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    Love is what you feel for your mum and dad, your grandparents, your brother and sister, your favourite football team (if you have one) and maybe your country.

    (Original post by Micccol)
    Didn't you just contradict yourself by saying you love your religion? Before making judgments and assumptions I would suggest finding what you would call "Fake Love" and see how it goes from there... Plenty of people live till they're 80 holding the hand of their 50+ year soul mate.
    You already have accepted love as something very real as you expressed your devotion and love to your God. As has already been expressed there are different types of love. Also, Romeo and Juliet is the greatest tragedy- it was written as a tragedy, not a Romance and thus it ends in death. However, in Romeo and Juliet, it is not that love does not last/exist that kills them but rather that their love is so strong that they sacrifice their lives, it almost transcends death as they will be together in heaven.
    Some day, when you fall in love you will change your mind and if someone breaks your heart you will feel this way again, but love most certainly exists xx

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    Love is not dead at all the problem is now days that people do not wait to fall in love or wait to get married they want the ring on their finger the big wedding the attention the companionship.

    People rush into relationships and get lust confused with love, ttheres such a acceptance of sleeping around now days that people dont really get what love is, they have sex think there in love when they sex dwindles they fall out of love

    It takes alot more than physical attraction good sex, lust and a good friendship to fall in love and make a realtionship work its about commitment, supporting your partner through the worst and ulitmately putting yourself second to their needs

    I think the best counter-argument for you OP would be when you do fall in love. Love does exist, it's just too complicated and subjective to pinpoint what it is, what it feels like and how it manifests itself. It's better to just run with it and admit that the obscurities of love itself exist, and exist to a higher level than you can comprehend or define.

    I can see where you're coming from OP, I really do, but I reckon proper romantic love does exist. I just think the likes of us haven't found it yet.

    There's a reason most songs reference love in one way or another.

    Love is a doubled edged sword. Everybody wants to be loved, everybody has love for at least someone. As a consequence you're bound to experience the crappy side

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