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UK Government consider ban on smoking in cars... Watch


    It's pretty clear that the public health advisers want to ban smoking altogether. It's understandable that smoking is a health hazard and increases the chances of contracting many types of diseases, hence why it was banned in public spaces. However there are many other hazards in life and I strongly feel that it isn't for the state to decide what activities an individual partakes in. Having said that children shouldn't be exposed to second hand smoke against their will and this should apply to any situation, whether in a private home, car or any other space, it's just not fair.

    I don't understand the fervent hatred that people seem to have with smokers though, I remember when smoking wasn't banned and pretty much every bar or pub was filled with smoke. I never really saw people complaining about it, I certainly didn't and I never found the smell as revolting as some people would have you believe. I feel many people have this hypocritical view that anything unhealthy should be banned, regardless of whether others agree or not. Considering how short life is, yes it makes sense to want to prolong it as much as possible but what good is that if no enjoyment comes from said life. I enjoy smoking occasionally and it pains me to see that this freedom is slowly being eroded over time.

    I somehow doubt that smoking in a car, with enough ventilation, for a period of 5-10 minutes would cause any significant damage to the passenger's lungs. I would certainly expect the damage caused by car exhausts in the city to far exceed those of second hand smoking for such a limited time.

    More education from the government is needed; have the population understand the science behind the negative effects of smoking but let them decide if they wish to smoke or not.

    (Original post by pmc:producer)

    You're becoming tiresome, so one more quick thing before I finally ignore you. You imply toxins are not dangerous. that there is no long term effect that would make a toxin toxic to children lol - Hopefully when you re-read that you see how silly you sound. Do you even know what a toxin is? Here:
    Not necessarily. Aspartame has been shown to be toxic in very high amounts . However, it does not mean that is toxic at the amounts taken in Diet drinks. In fact, the latter has been shown.

    That was my point with the toxins on second hand clothes. The presence of toxins does not necessarily mean there are serious long term consequences.
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