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Another one of those cambridge or oxford threads... watch


    (Original post by hexagon999)
    But this heavily affects my a-level choice... For ppe: history, maths, economics, philosophy; for economics: maths, further maths, economics, philosophy
    Well if you want to do economics, you dont HEAVILY need further maths since plenty of people get through without it and if you really want to do the subject at university, will spend the extra time learning the economic maths material.

    Just stick with subjects you enjoy whether thats maths/history and take into account of the difficulty / jump at A2. You dont need the wide range of PPE to study it. E.g. One person from my school got in last year, with Maths, Ancient History, Politics and Chemistry. Heck im sure you could even get away without even doing any of the three at a level.

    (Original post by hexagon999)
    Hi I'm currently in year 11 but have already started deciding what to study at uni. I'm stuck between ppe at oxford and economics at cambridge. Here are the pros and cons of both for me

    pros of cambridge:
    i want to end up with a career in hedge funds and economics is more associated with this than ppe
    From what I've heard Cambridge has a peaceful and green environment. I NEEEED this

    Cons of cambridge:
    economics at cambridge is not incredibly prestigious (I know this seems ridiculous to say but my parents really want me in the more prestigious of the two)
    i miss out on politics and philosophy which I love very much (though dont want to have a career in)

    Pros of oxford:
    ppe is a very prestigious course (again, I know, seems ridiculous)
    i love politics and philosophy (and economics, obviously)

    Cons of oxford:
    I don't like the idea of a bustling city
    my chances of getting into a hedge fund will be lowered

    So which should I choose? Thanks for all your help btw, my heart isn't set on going to oxbridge, this is more for the course than the uni (though it is to do with uni)
    I question your parents' support if Economics at Cambridge is not prestigious
    enough for them.

    Given your academic preference seems to be favouring PPE, I think you should visit Oxford before you write it off as being ungreen. Worcester College, New College are my two favourites and they're both wonderfully green within the colleges themselves (so are most colleges I'm sure). Fields are in walking/cycling distance in any direction - Port Meadow to the north, the flood plains and Wytham Woods to the west, university parks and the botanical gardens to the east. There are wonderful river and canal walks or punts which make you forget there's a city anywhere nearby.

    You're in year 11. Comeback next year only if you've got 4A's in your AS results, then we can have a serious discussion about this. Cambridge economics not prestigious? just lol

    do whichever you prefer seeing as an oxbridge degree in either is awesome and will set you straight above the majority of hedge fund wannabes (shows good work ethic if you do well)
    however if you want a job in a hedge fund, youll need a 2:1 or higher, and will need to start in a job at one of the likes of rbs, goldman sachs, jp morgan (you get the jist here) to get experience
    alternatively, you could rely on contacts
    getting into a hedgefund is probably more exclusive than oxbridge and youll be waiting a while after your degree before youll even have a foot in the door
    hope that helps
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