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    (Original post by henrysickle)
    Probably will need to with the way she's got me. I've been kicked out of university societies because of her, she's made it out to people I'm mental, I can't get away because stuff she's said and done keeps catching up to me. I try and cut ties and she doesn't want to. I try and be her mate she doesn't want to. I can't win, and with the way she's got me, am now on anti-depressants.
    Like other have said, stop making threads on TSR and go see a therapist/uni counsellor or something.

    You say you can't win but how do you expect to move on when you're clearly unwilling to cut her out of your life.

    Why did you even answer her phone call last night!?

    That's where you're going wrong. You're staying in contact. Stop trying to be her friend.

    Lastly... The fact that she's now with the guy who supposedly 'nothing was going on' is a massive red flag.

    MOVE ON!

    (Original post by henrysickle)
    Oh wow. Things took a horrible turn for the worse. She helped me out when my brother got sick from doing some weed. Her own brother died from a drug overdose, and she feels I involved her to 'get her back' because she knew it would mess her up, for her splitting up with me and she's told people that. I told her I don't ANYTHING to do with her ever again, if she's saying stuff like that. I'm not going to our friends party, they know why. I'm staying as far away from her as possible, but now she's telling her friends - who know me - I was horrible to her, cuz I told her she was manipulative and liar for saying what she said about me, and she feels I over stepped the mark.

    I've blocked her on Twitter, Facebook, Skype, you name it. I managed to block her text and calls. I just need to get through the next couple of months then I can graduate and that'll be the end of that.

    Was it fair for her to say what she did, when I asked a friend for help? Or did I overstep the mark.

    your making yourself out to be some next stalker.. she is probably having a rough time as the priest wont forgive her, dont **** her hemen up and just leave mann... and how do you get sick from doing some weed? dudes a pussy.
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