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looking at the details, your landlord has completely broken the law. If your deposit isn't protected, he simply can not deduct anything from it, can not evict you, and simply can not do anything. You are entitled to your deposit refunded and up to 3 times that deposit in compensation, the law is simple and landlords have no excuses whatsoever. It absolutely annoys me when a landlord is basically ignoring his legal duties, but constantly reminding you of yours.

I run an organisation that takes care of getting tenants deposits refunded and in claiming the compensation you are definitely entitled to. We don't charge any money, strictly if we don't succeed you pay nothing.

if you go to you can find more details. As I mentioned, your case is a typical example of the many we have won for our clients, and your case is a simple one.

We have a number of cases from people on this site going through, so please get in touch through the website, there's no obligation or anything, it really is simple, you have been treated appallingly and it annoys me that your landlord is getting away with basically holding you and other tenants to ransom with not complying with the deposit rules.


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