: FBI, IRS and office of U.S. Attorney has carried out and made effective a pattern of selective prosecution and in some cases became an accessory after the fact.

    Fact: An Investigative Chronology Exposing Extortion within the Trumbull County Common Pleas Court System of four Defendant's families for buyouts from prison was presented to both the FBI Offices in Youngstown and Cleveland and to the IRS Office in Youngstown; Source: Affidavit of Congressional Lead Staff Investigator, Frederick V. Hudach. Affidavit of Carl Stere; Result: No action taken by the United States Department of Justice; Finding: Selective Prosecution. The FBI/IRS/U.S. Attorneys will not prosecute their criminal friends for political reasons.

    FBI refused to help a citizen of Trumbull County, Ohio who was being extorted by members of the Aryan Brotherhood. If the extortion money was not paid the citizen's son would be killed in prison; Source: Affidavit of Congressional Lead Staff Investigator, Frederick V. Hudach; Result: Troopers of the Ohio State Highway Patrol saved the life of the son of the citizen and arrested members of the Aryan Brotherhood; Finding: Members of the FBI were deliberately indifferent to their jurisdictional responsibility.

    Fact: Two Investigative Summaries exposing police perjury and a bogus autopsy which occurred in Trumbull County, Ohio was submitted to Members of the FBI and the Office of Professional Responsibility; Source: Correspondence between Congressional Lead Staff Investigator Frederick V. Hudach and members of the FBI and member of Office of Professional Responsibility; Result: Assistant U.S. Attorney decided they did not have jurisdiction; Finding: Assistant U.S. Attorney practiced selective prosecution.
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    Two FBI sponsored October Surprises

    FBI's Anti-Terror 'October Plan'

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 17, 2004
    ooops what is the date on this surprise?

    see link for full taxpayer funded FBI surprise

    One element of the FBI plan calls for addressing what it fears could be a wave of protests from Arab-Americans and civil libertarians once the so-called "October Plan" kicks off.

    (CBS) Convinced that al Qaeda is still determined to disrupt the U.S. fall elections by an attack on the homeland, FBI officials here are preparing a massive counter-offensive of interrogations, surveillance and possible detentions they hope will disrupt the terrorist plans, reports CBS News Correspondent Jim Stewart.

    FBI field offices and Homeland Security agencies will be advised of "extraordinary measures" that will go into place "beginning the first week of October through the elections."


    see link for full surprise

    Chasing Nugan Hand

    The Last Circle resurrects Octopus mystery

    The Last Circle, By Cheri Seymour (TrineDay LLC, Walterville, Oregon, 2010, 584 pages.)

    Book Review by Dennis Moore October 1, 2010

    (San Diego) Former investigative reporter Cheri Seymour, a San Diego County resident, has written a non-fiction thriller to end all thrillers.

    The Last Circle is ripped from the headlines of one of our era’s most controversial murder scandals: the killing of investigative journalist Danny Casolaro, whose discoveries about a shadowy organization that he dubbed “The Octopus” reached into the Mafia, the Cali Drug Cartel, and even the U.S. Department of Justice.

    Casolaro, a Washington D.C. journalist, began his probe with an investigation into the theft of a revolutionary new software program that was actually the forerunner of artificial intelligence. It was called PROMIS, or Prosecutor’s Management Information System, and it was contracted by the U.S. Department of Justice to upgrade the DOJ’s outdated case management system.

    Casolaro worked closely with Bill Hamilton, owner and developer of the PROMIS software, to locate and identify the persons responsible for illegally modifying the software, installing a backdoor or Trojan Horse in the program, and selling it worldwide to foreign countries—thus allowing the U.S. government to secretly monitor intelligence operations in those countries. But Casolaro learned more than he bargained for.

    The PROMIS software investigation led him into a labyrinth comprised of international spies, drug traffickers, money launderers, and unsolved murders dating as far back as 1981. He called this the “Octopus” because its tentacles reached into every facet of criminal enterprise, including the Mafia and the Cali Drug Cartel. In August 1991, Casolaro filled his briefcase with documents and headed out to Martinsburg, Virginia to “bring back the head of the Octopus,” according to his closest friends who said he was “ecstatic” about something he had recently uncovered. He never returned.

    He was found dead at a Martinsburg hotel on August 10, 1991. The coroner ruled his death a suicide, but all his documents and briefcase were missing from the hotel room and never recovered. Three months after Casolaro’s death, Seymour jumped on the investigative trail he left behind, and 18 years later, his story and Seymour’s are revealed in this riveting book, The Last Circle.

    One of the most provocative outcomes of this 18-year on-and-off investigation was the discovery that five days before his death, Casolaro had uncovered a connection between Mike Abbell, a former Director of International Affairs at the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., and the Cali Drug Cartel in Columbia. Seymour provided that information to a U.S. Customs Agent in 1993; he followed up on that lead, and in 1995 Mike Abbell was indicted for money laundering, drug conspiracy and racketeering for the Cali Cartel.

    The indictment was published on the front page of the Washington Post, but the story behind the indictment is published in The Last Circle. That is what Seymour’s book is about, the story behind the story. Seymour recalled that on February 19th, 2000, the stalwart, soft-spoken Mountie of the RCMP, Sean McDade visited Seymour at her southern California home and explained that high-ranking Canadian officials may have unlawfully purchased the PROMIS software from officials in the Reagan-Bush administration.

    RCMP, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, had reportedly traced some banking transactions that supported this claim. If his investigation was successful, he said, “it could cause the entire U.S. Republican Party to be dismantled and more than one presidential administration would be exposed for their knowledge of the [PROMIS] software transaction.” The scope of Seymour’s book includes behind-the-scenes dynamics of a globe-trotting undercover intelligence operative named Robert Booth Nichols.

    Nichols’ labyrinthine career encompassed the covert operations of a maze of politicians, NSC, CIA, and DOJ officials, organized crime figures, intelligence agents, arms sales, drug-trafficking, high-tech money laundering, and the death of Danny Casolaro. Seymour states in her book that Nichols was aptly described in magazine articles as “Clark Gable without the ears,” tall with probing brown eyes, his demeanor simultaneously controlled and dramatic with an international flavor.

    He’d been the weapons technical advisor for Steven Seagal’s movie, “Under Seige,” and it became apparent why Seagal gave him a cameo appearance as a military colonel in the movie. At times reading like something out of Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Supremacy, Seymour’s book is an investigative thriller that points fingers and name names all the way up to its conclusion with the 2009 arrest of a self-described Mafia “hit-man” contracted to kill a Cabazon tribal leader in 1981 who had opposed both development on tribal lands of the first Indian Casino in California and the terrible weapons of Wackenhut.
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    Wilkileaks FBI documents

    FBI - Electronic Surveillance Needs for Carrier-Grade Voice over Packet Service

    Release date
    March 15, 2008


    FBI internet telephone traffic interception plan (CALEA) dated January 29, 2003 and written at the For Official Use Only level. 88 pages. A good background of the issues involved is available here
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    We know who the real terrorists are, eh?
    You just don;t know what to do.
    That's ok. Charles Darwin has a word for a species that refuses to protect itself.

    couple of reads.
    See if you can spot your tax dime.

    1st read
    see link for full story

    When Your Father Is Accused of Terrorism
    Laila Al-Arian
    June 13, 2012 |


    For a while, the phone stopped ringing. Not completely—reporters called, but many old friends did not.

    That’s how my mother remembers the days following my father’s arrest on terrorism charges in February 2003. At dawn, a team of FBI agents and police, clad in black uniforms, descended on my family’s three-bedroom apartment in Tampa, Florida. They arrested my father and carted away dozens of boxes filled with our personal possessions, from school report cards to laptop computers and journals.

    My father, Sami Al-Arian, a professor at the University of South Florida, was indicted on fifty-three counts of supporting the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which had been designated by the government as a terrorist group. The conspiracy case, which involved three other Palestinian men, was based largely on my father’s charitable contributions, associations, speeches and other First Amendment–protected activities. Prosecutors would introduce as evidence books my father owned, magazines he edited, conferences he organized and, particularly bizarre, a dream one of his co-defendants had about him. My father faced multiple life sentences plus 225 years if convicted. The charges against him included conspiracy to kill and maim persons abroad, yet prosecutors freely admitted that my father had no connection to any violence.

    As the government built its case against my father, FBI agents interrogated one Muslim family after another. Overwhelming fear pervaded the community. My father, a pillar of that community, had founded and run an Islamic school near the mosque where he also led prayers. After the arrest, my mother, Nahla, was asked to withdraw my younger siblings from the school that she and my father had worked so hard to build. Returning for a visit, my mother was asked what she was doing there. Shopping for groceries, she saw a longtime friend turn her back to avoid talking to her. “It was shocking and depressing,” my mother recalls.

    One day my mother read a letter to a local newspaper that condemned my father’s harsh prison conditions and the one-sided media coverage of his case. The author said my father had the right to a presumption of innocence, adding, “History will teach us that what can happen to one man can happen to any of us. Are we going to sit back and watch, or are we going to speak up?” The letter was signed by Melva Underbakke, a peace activist and English language instructor who also worked at the University of South Florida. My mother called to thank her. They became friends, and Mel, as she became known to us, formed a group called Friends of Human Rights to support my father.

    Mel introduced his case to her fellow congregants at the progressive First United Church of Christ. Many joined the cause, including the church’s minister, the Rev. Warren Clark, who began visiting my father weekly in a ritual he dubbed “Tuesdays with Sami.” The two men exchanged jokes, as well as stories from the Koran and Bible about perseverance in adversity.

    My father’s trial lasted six months. Prosecutors presented seventy-five witnesses, including nearly two dozen from Israel. Their testimony centered on attacks that even the US government acknowledged my father had nothing to do with. The prosecutors also introduced 400 phone calls out of nearly half a million that the FBI had recorded over a decade of relentless, indiscriminate surveillance of my family. My father’s attorneys did not call a single witness: their defense was the First Amendment.

    “This was a political case, discriminatory both in its selection of Dr. Al-Arian as a Palestinian Muslim and of his critical speech against Israel,” said Linda Moreno, one of my father’s trial attorneys. “The case was about speech, popular to some and unpopular to others.”

    Outside the courthouse, Friends of Human Rights held weekly protests under the scorching Florida sun, carrying banners that read “Everyone Deserves a Fair Trial” and “Charity to Orphans and Widows Is Not a Crime.” Inside the courthouse, my siblings and I studied the jurors, looking for signs of how they would decide. We dreaded the day they would return a verdict, but Mel was optimistic. Taking walks on the boardwalk and along the nature trails of a neighborhood park, she would reassure my mother that the jury would find my father innocent.

    On December 6, 2005, they did just that, acquitting my father on eight of seventeen counts and voting ten to two to acquit him on the rest. The judge, who did not disguise his bias in favor of the prosecution, initially instructed the jurors to keep deliberating, but on realizing that they were leaning toward acquittal, he reversed course and told them to stop. When one juror was asked why he didn’t vote to convict, he stated simply, “I didn’t see the evidence.”

    2nd read
    Watch this film. I saw it in its entirety. 1 hour 24 minutes long
    with Matt Damon. It won the Academy Award in 2011 for best documentary.
    What was taxpayer funded FBI agents doing while the Banks and Wall Street were ripping off America?
    Spending millions of your tax dime watching Professor Sami Al Arian
    from the 1st read. see link for full movie.

    Charles Ferguson’s film – Inside Job – won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2011. It narrates the conflicts of interest between the finance industry, politicians, academics and regulators, which eventually led to the trillion-dollar collapse of 2008. Narrated by Matt Damon.

    3rd read

    William Black, author of "Best way to rob a bank is to own one" talks about deliberate fraud on Wall St. Watch Pt2 of this story at

    4th read
    Secret Service Document Describes Missing Scenes From FBI Release of Oklahoma City Bombing Videos
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