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Check some med-speak in my PS?


    In my experience careers advisors tend to do more harm than good. Maybe for most people they are helpful, but for something like medicine where the application process is very nuanced it is always a better plan to ask someone who has recently experienced it first hand

    I agree with what others have posted though, I think you could do something more effective in the space that would be taken up with this shoehorning in of medical jargon! Good luck
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    Okay I'm just gonna address all this without quotes D:

    We did bog-standard potato cylinder osmosis at GCSE and A-level, and I hadn't heard of a EPQ before now! I don't think they're too common over here.

    Our school gets everyone to start early, but to be honest lot of people still don't do much until early September. DentVetMed students mostly do because there's an earlier deadline.

    And thanks all, this really helps my word count now knowing to leave it out completely I'll be sure to focus on what I learned, why I'm still keen, and any offer-worthy qualities I have :P

    And I'll mention this to the advisor so her other applicants don't do it either

    If you can talk about it in an interview then fine, if not, I WOULDN'T GAMBLE!!!

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my MT15i

    1) Get rid off it from the internet!!
    2) Don't use those lines, they will be classed as plagiarism now.
    3) Don't use lines such as those, they're not looking for doctors/know it alls. They're looking for people who WANT to study medicine.
    4) IF you still use it/something similar be damned sure you know everything about it - some of these interviewers are doctors/professors who know a hell of a lot more than you and have the potential to make you feel this big *holds thumb and index finger a centimeter apart*

    You're best off using those valuable characters in your PS for other things. I didnt talk about my academics AT ALL - my grades spoke for this. Show off your other traits!

    Also, with all due respect - some (most) careers advisors know tosh all about medicine and the daunting application process (I speak as someone whos been through it twice). I'm not condescending them, overall i think they can be great, but they need to have such a vast knowledge on all different type of careers! So they don't have much in depth knowledge on specific careers. Getting into medicine is possibly the most difficult of all careers worldwide and hence has a pretty complicated procedure.
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Updated: June 4, 2012
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