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(Original post by Daniel George)
I sometimes feel i'm 17 going on 50 - back hurts, hate anyone younger than me, I only watch documentaries, I complain if the bus is 5 minutes off schedule...

shall I carry on? my list is pretty long.


Hahah christ!

Anyway OP, I think people tend to act older if they look older and visa versa, I'm 21 and I feel like a 17/18 year old still and I'm fine with that! Your only young once and I've only got a few years left before I'm bound to look silly being immature.

Anyway I think the Magaluf weekend isn't fully to do with immaturity, it's just a certain taste and what you enjoy. Past and future I have no temptation
to ever go to Magaluf, I would much prefer an Italian beach villa with friends.
I'm really against all this 'LAD' culture that's now common, my ex boyfriend runs his own club events (that type of self confessesd 'lad'); he's very superficial, sex obsessed, full of ego etc - it's a pretty horrible trait and it seems most guys are like this now.
Don't let yourself be forced into that mould.

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